Koa Military And Veteran Discount

Camping is really for everyone from your oldest family to a small camper trekking for the first time. Whether you’re planning to relax, explore, or reunite, KOA campsites are a great place to make memories with the ones you love. KOA is always looking for ways to enhance the camping experience for those looking for that extra experience.Lets discuss about Koa Military And Veteran Discount.

Koa Military And Veteran Discount
Zero Foxtrot Military And Veteran Discount

KOA network has over 500 locations in the US, Mexico, and Canada.

Many KOA sites offer military discounts so they can give back to those who serve.


Unfortunately, KOA does not have a company-wide military discount offered everywhere.

However, in many places, they have military discounts set by the owners of each particular site.

Since these discounts are not set by the company, they vary by location.

4.4 Rating out of 5 

KOA campsites offer a military discount that varies by location. The discount can give veterans and active duty members a 7.5% to 15% discount on camping holidays.


Abilene, Texas – 

  • They offer a 7.5% discount to all members of the military.  
  • Their discount does not come with any restriction
  • There are no special requirements to claim this discount, but it’s best to show your current military ID upon check-in in case you’re asked for one for any reason.

Durham, Maine – 

  • They provide a generous discount of 15% that is deducted from the total cost of your stay.
  • Both active-duty military members, as well as retired military members can enjoy and take benefit of this discount 
  • Unfortunately, this discount does not apply to veterans.
  • This discount requires a military ID to be presented upon departure to prove your current military status. 
  • There are no other restrictions.

Who is eligible for the offer?

Eligibility for KOA military discount varies by location, as does the general deal.

Discount in Abilene, Texas is suitable for all military personnel.

  • Includes members from the branches of Air Force, Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast guard.

Durham, Maine discount 

  • Applicable to retired and active military personnel.
  • Active duty military generally refers to anyone currently serving in any department and any role.

Terms and Conditions

KOA military discounts do not appear to be accompanied by numerous restrictions.

However, this always depends on the location.

You must check with the KOA you are staying at to confirm the exact limits and general details of their military discount.

The resorts have everything mandatory for a perfect vacation from entertainment to fine dining to a night’s sleep. 

Many locations of KOA have fire pits, grills, swimming pools, playgrounds, parks, and off-leash dog runs.

KOA: Provide you facility to camp with your Pet

KOA makes camping with your furry family members easy and fun. KampK9 animal parks offer a fenced area for your pup to have space to roam freely and plenty of seating so you can watch them romp while you camp.

You’ll find grooming stations, fresh water and in some KOAs designated areas for large and small dogs.

KOA Rewards Program

The KOA camping discount program is an annual program by KOA that can be renewed and anyone can register for this program for just $33 a year.

You can get the following benefits after joining the Program

Those who joined will get a 10% discount on the daily registration rate at 500+ KOA locations

 Those who are registered to KOA Rewards Program will get complimentary one-night camping during KOA Rewards Weekend at participating KOA campgrounds,

 Registered members will also get exclusive offers and discounts and much more.

Additional Benefits of KOA rewards Program

  1. KOA Health by Carington

Careington’s KOA Health + Discount Plan signs KOA Rewards campers with 24/7 access to licensed physicians for non-urgent illnesses, savings in dental and vision care, and virtual access to licensed counselors.

  1. VIP Status

Each year, KOA Rewards campers start at the basic level and earn points for dollars spent on daily registration rates. Once a camper reaches 6,500 points, they upgrade to a bonus tier where they earn points 10% faster. Campers with annual membership reaching 20,000 points will be automatically upgraded to the VIP level.


In general, unfortunately, KOA does not have a company-wide military discount.

However, the fact that many of its sites offer a military discount but it requires confirmation.

If you wish to stay at a KOA, first ask the KOA about the discount and take advantage of military discounts.


  • Do KOA Camps Give Military Discounts?

Unfortunately, KOA does not have a company-wide military discount offered everywhere. However, in many places, they have military discounts set by the owners of each particular site.

  • Is it possible to stay at KOA without booking?

KOA does not have a central booking system, and each campsite manages their campsite-specific bookings. Each booking needs to be requested separately for each location.

  • How much does KOA membership cost?

You can join KOA’s KOA reward for just $33 per year

  • Can I use Promo codes to Purchase KOA Rewards?

There is no promo code available to purchase KOA Rewards. All new members are required to pay a full annual membership fee of $ 33 to participate.

Koa Military And Veteran Discount

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