Overstock Military & Veteran Discount

Overstock is an online retailer in the USA. It sells new as well as closeout merchandise. The closeout items that Overstock sells are mostly from various unsuccessful online websites’ leftover stock. It also sells merchandise to retailers wholesale. An Overstock is a place where you can find quality products at discounted prices. Let’s know about Overstock Military & Veteran Discount.

Overstock Military & Veteran Discount

Yes, Overstock does offer military and veteran discounts. However, it does not give any percentage discount on the purchases. Overstock gives a free Club O Membership to the military men and veterans. This membership comes with various benefits for the military men, veterans, and their family members. Eligible personnel can get this offer by verifying their id with Overstock. 

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What discount does Overstock offer to military men and veterans?

Overstock is an online retailer that offers its merchandise at a very affordable and discounted price. Apart from the regular discount, it also offers other benefits to the working military men, veterans, retirees, and their families. Overstock offers free one-year Club O Membership to the eligible personnel. The Club O Membership for a year usually costs $19.95 to other buyers of Overstock. Notably, Overstock does not offer any percentage discount or dollar discount to military men and veterans. 

Benefits of Overstock Club O Membership 

Overstock does not give any percentage discount to customers like most of the other retailers in the market. But the Club O Membership covers various advantages for the buyers. Retail store memberships always come with various benefits. Overstock offers the following benefits to its Club O Members- 

  • With Club O Membership, customers earn a 5% reward on every purchase they make from Overstock. For a purchase of $1, you will earn a point 5 as a reward. At Overstock, 100 points buy you a dollar. So, these points could be used to buy merchandise.
  • Club O Members have the benefit of returning eligible products for free.
  • Overstock offers price matching benefits to its Club O members. Notably, Overstock matches its price only with a few competitors.
  • Club O members can also earn up to 4,000 reward points for reviewing items on the website. These points could be used to shop later on.
  • Club O members can also earn rewards from Overstock’s reward store.

Once you register for the offer as a working military man, veteran, or family member of military men or veteran, the offer will be automatically applied to your account. 

How to register for the military and veterans discount at Overstock?

Eligible shoppers for the Overstock military and veteran discount can easily avail of this offer from Overstock’s official website. By following the below-given steps you can avail of the offer-

  • Visit the military discount of Overstock. 
  • Click on the button ‘see if you are eligible.’
  • It will take you to the login page. The existing account holders can sign in with their registered email address and password. Whereas, new members have to make an account.
  • Then Overstock will ask you to complete the process by verifying your military status. It verifies your service status through ID.me. ID.me is widely used for verification in the USA.

Other ways to save at Overstock

Overstock offers its products at affordable pricing. It also offers several ways to save money, other than the military and veteran discount. The ways are-

  • Gift Cards are the easiest way to save at Overstock. There are several ways to get these gift cards. The gift cards on sale could also be stacked with promo codes.
  • Coupons and promo codes are other ways to save at Overstock.com. These coupons offer a certain percentage discount or dollar off on your purchase. These coupons are for individual items or whole purchases. 
  • Overstock also offers a chance to try your luck. Via its Spin the wheel option, you can earn discounts and coupons. 
  • Signing for Overstock’s email newsletter offers a 20% discount on your next purchase. However, there are certain terms and conditions applied to signing for the newsletter. 

What other firms offer a military and veteran discount? 

Many retail chains offer a military and veteran discount for their in-store and online shoppers. The major such stores are- 


Overstock e-commerce retailer offers military and veteran discounts. The offer it provides is not genuinely a discount but a free membership as an Overstock Club O member. The membership costs $19.95 to a general Overstock shopper. Working military men and women, retired personnel, and their dependent family members are eligible for this offer. 


  1. Who else can get an Overstock Club O Membership free of cost for a year?

Answer: Apart from military men and vet6erans, Overstock also offers its free Club O Membership to teachers, students, firefighters, police officers, and paramedics. 

  1. Does Overstock offer a veteran day discount?

Answer: Yes, Overstock does offer veteran day sales for four days during mid-November.

Overstock Military & Veteran Discount

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