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The Post office provides various kinds of services. It includes letters, postcards, book packets, registered newspapers, parcels, and registration. Out of them, when a parcel/package arrives at the post office, it is sent to different levels of distribution where it can be entranced, evidenced, generated, and then returned to the post office where it initially was. From the office, it will be sent to its destination. The returned parcel’s information is kept digitally on an official device regulated by the post office.We will discuss about Departed Post Office.

Departed Post Office

When your USPS tracker says that the parcel has departed the post office, it means it has left for the processing facility to be accessed and recorded. It is to enforce safety and let the sender know from time to time that their package is secured and is at the mentioned location.

What Does ‘Package Departed From Post Office’ Mean?

The parcel comes with a tracking number. It will be mailed to the sender so that the sender can check the status of their package whenever they want to. USPS, i.e., United States Postal Services maintains a record of tracking numbers of parcels to be posted to their destination. The Processing facility is where the recording takes place.

So, when the tracking number says ‘departed post office’ it means that the parcel has been taken out for its information to be recorded and generated on an official post office device. Once the information is generated, the parcel is sent back to the post office.

Another message, ‘in transit to destination’ is sent to them. It means that the package has left the processing facility and sent back to the post office to be finally delivered to the provided address. Normally, it could take almost 24 hours to scan a package and update its tracking status.

What Happens If Usps Tracking Does Not Update?

Generally, a package could take 10-15 days to complete the whole process and then leave for the final destination. There are other levels of check-up that a package goes through and when it is thoroughly scanned, it is returned to the post office. Under 15 days, the tracker sends a message, ‘In-transit to destination’ when the package is finally taken out for delivery.

It takes a maximum of 5 days to update the USPS tracking number. If one doesn’t receive any information even after 5 days, then they should reach out to USPS by phone, mail, or by going to the post office their selves. After 7 days, if one still doesn’t get any update on the package then the package is officially lost. One can file out a Missing Package/Parcel Request in this case.

What Happens If A Parcel Is Lost?

By filing a report for the missing parcel, one can receive a refund for their package that is lost. However, one must have the original purchase receipt of their package. Otherwise, the complaint will not process. Generally, the seller is responsible if USPS lost the package. These lost packages travel by truck to the regional sorting facility where workers revive the unclaimed or lost packages.

What Does The Post Office Do In Case Of A Parcel Being Unclaimed?

There are many other options to place these parcels if the provided address isn’t available or the delivery is unwilling to take the parcel. The Post Office donates, recycles, or puts these parcels at auction. The reseller community gladly keeps the auctioned packages, but it is a reward that risks proposition.


The USPS (United States Postal Services) performs various levels of tasks through which a package/parcel goes through. The package is provided with a tracking number to be located and informed about its sender. This process takes up to 24 hours. When the tracker says, ‘Departed Post Office’, it means that it has left the post office to be accessed, recorded, and uploaded on the official digital device of USPS.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What Is The Difference Between ‘Dispatched’ And ‘Out For Delivery?

If a package is dispatched, it means that the information of the package has been recorded and is ready to be sent for delivery. While out for delivery informed that the package has been dispatched and is on its way out for delivery by the courier man.

  • Are Packages Considered As Mails?

No. There are no terms known as ‘mailing a package. A mail goes through a different process than a package.

  • What Happens When The Tracker Says ‘Held At Customs’?

The package being sent to a destination country is held in between when its tracker says ‘Held at Customs’.

  • How Many Types Of Postal Services Are There?

There are 3 types of postal services: Head Post Office, Sub Post Office, and Branch Post Office.

Departed Post Office – Know More

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