Where Does Aldi Meat Come From?- Why is it so Cheap?

Aldi, the grocery store chain known for its deeply discounted rates, has a surprisingly complicated history. One reason for its low prices is that most of the groceries it sells are private-label. It also limits shop sizes and hours, institutes a shopping trolley system, and tools for optimization to cut labor costs. Let’s know Where Does Aldi Meat Come From?

Where Does Aldi Meat Come From?

Where Does Aldi Meat Come From?

Aldi primarily sources meat from local farms. This seems to be part of a plan to provide customers with meat at a low cost. Acquiring meat nearer to the shop that offers it saves money, which is passed on to customers in the form of lower prices.

Aldi does not list their meat supplier because it is done by different entities. Remember that the beef sold in Aldi stores is from cows born, bred, and brought up in the store’s region, and with more than 20,000 retail locations in 30 districts, no single provider can meet the massive demand.

Aldi UK, on the other hand, provides a list of some of its top suppliers. Matthew Wright is a leading supplier of beef products, delivering 100 percent British Farm Assured beef to stores.

Why is Aldi Meat So Cheap?

Aldi distributes a wide range of meat at bargain prices. For example, 73 percent lean minced beef (fresh) charges $2.49 per pound, while Angus ground beef (93 percent lean) costs $5.49 per pound. Simply Nature’s Organic Beef Stew Meat ends up costing $6.99 per pound.

Aldi is willing to sell its meat at such low prices in part due to its wider business strategy, which aims to provide customers with commodities at low prices. Other factors include:

  • Aldi purchases meat from local farmlands, ignoring big brands and cutting costs. Regional purchases save money on transportation and the labor required for preparing and delivering the meat to shops.
  • Aldi rehashes their meat on their label; therefore, no money is being spent endorsing more well-known brands.
  • Aldi stores operate very efficiently with a small staff (between six and eight people) who constantly perform multiple tasks to keep things on track.
  • Customers who buy in bulk at Aldi can take advantage of fantastic discounts. As a result, Aldi sells in bulk and frequently restocks, allowing them to earn low margins but make up for them in volume sold.

What’s the problem with it?

Although Aldi’s meat is excellent, a few incidents in recent years have caused some customers to reconsider purchasing it from them.

While Aldi inspects meat to ensure that it meets its high-quality standards, this does not always occur. Aldi has previously remarked a few product lines from its meat collection due to problems with its suppliers.

For example, in 2018, Aldi recounted a few beef products that could have been contaminated in collaboration with Cargill Meat Solutions.

Customers lose trust as a result of such incidents, and some choose to avoid Aldi’s meat section.

Is the meat of good quality?

Aldi’s meat is good, but it depends on what you’re looking for. Do not assume that Aldi’s lower prices and lack of household brands indicate lower quality meat. This allows the store to sell fresh meat at lower prices while still retaining the same quality as other supermarkets. Aldi’s USDA preference meats and Black Angus beef are two top-class types of meat that have received consistently positive feedback. USDA Choice is the industry’s second-best grade of meat and is offered meats that meet high-quality standards.

Is Aldi’s meat sourced from China?

  • Aldi imports no meat from China. It buys meat from Australia, Canada, Mexico, and New Zealand.
  • Customers should not be concerned about purchasing meat from China because the law requires all products, including food, manufactured outside the United States to clearly label the country in which they are manufactured.
  • Furthermore, according to Aldi’s website, they mark any products manufactured outside the U.s with the countries of origin following the law.

What Kinds of Meat Does Aldi sell?

Among Aldi’s meat selections are:

  • Fresh chicken
  • Fresh beef
  • Steak, ground beef, corned beef brisket
  • Chicken thighs and breasts
  • Sausages
  • Slices of cold meat
  • Drumsticks of chicken
  • Turkey, ground


Depending on the type of meat you buy at Aldi, it’s either good or bad. But the meat that isn’t “awesome” is of relatively good quality, so I don’t assume you have to purchase your meat somewhere else if you don’t want to.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Aldi’s meat imported?

Although most of Aldi’s meat is locally sourced, that isn’t always the scenario, and some are imported.

Is organic meat available at Aldi?

Aldi sells organic meat to interested customers. Simply Nature is the brand name for this line of meat, which contains USDA-inspected, 100 percent grass-fed beef at reasonable prices.

Where Does Aldi Meat Come From?- Why is it so Cheap?

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