IKEA First Responder Discount

It is a well-known fact that companies or manufacturers offer discounts to customers for various reasons. Now, while these discounts help consumers to go on a budget-friendly shopping, they also help the manufacturer to acquire a group of loyal customers who can then become their advocates to their acquaintances. Let us discuss here – IKEA First Responder Discount.

IKEA First Responder Discount

Nevertheless, one of the many discounts offered by manufacturers is the first responder discount. If you are a novice to this term, then all you need to know is that this discount is offered to a person who is supposed to be the ‘first’ to arrive at an emergency and assist the people; these first responders include paramedics, firefighters, law enforcement officers and the like.

First Responder Discount at IKEA

You may be ecstatic to know that IKEA does offer a first responder discount. IKEA claims to pay its respect to the services provided by the first responders or, in other words, any person who identifies as a healthcare worker, military personnel, or law enforcement officer, etc. Thus, IKEA offers such first responders a discount of 10% to 25% off the listing price, aiming to evince their gratitude for the services provided by these workers, especially while the pandemic was becoming widespread. 

How to get this discount?

To get IKEA first responder discount, you have to keep in mind the following points:

  1. Verification: The first thing that you need to do is verify your identity on a third-party service platform, such as SheerID and ID.me. To get verified, you need to mention or upload documents regarding your full name, organization name, and your status as a first responder. When verified, ID.me will issue proof of your first responder status and you can easily avail of the first responder discount at IKEA, either on their website or during in-store shopping. 
  1. Discount Code: During online shopping, all you have to do is mention the code and during in-store shopping, you can show your identity card at the checkout counter.
  1. Limitation: The first responder discount cannot be applied to gift card purchases, items on sale, and returned or exchanged items.
  1. IKEA Wallet: You are advised to access your IKEA wallet along with the first responder discount so that if you have any other discount, you can combine and make use of them!

Other Deals at IKEA

Besides getting a first responder discount, as a regular buyer at IKEA, you can acquire other discounts and current low-price policies. These include deals like the ones mentioned below:

  1. If you use your store credit card, IKEA will give you $25 off on your first purchase.
  1. One of the new deals at IKEA is 10-50% off on décor, furniture, and the like.
  1. At IKEA, you can easily buy desks and accessories to your heart’s content as there is a 20% off on them.
  1. There is a 40% off on kitchenware; 20% off on sheets, towels, etc

What is IKEA Student Discount?

Companies and manufacturers do not just offer one kind of discount; they aim to expand their consumer circle, thus providing a range from student discounts to old age discounts to first responder discounts. Now that you know that IKEA provides a student discount, let’s move ahead and look at what it offers. With a student discount you can get the following benefits:

  1. If you wish to buy sustainable and affordable furniture, IKEA offers a 10-15% off on them.
  1. With the student discount, IKEA offers several products, mostly essentials, under $20 so that the students get to feel right at home while they are far from home.
  1. What’s more exciting is that IKEA offers all desks and computer desks for under $200. With your budget going haywire due to all the other expenses, this right here is how you can get your essentials while saving simultaneously!
  1. All in all, if you have your student discount in handy, you can avail yourself of a 20% discount on your purchase, regardless of whether you shop online or offline.

Other Ways to Save at IKEA

If you cannot acquire either of the two discounts mentioned above- first responder and student- do not fret, for there are other ways that you can save at IKEA.

  1. IKEA coupon page: To go for more budget-friendly shopping, you can make use of IKEA’s coupon page. Here, you are liable to get updates on recent coupons and sales.
  1. Social Media: Another way to stay updated is to follow IKEA’s official account or page on social media platforms, where you can have access to the posts regarding special deals and offers.
  1. Amazon: This may come as a surprise to you, but you can get discounted IKEA products at Amazon! Plus, if you have Prime membership, there will be no shipping costs.


The first responder discount offers a lot to the people who fall in this spectrum. Since IKEA is one of the biggest stores in the US that offers almost everything that you need in a house- from home décor to furniture to towels- it is only judicious that you should know more about how to save your hard-earned money while shopping there. If you cannot acquire the first responder discount, you can get your eager hands on many other offers and deals that IKEA offers!

Frequently Asked Questions:
  1. How do I get verified for the first responder discount?

You can easily get verified on third-party platforms such as ID.me or SheerID.

  1. What does the first responder discount have in store?

With this, you can avail yourself of a 10-25% discount on your purchases.

IKEA First Responder Discount

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