Apple’s discount policy for first responders – to know more about their product

For those unversed, first responders are trained people required to be first on an emergency scene by their line of duty. Examples include police officials, EMTs, paramedics, firefighters, etc. In honor of these brave First Responders all over the nation, various major brands offer First Responder discounts on their products. However, Apple has discontinued the specific discount – read on to know more – but offers Government employee discounts along with Military or Veteran discounts. Other big players- the likes of Samsung and Lenovo- in the tech market do offer First Responder discounts separately, so you might want to check those out as well. This article concerns itself with Apple only.Apple’s discount policy for first responders

Apple’s discount policy for first responders

Apple's discount policy for first responders

First responder jobs explained:

Going by the definition provided by the Homeland Security Act (2002), First Responders are those who protect life, evidence, property, or the environment during the first phases of an emergency. A high school diploma is a basic requirement to apply for First Responder jobs like firefighters, EMTs, or police personnel. They go through hardcore training, as it is a visibly risky line of duty, and deal with deathly situations like natural calamities, fires, and even intense crime scenes. 

Head over to the following link to understand First Responder jobs more specifically:

Apple’s first responder discounts:

Apple does not offer First Responder discounts anymore but offers Government employees discounts. So, if you are law enforcement, or work in any way under the Federal government, you can avail that discount. Names don’t matter much in case of discounts, do they? Apple has an entire website dedicated to the government – – whether you are a state, local, or federal government employee. They will, of course, ask for a piece of Identity evidence before cutting down the price for you.

NOTE- This discount is for individuals only, they will not function if you’re purchasing out of agency money.


Military personnel or veterans receive a 10% discount on all Apple products to honor their sacrifices and services for the nation. For more queries, you can contact 1-800-MY-APPLE.


Apple is an international tech and tech-accessory brand founded in 1976 (open to the public in 1980) by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne. An instant success, they went on to become a household brand through the years and are now a multi-billion monopoly. The Apple ecosystem includes their A-level products ranging from iPhones to AirPods. 


Apple has various discount services for you if you are:

  • A student
  • A teacher (School or Homeschool) or an educator 
  • Government officer
  • From the Tax Exemption framework
  • Company relationships with Apple (Your workplace might be eligible for Apple discounts, just go ask the HR)
  • Military personnel or Veteran
  • If it is a Commercial purchase for your business.

You can also save up to 3% of your total purchasing cost by using an Apple card instead of your normal one. Apple has now directed its educator and student discounts towards UNiDAYS. 

Apple’s discount policy for first responders


You can purchase an Apple gift card worth anywhere between USD 25 to USD 300. It is a pretty simple, self-explanatory procedure, and you just need to fill out the recipient’s email. You can customize the Apple logo to suit your design choice, as well as leave a heartfelt note to add an intimate touch.Apple gift cards can be used at any Apple retail branch, or on the online website.Apple’s discount policy for first responders

NOTE- You cannot return a gift card and they cannot be used for other payments either.


Apple offers top-tier products with ample discount offers, even if they are not big on advertising their sales. As a First Responder, you might not find a different discount section for yourself but can still avail discounts under the “Government” subheading at their online store, or by inquiring at the retail stores. 

Frequently asked questions (Faqs):

  1. What brands in the tech industry offer First Responder discounts?
  2.  Samsung, Lenovo, Bose, etc.
  3. Does Apple offer Black Friday Sales?
  4. Yes, Apple does organize something or the other on Black Fridays. One thing about the high-end brand is that it is not big on putting up neon sale signs, so you will have to ask about the same when you are purchasing.
  5. What discounts does Apple offer for students?
  6. If you are a college student, you can get up to 20% discounts on any of your Apple purchases like a MacBook or iPad.
  1. Does Apple give law enforcement officers discounts? 

Yes, as law enforcement, you are eligible to avail discounts of select items at the Apple store.

  1. Can I buy my Apple products from Amazon to save money?

Yes, Amazon sells Apple products at wholesale rates, so they are cheaper for you. You can also use coupons if you have them!

Apple’s discount policy for first responders – to know more about their product

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