Ray-Ban First Responder Discount

Ray-Ban is a brand of luxury sunglasses and eyeglasses created by Bausch and Lomb in 1936. However, in 1999, the company was bought by an Italian eyewear conglomerate, Luxottica Group. Ray-Ban is famous for its most famous iconic and exclusive collections in the market. They also sell frames and lenses of the high-quality end. The company is known for its collection of Aviator and Wayfarer lines of sunglasses. Their sunglasses provide full Ultra-violet protection from the harmful rays of the sun, thereby giving you the convenience of carefree outings. This article explains Ray-Ban First Responder Discount!

Ray-Ban First Responder Discount

What is the first responder discount at Ray-Ban?

The term ‘first responder’ needs an explanation here. A first responder is a person who has specialized training on things concerning the emergency services, i.e., the first responders are someone who arrives at a situation of an emergency such as accident, natural disaster, or any other kind of calamity and provides assistance to the people who have been at the receiving end of the incident that occurred before anyone else could. The first responders involve the officials of law enforcement officers, paramedics, emergency medical technicians, and firefighters. As far as the first responder discount is considered, Ray-Ban and other bigger firms in the market do provide a 15% discount on their products to the officials of first responders.

 The professionals who are eligible for the discounts mentioned categorically in their list are:

  • Firefighters
  • Local and State law enforcement officials
  • Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs)
  • Paramedic
  • Search and Rescue staff
  • 911 operations call centre staff
  • Correctional officers

Ray Ban’s and Facebook’s joint venture

Ray-Ban and Facebook have joined hands in their brand- new joint venture called the ‘Ray-Ban Stories’, wherein your sunglasses of Ray-Ban have been equipped with the 5-megapixel camera pre-installed in it, out of which you can click pictures and record videos exceeding up to 30 seconds all through your sunglasses.

A cool feature as some would say while others would not agree with it. Nevertheless, as far as features are concerned, you can connect your sunglasses through the Bluetooth of your phone and send all your clicked pictures and recorded videos to their app installed on your phone, the app is called ‘View’, available both in android and iOs, through the application you can access all your pictures and videos that you took through your sunglasses, and if you wish you can save it on your phone and share it to your social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.


A lot of companies in the market offer discounts for army personnel, naval defence veterans, air force officers, government officials, military officers among other members who are involved in the work of defending the borders of their territory, as a token of thanks for their service. Adding the category of ‘first responders’ in the list who are available for the service of people 24/7 is really commendable and the other bigger companies should also come forward and add ‘first responder’ to their list of beneficiaries for a certain percentage of discount that they offer to their other categories, as the companies like ‘Ray Ban’ are doing.


Q.1. What are the benefits of the polarised lens? Does Ray-Ban sell polarised lenses?

A. The polarized lenses in the sunglasses give you a clear vision in the brightest light, save you from eye strain, glare and reflection, and other harmful radiation to keep your eyes healthy and safe. Yes, Ray-Ban does sell sunglasses with polarised lenses.

Q.2. What are the different colors available at the Ray-Ban?

A. There are several different colors of lenses that are available such as antique gold, blue gradient, blue mirror, gradient blue mirror, light green, brown, and green. You can easily choose from the colors that suit you and what you wish to buy.

Q.3. Is Ray-Ban sunglasses available at the titan eye plus store and are they affordable?

A. Yes, Ray-Ban sunglasses are available at all the stores of Titan eye plus. You can very conveniently visit the store and shop the sunglasses of your choice and even try at their store if you are unsure of the type of sunglasses that would best suit you and then order online or there itself. Also, the Ray-Ban sunglasses are very much affordable and with promo codes and various offers at different times of the year, you can get them at a very affordable price.

Q.4. What are the different styles of sunglasses available at the Ray-Ban?

A. The different kinds of sunglasses that are available at Ray-Ban are Aviator Classics, Original Wayfarer Classics, Clubmaster Classics, Round Metal, Hexagonal, Marshal, Justin Classics, Erika Classic, and Oval Flat Lenses.

Q.5. How to reach out to the customer service at Ray-Ban?

A. You can contact Customer Service at Ray-Ban at their email supporthk@shop.ray-ban.com or you can call at 800-961091 on all working days from 10 a.m. till 7 p.m.

Ray-Ban First Responder Discount

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