Does Amazon Own Hello Fresh?

Initially starting as a mere bookstore, Amazon has now become one of the leading e-commerce companies that is well-renowned not just in the United States but worldwide! Amazon not just offers clothes, cosmetics, footwear, furniture, eatables, electronics, and the likes, but also has its streaming platform, where, after getting the subscription, you can easily watch your favorite movies and hilarious sitcoms. Let’s know here ‘Does Amazon Own Hello Fresh?’.

Does Amazon Own Hello Fresh?

One of the responsibilities that the leading companies have to pay heed to is the tough competition in the market and how to deal with the keen competitors. Of course, the best way is to buy them out so that there remains no competition as such! And Amazon does exactly this. Let us look at whether Hello Fresh has posed any such competitive threats to Amazon and if so, what Amazon intends to do.

Hello Fresh: Is it Owned by Amazon?

There is no doubt that Amazon owns a lot of companies, be it Whole Foods, Zappos, Kiva Systems, etc. Before coming straight to the point, it is best that you first know what HelloFresh is and what it deals with. HelloFresh is a company that deals with sending meal kits to customers, and thus, to expand its popularity, Hello Fresh was on the lookout for a similar platform. Therefore, in the year 2014, Hello Fresh partnered with Amazon Web Service (AWS) so that it can quite easily expand not only its popularity but also its global cloud infrastructure. After all, with great popularity comes great responsibility, don’t you think? But, does this mean that Amazon owns Hello Fresh? No, Amazon does not own Hello Fresh as of now. In fact, at present, Hello Fresh is not owned by any company besides its original owners!

All you Need to Know About Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh comes into the picture more prominently nowadays than it did before. With Hello Fresh, you not only can order your favorite meals but the store also helps in planning your meals for you. When earlier you used to waste your time selecting ingredients for your meals from grocery stores, now you can easily order them online. Although this might cost you a few extra bucks, it might also save you time and energy. 

Moreover, Hello Fresh offers low-calorie and much healthier options to choose from, when compared to other take-outs. So, if you do not just want to save time but also want to cater to your health, then HelloFresh can become your go-to option!

In addition, once you start liking what HelloFresh offers, you can take their meal kit subscription! Starting from the Classic Plan, you can go up to Family Plan, Veggie Plan, or even Calorie Smart Plan, depending on your preference. What is beneficial is the fact that you can cancel your subscription to your plan any time you want, without having to pay a cancellation fee, provided that you give a good reason for cancellation!

What Companies Does Amazon Own?

Although it is true, fair, and no doubt, rational that Amazon does not merely hope to own all companies that are its toughest competitors, however, Amazon does own a few well-established companies. Read ahead to know more about the companies that fall under Amazon!

1. Whole Foods:

As mentioned earlier, Amazon owns Whole Foods. It is a well-established fact that Whole Foods is a widely renowned grocery store chain that gave a slight threat to Amazon and thus, after 2017, when Whole Foods was ranked 176 on the 2017 Fortune 500 List, Amazon grabbed the company in its hold. Getting Whole Foods acquisition meant a great deal to Amazon as the former had more than 100 operational stores throughout the United States. However, once Amazon realized that its sales through Whole Foods are not that great, it brought into existence a new platform- Amazon Fresh!

PillPack Inc.:

Amazon does not merely buy out companies that are its ardent competitors but also buys some to expand onto a new sphere. Such was the case when Amazon bought PillPack Inc. Born into existence in the year 2013, PillPack Inc. deals with online prescriptions. And as the domain of online prescriptions was something quite new to Amazon, it had the company in its clutches in the year 2018! Nevertheless, PillPack Inc. benefited from this, since Amazon’s extensive delivery network aided to get the medicines delivered within a day if need be.

3. Twitch Interactive:

Came into existence in 2011, this platform was quite in the talks among gaming enthusiasts and sports or movie buffs! In the year, 2014, when the platform started gaining some prominence, Amazon announced its plan to buy it out. Having access to Twitch Interactive instantly meant Amazon’s spreading in the streaming and video games industries, and you know how the former is going for it!


Hello Fresh, since its very existence, has provided a healthier option to its consumers, aiming to put in all efforts by also offering meal kits. You can easily choose from a number of plans and see which one suits you best. Although it might cost you a few extra bucks, that is what eating healthy means nowadays when you’re constantly surrounded by junk food. Although Amazon does not own Hello Fresh, you must be aware that Amazon owns various other companies, trying to put one foot in one domain and the other in a different one.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does HelloFresh provide vegetarian options?

Yes, it does.

  1. Does Amazon own Hello Fresh?

No, but Hello Fresh has partnered with Amazon Web Service to expand its cloud service.

  1. Is Whole Foods owned by Amazon?

Yes, it is.

Does Amazon Own Hello Fresh?

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