Lululemon First Responder Discount

You just cannot go into a gym or a yoga studio or on your daily jog at the park without seeing someone wear clothes made by Lululemon- they’re a proper athleisure brand with some great products to choose from- each of which is created to provide the optimum fitness experience. Lululemon is a Canadian-American yoga and athleisure brand that has been at the top of its game ever since its inception. This article explains Lululemon First Responder Discount.

Lululemon First Responder Discount

With their loyal customer base and eclectic mix of products, Lululemon Athletica (stylized as ‘lululemon athletica’) have been ahead of their competitors and are a proper dominating company. With all this storied history to its name, it is natural to wonder if they give back to society and are socially aware of the benefits to be given to essential personnel and first responders- and if you’re looking for that answer too…yes, Lululemon Athletica does cater to first respondents with discounts. But more about that in a while, but now let’s dive deeper into the brand Lululemon.

Lululemon Athletica- What’s So Special About Them Anyway?

There’s no denying it- lululemon is a great brand. But their products are also very pricey to a point where it seems unreasonable to most. Which makes you wonder, “Why do people flock to their stores to buy their clothes anyway? Who wants to buy leggings at that sky-high cost?”

Lululemon has 500 stores in many countries across the world and its fabrics itself are sourced from 26 different countries. Their clothes are manufactured in state-of-the-art factories with excellent machinery and facilities in countries such as Vietnam, Japan, Cambodia, Haiti etc. They have always been transparent about their procedures and practices and are certified by the most esteemed boards to be ethical as well. With all this and the company having been beginning to create better than the plain offerings in the market at the time in the late 90s, it comes as no surprise that Lululemon Athletica is a lot more expensive than their products.

Their products are priced on the high side because of the amount of effort they put into constantly evolving their offerings to suit the ever-changing consumer base. Their Whitespace Lab in Canada is specifically created to experiment on their products in the most rigorous conditions to provide the best quality clothing which can endure conditions beyond what they are bought for by the customers!

Their special and exclusive fabrics- Luon, Luxtreme, Everlux, Nulu and Nulux make for some of the best products on the market. Lululemon also has splendid attention to detail, which sets them apart from the other producers. They make sure to take the time to talk to professional athletes and yogis, who always have some proper opinions and feedback to give as far as the product is concerned. This feedback from professionals sets them apart from other brands- what appeases professionals will also make amateurs and novices happy.

They are also keen on ensuring that their customers get the very best consumer experience- if your product isn’t good enough, they take it back! For all these reasons, it is no surprise that their goods are pricey and special.

Lululemon First Responder Discount

Now that you know that Lululemon has a few weapons in their arsenal to provide the best quality goods to their clients, if you’re a first responder you’re probably wondering if there is a discount in store for you.

The answer is yes, as mentioned above. Lululemon provides a flat 15% discount to all first responders in the United States, provided they can verify the same over at their store or on their website. The first responders who come under this discount umbrella are active, reservists, veterans and retired personnel- if you’re a spouse or dependent on someone who is part of the above list, then you are eligible for a discount too! Just make sure you verify yourself as well, along with the first respondent.

Those who come under the first respondent category are firefighters, law enforcement personnel, search and rescue, EMTs, medical doctors, and licensed nurses.

If you’re a first respondent in the US- feel free to go ahead and verify your details here.

Verification happens quickly, in a matter of minutes and your discount is good to go!

If you’re wondering about how you can return products purchased with the discount, well fear not- the procedure is the same as regular purchases and there is no difference at all: provided you didn’t buy it from the ‘We Made Too Much’ section, in which case, the return isn’t applicable.


Lululemon Athletica has a special place in the hearts of many sports and yoga aficionados and there is no doubt as to why the brand is held to such a high standard. As a first respondent, you have the added benefit of getting a heft discount on what is generally considered an expensive product- so go ahead and cash it in! 

Lululemon First Responder Discount

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