Does Amazon Own Xfinity? – Read To Know More

Xfinity is an American telecommunication company, the telecommunication refers to the exchange of information over significant distances by electronic means and refers to all types of voice, data, and video transmission. Xfinity is the Comcast Cable Communications company doing its business with the name Xfinity or could be said to be the parent company of Xfinity. The Xfinity was introduced by Comcast Cable in the year 2010, before which Comcast Cable was doing business with its name, i.e., Comcast Cable Communication. Let’s know here ‘Does Amazon Own Xfinity?’.

Does Amazon Own Xfinity?

Does Amazon Own Xfinity?

As far as the ownership of Xfinity is concerned, it does not belong to Amazon, nor is it owned by Amazon. Comcast Cable Communication owns it. However, in 2018, Comcast Cable partnered with Amazon Prime, making itself America’s first TV operator to have partnered with an e-commerce video streaming service, wherein, Comcast Cable offered its TV subscribers to stream the content available on the Amazon Prime, thereby offering a wide range of options for the subscribers of both the companies, i.e., Comcast Cable Communication and the Amazon Prime.

The Comcast Cable subscribers would be able to access the Amazon Prime content only through the Xfinity X1 set-top box. The customers of Xfinity need to have the Amazon Prime subscription separately as well, failing to have it, would lead to the sign-up page on Amazon Prime’s website by the X1 service, and only after logging in with your details and buying the subscription would you be able to access the contents available on Amazon Prime.

Companies and Partnerships

In these times of profit-making wherein marketing and advertising plays the most important role, companies get into a joint venture that ends up creating a sort of hype thereby leading to organic and natural advertising of both the companies that ends up benefitting all the participant companies involved. For instance, if we talk about both the aforementioned companies, the Comcast Cable Connection or the Xfinity, to be precise and the Amazon Prime, already a big giant company in terms of annual turnover, former having a turnover of 116.39 billion US dollars, while the latter has a turnover of 45.4 billion US dollar and while doing business together and reaching the each-others audience, the benefit both are going to have would certainly be unimaginable.

At times, companies join hands together to take up their common rival too. The partnership signals their newly formed strength, a psychological move up to a great extent creating a sense of intimidation and unpredictability in the minds of their rivalry. However, it is not only limited to the psychological aspect; rather , at times the partnership ends up boosting the market value of both the companies who allied with each other.


Much has been said and talked about the joint ventures of companies and how they benefit from each-others consumers. In the end, as far as buying and owning of the Xfinity telecommunications is concerned, it is neither bought nor owned by Amazon, rather it is a strategic move by both the companies to have each-others back, a kind of add on point mainly for Amazon, as many believe, to take up or to be at par with its rivalry Netflix.


Q.1. Where are the places in America where Xfinity provides its service, are the prices the same everywhere?

A. Xfinity operates in mainly three divisions that is the North East, Central, and the West. However, plan pricing might be different from one region to the other.

Q.2. What is the Fiber option in Xfinity, what does it mean?

A. Fiber Internet is a short name for Fiber Optic Internet, the latest and the most advanced development available out of all the high-speed broadband connections. This works with the use of fiber optic cables, that are long and thin glass strands. The lightweight wire and its flexibility is the main reason for the fiber internet connections being faster and very much reliable.

Q.3. What is the most economical package available at Comcast Cable TV?

A. The most economical or the cheapest package available at Comcast is the $30 package that offers one month of Choice Limited TV plan.

Q.4. How to contact the Xfinity Customer service?

A. There are multiple options available at Xfinity that could help you get in touch with a customer service person. You can simply chat with the customer service person that is available on their website or you could reach out to them on their various social media handles such as Messenger, Twitter, Reddit wherein they respond to your query and address your grievances. There is also an Xfinity Support Forum, where there are many particular subjects such as the Internet, TV, phone, and others, you could choose based on your concern and you would get assistance from thereon. Lastly, the evergreen store service is always open for the customer’s assistance, anyway.

Does Amazon Own Xfinity? – Read To Know More

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