Qalo First Responder Discount

Qalo stands for Quality, Athletics, Love, and Outdoor. The company was founded in 2013. It is a jewelry brand based in America and headquartered in Santa Ana, California. The company makes wedding and commitment rings made out of silicone polymer instead of traditional metal. The silicone rings are comfortable, adjustable, durable, and also very affordable. The rings are easy to handle and safe to wear, thereby a popular choice among people. This article explains – Qalo First Responder Discount.

Qalo First Responder Discount

Qalo First Responder Discount

The first responders include the servicemen and women who are available for our help once they are reached out such as the policemen and policewomen, firefighters, the medical staff among others who are always up for the rescue of people many a time even at the cost of their own life are cherished and appreciated at QALO, with a 15% off discount on the QALO’s website. 

To avail of the first responder discount granted by the QALO one needs to follow the steps described below:

  • Log on to the website of QALO i.e.,, and right at the bottom of the page beneath where ‘Inside QALO’ appears, there is a tab that says ‘US military or First Responder discount’
  • Once you click the tab, next your military information would be asked for and then verified
  • After verification of the information provided by you, a discount code would be emailed, that can be used at the time of checkout
  • At the right side of the checkout page is a box that says ‘discount code/store credit’. Enter the code that you received in your email and the discount will apply.

QALO/Silicone rings popularity

Several reasons could be listed that led to the popularity of silicone rings in general and QALO in particular. The prime is the fact that it keeps you safe, not just on one front but on many fronts. The prime is the fact that it keeps you safe, it prevents you from being thieved, meaning that a ring made of precious metal is at high risk of the fact that it could be robbed in comparison to the ring made of silicon, and even if you get robbed of your ring, it does not make a big difference to your pocket. 

Secondly, if you are someone who works around electricity, a metal ring for you is dangerous because metal is a good conductor of electricity. Thirdly, as the ‘A’ in QALO itself stands for ‘Athletics’, you cannot wear a metal ring while playing sports as it has a high chance of getting damaged while the silicon ring could be worn all the time. 

The rings made of silicon are also very durable and hence it does not wear out. The rings are also waterproof and sweat-resistant, making them a good go-to-choice for couples who lead an active lifestyle and for anyone who does not want to be concerned all the time about their ring safety, durability, and comfort. Hence, a popular choice overall.


QALO and companies that are there in the market do offer several discounts on their products for servicemen and women who are there to help people in the time when they are in dire need of any assistance that could rescue them from their emergency. The discount is a way to celebrate and reward their noble service to humankind. A step that needs to be inculcated in firms and companies that are yet to declare any kind of token of thanks offers and discounts, to the first responders.


Q.1. Are the silicone rings, in general, could be said to be sanitary, in terms of the fact that the rings harbor bacteria?

The sanitation issue or the harboring of bacteria is not exclusive to silicon rings, the metal rings too can colonize the bacteria but preventive measures need to be taken both at the time of production of the rings and also after you have bought it, simple sanitation steps could help you get rid of this issue such as putting the rings in hot water for few minutes, and at times you can wash it simply with soap and water to keep it clean and sanitized.

Q.2. What does the ‘Share $5’ mean on QALO?
The ‘Share $5’ means that there is a tab named the same on that when you click a link appears that you can share on your various social media platforms such as the Whatsapp, Facebook, or Twitter with your friends and once they click on the link, they would be led to the QALO’s website and they would get a $5 discount on their purchase and once they place the order and do the payment you too would get an email with a code applying which you too could save the $5 on your next purchase.

Q.3. How to contact customer service at QALO?
At QALO they are available through emails and chats from Monday to Friday, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the

Qalo First Responder Discount

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