Does Amazon Prime Include Live TV? – Read To Know More!

Have you wondered, Does Amazon Prime Include Live TV? read further to know more! For a big part of the population across the world, streaming platforms form an integral part of their entertainment choices.

Does Amazon Prime Include Live TV?

Does Amazon Prime Include Live TV?

And for this streaming platform market, two big players have been dominant ever since they were launched and there are no points for anyone for guessing who they are- Netflix and Amazon Prime. Of these two, the former, Netflix, does not provide any live-watching services, but what about the latter? As far as Amazon Prime is concerned, yes- they do provide live-watching services! And You can learn how to avail and make the most of them, through this article. 

Live TV Options for Amazon Prime Members 

Everyone knows about Amazon Prime’s amazing, varied and diverse collection of movies and TV shows- some of their offerings are original and exclusive as well. But for the unversed, yes- you can watch selected live TV channels on the Amazon Prime platform, for absolutely no extra money! Not kidding at all! What’s to know about this cool feature? 

The channels technically broadcast video, but they are organized to seem very similar to cable TV. You obviously cannot skip, pause, rewind or jump over the million commercials- which might not seem like a very appealing appropriate prospect to those who are used to availing these benefits- but hey, if you can’t make up your mind even after browsing through 20 pages of content offerings, sometimes leaving it to the wind and watching whatever is up is a perfectly amazing option- perhaps, you might discover something new too! The availability of channels too, varies based on which country you reside in. 

Live TV on Prime- You’d Want to Know About Sports! 

For most of us, live TV is synonymous with watching live telecasts of sports. And while speaking of live TV features on a streaming giant, it would be wrong to not discuss the availability of sports channels on Amazon Prime Video. So, the answer is- yes, you can watch live sports on Amazon Prime Video! Every Amazon Prime Video subscription comes with an assortment of documentaries, live sports, and subscription-based channels. Some of the add-ons that enable you to watch sport on your Amazon Prime Account are Paramount+, PGA Tour Live, NBA League Pass, and MLB TV. 

Paramount+, which was formerly known as CBS Access has a wide range of sports telecasted- baseball, basketball, football…you name it, they’ve got it! To access this channel, you’ll have to own a subscription to the Paramount+ channel, to use it on your Prime Video account. The NBA League Pass also gives you unparalleled access to all the NBA games and has a lot to offer you if you’re a basketball fan. PGA Tour Live also broadcasts every golf game out there, with very few exceptions. 

To access the sports offerings, you’ll have to find the channels tab on the main menu stream at the top of the home screen. From there, you’ll have to browse through categories to find the ‘Your Sports’ category and there you have it! Every live sports game being telecasted and is part of Prime Video will be right there, ready for you to watch and enjoy! 

What Are The Other Channels Amazon Prime Offers? 

Amazon Prime also offers popular channels on its streaming service such as DiscoveryPlus, Sundance Now, Hallmark Movies Now, Acorn TV, Shudder, Curiosity Stream, Lifetime Movie Club, Starz, Noggin, and PBS Masterpiece. Showtime, BET Plus, Britbox, Cinemax, Paramount+, NBA League Pass, PGA Tour Live, and MLB TV are a few other very popular and preferred options available to members of Amazon Prime Video. 

How Do I Watch Them on My Various Devices? 

If you’ve got a Samsung TV, you should be able to access Amazon Prime Video on the SmartHub by choosing Amazon Prime Video from it. You’ll also find the app on Sony TVs, on the Featured apps tab. If you’re looking for the Amazon Prime Video app on the LG Content Store, then you’ll find the app there too! Just press My Apps on your remote and select the Amazon Prime Video app to enjoy unlimited streaming and all the live TV benefits that come with it! 


For all of us who own an Amazon Prime membership, being able to access Prime Video is a huge benefit. The content library is ever-growing and caters to a huge bracket of audiences and the membership itself is value for money, with not just media but a lot of other services to use as well. When you combine Amazon Prime Video’s content offerings with their live TV addition that comes with absolutely no extra cost- this comes at an amazingly cheap deal under just one roof. So it is about time you cut the cable connection and make the switch for an option that costs just as much or much less but offers so much more!

Does Amazon Prime Include Live TV? – Read To Know More!

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