Stores Like Eddie Bauer

It is not often that buying clothes turns out to be more than retail therapy for most people in the world- but for sportspeople and adventure seekers as such, buying appropriate clothing is just fitting into their daredevil lifestyles. Let’s see ‘Stores Like Eddie Bauer’.

Stores Like Eddie Bauer

For clothing to hold that much importance in one’s life, means that those who produce them must also ensure that they attribute the same value towards what they sell to this very passionate and demanding audience- because these are the people that would want to choose absolutely nothing but the best for their lifestyle choices. One such brand that weaves quality into sportswear and outdoor wear is the American eponymous clothing brand, Eddie Bauer. Having been a reliable name to choose outfits from for the most physically demanding, adrenaline rush activities, Eddie Bauer has been around for a century now!

You know for sure that they do not compromise on quality, for if they had they wouldn’t have the longevity that they advertise so proudly on all their company-based initiatives. And now that it’s been well established in this article that Eddie Bauer is a huge brand with a time-proof audience, you must also entertain the possibility of their market wanting to perhaps just…explore what else is out there. What other stores are just like Eddie Bauer?

In this article, you will read about a good variety of brands that provide great alternatives to Eddie Bauer’s outdoor clothing collection. The brands that you’ll see are:

  • The North Face
  • L.L. Bean
  • Columbia
  • Patagonia
  • Timberland

Eddie Bauer- A Story for The Ages

But before you read on to know more about the replacements, what do you know about the benchmark? Here’s some information on Eddie Bauer. While you know Eddie Bauer today as a big brand and a trusted name in the sportswear and outdoor-wear business, there was once a time when the store was just a small shop. 

Eddie Bauer, the founder after whom the store is named, started a small store on the inside of another gun shop where he strung tennis rackets and sold them too. It was soon after this in 1920, that he opened up his store named ‘Bauer’s Sports Shop’, which had then gone on to become an iconic brand in Central Seattle. Bauer then expanded in 1925, with ‘Eddie Bauer Tackle Makers’. He patented feathered badminton shuttlecocks and also introduced the first-ever goose down jacket in America- this would go on to cement the brand as a household name in the United States.

While ‘Bauer’s began primarily as a store that catered to the tastes and needs of men, it wasn’t until Eddie Bauer met the love of his life- Christine Heltborg did the store introduce and sell superior quality sportswear for women too. Christine was a professional trapshooter and an 8 time consecutive Washington State Women’s Trapshooting Champion too!In 1935, Eddie Bauer had the patent for the feathered shuttlecock, which were introduced as an alternative to the European shuttlecocks. Bauer’s shuttlecocks went on to be very successful and sold in huge amounts- they had also begun to be used in national level tournaments in the US.

And what about Eddie’s second iconic invention? 

While suffering from hypothermia on a fishing trip in the winter, Bauer got the idea for a cold-weather down jacket. This would be what made Eddie Bauer a brand. He also went to supply the US Air Force. Around this time, the brand had also made its mark on mountaineers, who preferred to wear Eddie Bauer while they went on gruelling expeditions. Eddie Bauer notably was also the brand worn by the Americans who first scaled Mt. Everest.

In 2020, Eddie Bauer celebrated 100 years in the business- more than a few decades after the death of the namesake and his wife. They are now a celebrated brand that produces high-quality innovation-driven clothing for the fearless and those who would simply enjoy being one with nature. They also now use materials that are sustainable and pave the way for minimal impact.

Stores Like Eddie Bauer

With a storied history such as this, what do you know now about the brands that are suggested as replacements? Let’s look at some of them. 

The North Face

With price tags that would be very similar to Eddie Bauer’s, The North Face is a very well known brand with over 50 years of existence to its credit. Regardless of what you are looking for to use or take with you on your next expedition, you can rest assured that The North Face sells them and sells them very well, with excellent quality to back them up.

Their portable sleeping bags and tents have a great name amongst those who are regulars on this side of the world- especially given the fact that they are strong enough to withstand the cruellest of weather conditions. With its wide design options and huge varieties, The North Face is the closest you’ll come to finding an alternative to Eddie Bauer.

LL Bean

For any of you who are a big fan of duck boots, you know that LL Bean is the one who found it back in 1911! If this doesn’t speak for innovation that is ahead of its time, nothing else will! While the traditional duck boot has evolved considerably over the years, they continue to be a staple and a must-have. If you’re an old-school classical enthusiast, then you’ve found the right brand- LL Bean does very well to provide their clientele with a lot of classic designs to suit their tastes.

 LL Bean also provides adventure-event clothing for various age groups- so for your next family trekking trip, you know the one-stop-shop to visit to get all your shopping done on time! With their wide range of offerings such as footwear, accessories, and clothing, LL Bean has a lot of stores across the United States and also a fully functioning website that caters to the e-commerce customer base.


Known to be a lot easier on the pocket than the other three brands already written off in this article, Columbia provides quality at an affordable price. Having been around for quite some time, Columbia is also a retailer of sports equipment! They have a specialized section for golf and is a very famous name amongst golfers too! What’s special about these guys is that they also cater to plus size adventurers, at a very cheap cost. With body positivity and their mission to aid in making outdoor and nature-based expeditions for everyone out there, Columbia is an easy choice for all of you to explore.


Now here’s an iconic name if you’ve ever heard one- Patagonia has been a leader in the business for the longest time and specializes in quality backpacks and waterproof outerwear for those who love to wander into the wild. This brand ensures that they serve the interests of a lot of disciplines of sport and outdoor activities- so you can rest assured that you are purchasing from an expert. 

They are always well-stocked with clothing and equipment to cater to many outdoor activities such as surfing, skiing, fly fishing and snowboarding. What’s better about Patagonia is that they make their clothes from recyclable materials and actively donate to various international environmental organizations. Now you know that if you were to choose Patagonia, part of your money would go towards a good cause.


One of the well-known brands in the world, Timberland offers a wide array of clothing and accessories- but their specialty is footwear, so you’d be better off buying those from them. Known for producing the most durable footwear in the world, you can rest assured knowing that regardless of what sticky mud you get your feet into, your footwear always keeps you guarded. When maintained and taken care of well, Timberland’s footwear is known to last longer than any other brand’s footwear. 

They also sell keychains and handbags for women. The men aren’t left out either- they also have wallets and keychains offered to them. Timberland however is a ridiculously expensive brand- which is a small price to pay, considering the high quality and longevity you get on each of their products. They last long in the most gruelling of conditions and are all set to be your favourite travel and adventure companion- the trusty pair of boots that would never fail you, even if you’ve just scaled the world’s highest peak.


As mentioned earlier, to shop for adventure and expedition-friendly gear means to feed a lifestyle that very few are courageous enough to embark on. And while you know that Eddie Bauer is a huge name in the business from whom you can buy products without any hesitation, you now also are made aware of the 5 great brands that serve as very classy and durable alternatives. Who knows, they might even end up being your permanent choice! With Eddie Bauer’s rich history and its competitors’ unsung quality of products, those of you who are ready to go on your next trek sure have a lot of options to choose from!

Stores Like Eddie Bauer

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