Does Amazon Prime include books for Kindle?

We all have heard the name Amazon, it has become our basic need because of daily buying something or the other or watching something new. It is an online shop where we find everything that we need. But the question is what is amazon prime and what are its benefits? Does Amazon Prime include books for Kindle?

Does Amazon Prime include books for Kindle?

Amazon has an option called prime where people can buy a subscription and enjoy various offers, it provides members prime video, where you can watch movies, read books, listen to music, and various entertainment stuff. But the question arises does amazon prime includes books for kindle. If you want to take amazon prime and, you want to know whether amazon includes the book for Kindle in its subscription, here are all the details you need to know.

What is Amazon Prime? 

Amazon Prime is a subscription service provided by Amazon that gives the members benefits in shopping and entertainment and as well as knowledge sometimes. With an Amazon Prime subscription, you get so many benefits like fast deliveries no shipping charges, cashback, free video, live streaming, photo storage, various extra discounts, and one-day shipping. Amazon prime includes videos, movies, books, music, and a lot more. 

Cost of amazon prime membership

To avail of amazon prime, the cost is not much, and with that, you also get a free trial for the first month where when you log in, you have to add your bank details, and from the second month, you will automatically get charged if you don’t cancel the free trial subscription.

a subscription fee of amazon prime:

  • $ 12.99 per month, in which the taxes are not included
  • $ 119 per year in taxes is not included 
  • $ 8.99 per month (only prime video) in which the taxes are not included  
  • $ 9.99 per month kindle unlimited in which the taxes are not included. 

What is Kindle?

It is a wireless electronic device that is used for reading books. You can download books on kindle and read them. Amazon prime reading is just a private library having thousands of books to read. With kindle reading, you can adjust text sizes, the screen can be rotated for a better view, annotations can be added to the text, page-turning functions which give a real book reading effect, automatic bookmarks, automatic archive function, download books of your choice, and even delete books that you don’t need. 

Does Amazon Prime include books for Kindle? 

Yes, if you have an amazon prime subscription, you get kindle book reading for free till the membership is available. You get unlimited kindle reading with an amazon prime subscription. You can go to the prime reading website and search for the book title that you want to read and then enjoy reading it for free. Some books are available with audible narration, so you can listen to the books while doing various other works.

How to get access to prime reading?

  • First log in amazon prime account.
  • Then go to prime reading and browse the title of the book you want to read.
  • You can download the book, or you can even read it.
  • You can use e-kindle or fire tablet or download the kindle app on your mobile phone.
  • Being a prime user, you can download one book from a selection of six editors’ picks.


Amazon provides kindle reading for prime members and you read and download any book of your choice for free because amazon prime membership provides unlimited kindle reading for free. Kindle subscription allows unlimited access to more than 1.5 million titles and various languages. You get kindle unlimited as a free trial for a month or a Prime subscription which is either monthly basis or yearly basis. You can choose whatever you want to take. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Can you get an amazon premium reading facility?

Ans: you can get a free kindle unlimited trial for a month, after that, you can get an amazon premium reading facility just for $9.99 for a month, and you can read up to million more books. You can download books, and read them any time of your choice.

  1. What is prime reading?

Ans: it is a benefit that you get as a free trial for a month or after getting a prime subscription for a month. You can browse and read thousands of books, magazines, comic books, eBooks, and more. Various books are available for audible narration, which makes it easier for you to listen to them even while doing some work. 

  1. What are the features of amazon prime reading? 

Ans: there are various features in amazon prime reading like access to 1000 kindle books, popular magazines, comics, and more, you can enjoy kindle first, audible channels, kindle owners lending library, and there are many more features.

Does Amazon Prime include books for Kindle?

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