Is pitch-perfect on Hulu?

    Hulu is considered America’s third-best streaming service right after Netflix and Amazon Prime. It has an extensive list of movies, tv shows, and documentaries of several genres. Hulu works with a membership service that can be renewed monthly or yearly. Let’s know ‘Is pitch-perfect on Hulu?’

Is pitch-perfect on Hulu?


   Founded in the year 2007, it mostly offers paid-per-view programs from channels such as ABC, NBC, or FX. Hulu is majorly owned by the infamous Walt Disney company with NBC universal having a minor stake in it. 

     Hulu is known to have excellent tv shows, movies, and documentaries that follow an unconventional route. It is also known to produce several of its tv shows which have gone on to win several awards. Tv shows like the handmaid’s tale, shut eyes, and runaways are extremely popular and bring in the network a lot of audiences. 

    The movie pitch perfect is a musical comedy based around an acapella (no instrument) singing group who use their abilities to compete at the collegiate, national and international levels. It was released in the year 2012 and was considered a sleeping hit. 

     Due to the success of the first movie, two more sequels were released pitch perfect 2 and pitch-perfect 3. The latter two movies also saw the success of the first pitch-perfect movie, although a lot less. 

Pitch perfect on Hulu

   Although Hulu is known to have an extensive category of tv shows, movies, and documentaries from all over the world. Unfortunately, pitch-perfect is not one of them. Hulu does not stream any of the pitch-perfect movies. Hopefully, we expect that to change soon. The other streaming devices where you can stream pitch-perfect are as follows: –

  • Amazon prime: Perhaps the cheapest place to watch the movie is on prime video. The yearly membership in the U.S is around $119 which includes 4k 1080p streaming which allows a total of 3 screen sharing. 
  • iTunes: if you are one of them who doesn’t own an android phone, you can access the movie via iTunes. You can either rent it for $4.49 or buy it for $14.99.
  • Google play store: Another great option not used by many but underrated is using the google play store to access the movie. A good option for android users who cannot access iTunes, you can use the google play store. It is also quite reasonable with $3.99 to rent or $4.99 to buy. 

These are some of the alternate streaming services which can be used to access movies other than Hulu. we do hope in the future Hulu will stream pitch-perfect. 

Musicals on Hulu 

Pitch perfect is an excellent example of a musical comedy. Even though Hulu does not show one of the best musicals of 2012, many other great musicals can still be streamed on Hulu with the help of a monthly subscription. Some examples of great musicals which you can stream on Hulu are as follows: –

  • La La land- the blockbuster academy award-winning movie of the year 2016, follows the story of Sebastian a pianist, and Mia, an actress who finds it difficult to balance their careers and their love for each other. It gained universal acclaim with extremely powerful performances by everyone in the movie.  
  • Sweeney Todd- an eccentric and eerie musical that stars Johnny Depp, and Helena Hohman Carter, revolves around Benjamin who is wrongly convicted by a judge, and his thirst for revenge during which he opens a barbershop and kills people with the cutting blade. Considered one of the best musicals of all time, particularly praising the performances of Depp and Carter. 
  • Tim Burton’s the nightmare before Christmas- Considered a must-watch during Christmas or on Christmas eve, the nightmare before Christmas revolves around jack Skellington’s obsession with Christmas which eventually leads him to kidnap Santa Clause before Christmas Eve. 

These are some recommendations that can be considered as these are world-class musicals with excellent critical acclaim. There are plenty more genres of movies and tv shows which can be streamed on Hulu as follows: – 

  1. Visit Hulu’s official website or download their app on your phone. 
  2. Selecting an appropriate plan as per your convenience that includes the following: – 
  • Ad-supported- $6.69 monthly (or $69.99 yearly) 
  • No Ad- $12.29 monthly, where there are no Ad breaks
  • Hulu with Live tv now, Disney + and ESPN + – $69.69 monthly Hulu (no Ads) with live tv now, Disney + and ESPN+ – $75.99 monthly 

  3. Enter your Email ID, Password, and all your personal information 

  4. Make your payment after choosing the payment option 

  5. Finish the process, personalize your account and enjoy the shows. 


   The online streaming platform is all the buzz these days, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic. Movies and Tv shows have become a great source of comfort to everyone around us. Hulu is one of the top streaming services of 2021 and continues to become one of the most-streamed services available. Even though Hulu already has an amazing catalog of movies and tv shows, it still has a long way to go. 


1. How many people can watch HULU at once?

Two people can stream the same Hulu account at a single time. Once you log in and activate your Hulu account, only another Hulu account can view content, if more than two people try to stream it, then an error message might be shown. 

2. How many shows are on Hulu?

It is estimated that Hulu has more than 43000 Tv episodes from 1650 shows and over 2500 movies.

3. Does Hulu require a box?

Like most traditional streaming devices, Hulu does not require a satellite cable or a dish box. Simple login and payment are sufficient to access its content

Is pitch-perfect on Hulu?

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