Where does kangaroo meat come from? – know more interesting facts

Kangaroo meat is one of those meats in Australia that have been on their menu and has been a huge part of their cuisine for several years now. In a lot of restaurants in Sydney, kangaroo meat is used as an alternative to pricey beef meat. Other than that, kangaroos are somewhat known as “pests” in Australia. These animals invade golf courses, urban areas, and farmlands. This article will be addressing where kangaroo meat comes from. Let us find where does kangaroo meat come from?

where does kangaroo meat come from?

It is usually produced in Australia and is extracted from wild kangaroos and is exported to over 60 overseas markets. By law, only a small number of the species which is also in high numbers can be hunted for commercial purposes. But, how is it harvested? Here is the process of how it is done.

Harvesting kangaroo meat : 

Kangaroos first of all are not farmed. Kangaroos are harvested by licensed shooters as it is a strict code that needs to be followed to ensure that the meat that is harvested is of good quality (high standards on the scale of food hygiene and how edible it is). 

Before the meat is exported, it is checked by the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS). Now, we come to the point: why do we need to harvest it. Even though there are other meats such as chicken goat, lamb, pork and so many more, why is an animal like the kangaroo required to be harvested? 

Kangaroo harvesting is sustainable

Kangaroo harvesting is considered to be good for the environment. They are thought of as pests in Australia. The government claims that it hands out licenses for kangaroo hunting to skilled hunters as a large number of kangaroos cause crucial property damage. They invade golf courses, farms, and urban areas. On top of that, they eat what little pasture is remaining on the ground, which leads to limited water resources. Its trade is also considered to be one of the most sustainable meat trades in the world. Even though there are welfare concerns, the annual survey of the four kangaroo species that are large in number has been harvested for commercial purposes, bringing down their combined population to around fifty million.

Alternative meat

It has resulted to be a good alternative to a lot of expensive meats. In Australia, numerous restaurants have started using it in place of pricey beef. Other than this being good alternative meat in terms of finance, it is also a great alternative meat health-wise. It is a slice of lean meat whose fat content is less than 2%, making it one of the healthiest red meat options. It has no added growth hormones or antibiotics, since they are not harvested on a farm, but are taken from the wild. 

This meat is also high in vitamin B, minerals such as zinc, and iron – omega 3 fats. It has double the amount of iron compared to beef and triples the amount of iron compared to meats such as pork and chicken.


Therefore, the consumption of kangaroo meat at first can sound very questionable, but it has a lot of benefits, and these benefits not only help the environment but also benefit the health of humans, with its hefty nutrient factors. Other than that, Its harvesting business has become quite a large industry now. Australia, as of 2022 ships to more than 70 countries, making it approximately an 18 million dollar USD worth industry.


Question 1: is the consumption of kangaroo meat legal?

Answer: the consumption of kangaroo meat is legal in Australia. In the year 1980, the consumption of its meat was made legal in southern Australia. But in the united states, the state of California has its problems with kangaroo meat and other kangaroo products, making the consumption and production of kangaroo products illegal in that state. 

Question 2: how much does kangaroo meat cost?

Answer: since kangaroo meat is imported meat in many countries, its pricing is different in these countries compared to its pricing in its home production country – Australia. In countries such as Peru, one kilogram of kangaroo meta is more expensive than beef. One kilogram of beef in Peru costs about six dollars USD, whereas one kilogram of kangaroo meat costs 12 dollars USD. In Australia, the price of one kilogram of kangaroo meat varies from 7 to 10 dollars USD.

Question 3: is kangaroo meat halal?

Answer: even though kangaroo meat is not halal, Muslims are still free to eat it. 

Question 4: what countries does Australia export its kangaroo meat to?

Answer: Countries such as France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, And Switzerland get kangaroo meat imported from Australia. 

Where does kangaroo meat come from? – know more interesting facts

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