Is Victorious on Hulu?

Well, when we have a long and tiring day, these sitcoms are there to hold us up. Isn’t it? Though the thrillers and the supernatural spin-offs provide a much better story when you really gotta relax after a demanding day, you need some light to see. And that is what these thrillers can’t provide nor do the real dramas. Let’s know ‘Is Victorious on Hulu?’

Is Victorious on Hulu?

Well, the reality is too tough to handle. That’s why you need some entertainment to snap out of it and enjoy your perfect bliss even just for an hour. While these suspense and thrillers are good for weekends and vacations, these sitcoms save your day. And Victorious is surely one of them which gives your day a perfect ending just like in the movies. But that’s of no use if it isn’t available on the streaming platform you own or your current favorite OTT platform. However, you don’t need to worry because there is always another way.

Victorious Synopsis

This series is a perfect escape from the stressful monotonous life. Plus, the show’s popularity has grown from the day it was aired on Nickelodeon. With an opening theme of Make it Shine and a quite subtle storyline where a girl just goes off to realize her dreams, Tori Vega is all set to steal hearts. Tori Vega is all set to realize her dream, which is to be a singer after taking her older sister’s place in a showcase and enrolling herself in Hollywood Arts High School.

The journey is quite fun and hilarious with the squad of people she meets. Plus, this show is perfectly suitable to watch with your family and gels well with the kids too. On the way to fulfill her dreams, she meets plenty of people who in the end become our favorites and her squad. This show went on to steal hearts and won the Favorite TV Show at the 2012 and 2013 Kids Choice Awards and is imprinted in our hearts forever.

Is Victorious on Hulu?

Though the show might be a popular sitcom, it’s nothing if you can’t watch it with your ongoing subscription. Plus, you don’t wanna spend on an all-new subscription just to watch an amazing light-hearted show. But you don’t have to worry, there are many other options to watch the show other than a subscription. However, if you are looking out for Hulu as an option, then this might turn out to be a bad idea as the show isn’t available on Hulu as of now. Though Hulu has a variety of other shows to keep you hooked on to your TV screens, if you are looking out for this particular show to watch, then Hulu isn’t the option for you. However, the show is available on various other platforms.

Where can I watch Victorious?

Victorious is a light-hearted sitcom to watch after your workday but you won’t be able to watch it without the right platform. And as discussed above Hulu might not be the platform for you if you are looking to watch this amazing sitcom. So where else can you watch it? Well, Netflix is one platform to give a try. However, it currently has only two seasons of Victorious. It recently removed the third season from the platform. Other platforms to watch the show or buy it are Amazon Prime, Vudu, and Paramount Plus. So if you are craving to watch some light-hearted show like Victorious, you should surely give these platforms a try. However, Hulu has a lot of other shows but it doesn’t have this one. 


After a tiring day all one wants is to have a nice time with one’s family and what’s better to have a common show to watch. That common show can be Victorious since it gels with everybody, even children. So you have got your show and your family but what’s missing? It’s the platform. To watch your perfect show you need a perfect platform. However, if you think it to be Hulu then you might have to be a little disappointed as the show isn’t available on Hulu. But you can watch the show on other platforms such as Netflix, Prime, and Vudu.


Q. When did the show first air?

Ans. The show aired on March 27, 2010, on Nickelodeon.

Q. How many episodes does Victorious has?

Ans. Victorious has a total of 4 seasons and 57 episodes in all.

Q. Is Victorious available on Hulu?

Ans. No, Victorious isn’t available on Hulu. Hulu has a variety of shows and originals but it doesn’t have Victorious.

Q. Where else can I watch Victorious?

Ans. You can watch Victorious on Netflix, Paramount+, Vudu, and Prime. However, Netflix currently has only two seasons of Victorious on its streamer as it recently removed the third season from its platform. 

Is Victorious on Hulu?

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