Lululemon’s First Responder Discount- All About it

   “We live a life we love” lululemon makes these words come true by offering a wide range of athletic, leisure, and casual wear to encourage a fit community among every age group. Let us understand a bit more about lululemon. Here is Lululemon’s First Responder Discount.

Lululemon’s First Responder Discount 


  This brand which was founded in Canada has made all its rave in the United States. Although the company had a slow start, it later went on to become a fortune 500 company. It is active even to this day and is very popular. 

      Even though lululemon creates all types of clothing, it first gained momentum due to its leggings. The lululemon leggings are popular even to this day and have a cult-like following where many people have been loyal to the brand for decades. 

       The one feature which differentiates the lululemon leggings from its competitors (athlete, Victoria sports, etc.) is its amazing fast-drying Everlux fabric which allows the leggings to absorb the body sweat but not make it all sticky. The leggings come in all shades and a range of sizes suitable to all body types. 

    Let us understand a bit more about lululemon’s responsibility towards society. 

First responder’s discount 

   To express their gratitude towards the first responders who are considered the literal heroes of our society, many brands have offered discounts or special offers to make things easier for these individuals and help them a little financially. 

First responders are the first people who report to the site of the emergency. Some examples of first responders are as follows: 

  • Firefighters Law enforcements 
  • Search and rescue 
  • EMTs
  • Medical doctors 
  • Licensed nurses

If you are any one of the following, then you will be eligible to obtain 15% off on any apparel in-store or online. To redeem the discount all, you have to do is 

  • Create a lululemon account or sign in to your existing lululemon account 
  • Upload your ID with their trusted ID verification source SheerID. Additional documentation may be asked for further verification 
  • Once it is verified you can head to your nearest lululemon store and purchase any apparel online or offline. 

The documentation proof required to verify that you are in fact of the first responder’s community is the following: – 

  • A document or ID showing your affiliation to the organization, status, service, etc.
  • If you are medical personnel, you will need to show your medical license or registered nurse license. 

Lululemon’s military discount 

  First responders’ discount is not all lululemon is limiting too, they also have a military and veteran discount to express their support and gratitude towards the armed forces for the protection they offer to the great nation. Just like the first responder’s discount, lululemon is offering up to 15% off on all apparel whether purchased online or in-store. The members of the military include the following: 

  •  Active-duty military members
  •  Reserves military members 
  • Retirees and veterans 
  • Spouses, direct dependents, children of the above. 

The documentation proof required to make sure you are from the above community is as follows: – 

  • Any copy of your discharge from active duty 
  • US uniformed service ID card
  • US uniformed service retirement card 
  • Citations or commendations from the armed forces. 

How to claim it?

  Lululemon has given you the choice to redeem the discount offers. Although for ID and document verification you will still have to sign up on the lululemon website and wait for confirmation, once it is received, you can get your 15% off either in-store or via online shopping

  • Online mode- if you have preferred to use the online mode of shopping, make sure you use the same login credentials as you have for your verification process, the 15% discount is usually applied at the checkout but do give it a double check just to make sure, as easy as that!
  • In-store- to claim the discount in person in-store, first make sure if your verification process came through. Then at checkout mention the same to the lululemon executive, and they will do the rest. If you are visiting in-store then make sure you bring a valid ID for further identification.


Being one of the most popular athleisure wears in the Unites States, lululemon has lived up to its standard which it had set way back in 2007 when it went public. Their military and veteran discount of 15% is appreciable. However, they reduced it from 25% to 15% in Oct of 2021, which bring lululemon under the radar. 

     The reason for the decrease in the military and veteran discount is up to question but the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic can be blamed. As the situation stabilizes, we can hope lululemon is considerate enough to bring back the veteran’s discount to what it was before Oct 2021.


1. can I apply the 15% discount on the lululemon item I have already purchased?

  No, the discount is applicable only in the moment and present-time online or in-store purchases. 

2. what’s lululemon’s return policy?

   Any item of clothing, footwear, or accessories can be returned within 30 days of purchase. the item should have not sustained any damage and the purchase receipt should be intact. 

Lululemon’s First Responder Discount- All About it

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