What Channel Is Victory On Spectrum?-Know More

Victory Television Network Inc. (VTN), has started its services in the year 1988 (December) in Arkansas, US. VTN is an independent television network mainly involved in religious programs. The channel was started by the founders of the Agape Church.  The channel serves as a broadcasting service for the Agape Church situated in West Little Rock, Arkansas, USA. Apart from the broadcasting stations, the Victory channel is available on more than 225 cable stations in Arkansas. Victory channel is the only Christian-oriented television network that has headquarters in Arkansas. Read fully to know about What Channel Is Victory On Spectrum?

What Channel Is Victory On Spectrum?

The channel operates as a non-profit entity. The Victory channel is available on Spectrum TV Stream also. Spectrum TV Stream is a subsidiary of Charter Communications, USA. Spectrum TV Stream is a pay-television (on-demand) service with a multi-channel streaming distribution. The Spectrum offers a variety of communication services like Broadband, Cable television, Digital cable, Digital telephone, and HDTV.  Spectrum can be accessed through TV, Laptop, or even with a smartphone.

What channel is Victory on Spectrum?

On the Spectrum TV Stream, the channels 98, 472, and 496 are reserved for Victory Channel. 

Victory Channel

Victory Channel is the television network headquartered in Arkansas and is among the few religious independent stations. The network operates on monetary fund contributions from its viewers. It is broadcasted from the station as well as by other cable networking stations also.

About Victory Channel

Victory channel is a 24 hours operating Christian religious channel that is free for all. The insertion of ads is not permitted in the channel. It broadcasts more than 2000 hours annually. In that 800 hours are contributed to live programs. The channel has considerable involvement in all the OTT platforms. The Cable TV providers who carry the channel are selected as affiliates and will be promoted through the Victory channel website.

The Goal Behind the channel

Through the Victory channel, the founders of the channel have a goal to broadcast the truth of God’s Word to the entire World. Also through this, the viewers receive the training they need to grow in their faith in God and help them to remember the place of God in their life. 

Victory on Other On-Demand Platforms

Victory Channel is currently carried by DIRECTV as channel 366, Dish Network as channel 265, and also in the broadcast TV sub channels in Orlando and Albuquerque DMA.

Spectrum TV

Spectrum TV Stream is a suite of advanced broadband services offered by Charter Communications, Inc. Spectrum provides a full range of services, including Spectrum TV, Spectrum Internet, Spectrum Voice, Spectrum Mobile, etc.

Spectrum Products

  • Cable television
  • Broadband
  • Digital cable
  • HDTV
  • Digital telephone
  • Home security
  • Internet
  • Internet security
  • Mobile phone
  • VoIP phone

Charter Communications

Charter Communications Inc. is the provider of Spectrum full suite streaming services. The company is a leading broadband connectivity company and cable operator serving more than 31 million customers across 41 states employing the Spectrum brand. With the advanced communications network, the company offers a full range of residential and business services.

Spectrum Enterprise

Spectrum has many different business plans. For a small or medium-sized company, Spectrum delivers the same set of broadband products and services along with certain features applicable for appropriate places. But for a larger business or government service, Spectrum provides another plan namely Spectrum Enterprise. This is enhanced and highly customized, with the use of fibre optic cables.

Spectrum TV Essentials

Spectrum TV Essentials is a live TV streaming service that includes live entertainment, lifestyle, and news channels for only $15/month. This service is only available to Spectrum Internet customers.

Spectrum Reach

Spectrum Reach is an Ad portal supplied by Spectrum TV. It delivers ads and production information to make small local brands into bigger ones. The company also broadcasts news coverage, sports, and other programs through Spectrum Networks and Spectrum Originals.  

Supported Devices

The supported television companies that can stream Spectrum,

Amazon Fire TV

Apple TV



Samsung Smart TV

Xbox One

Xbox Series X/S

The supported Mobile devices for Spectrum Streaming

Android mobile devices

Apple iOS mobile devices (iPhones and iPads)

Computers compatible with Spectrum Streaming

Apple mac OS



The Victory channel is a religious channel that started services for the Agape Church of Arkansas. It is the first religious channel in Arkansas that started operations in 1988. It is a non-profitable channel which is functioned based on the funds given by the viewers. The channel will not allow any advertisements. It broadcasts 24 hours programs every day. All OTT platforms and cable TV companies make it available for the viewers, even though it is free.


1.Who started the Victory channel?

The channel was founded in 1979 by Howard Happy Caldwell II and Jeanne Caldwell, but the services started in 1988.

2.What is the relationship between the channel Victory and the Agape church?

The channel is started by the Pastors who are also the founders of the Agape Church of Arkansas. 

3.When did Spectrum start broadcasting the Victory Channel?

It started broadcasting Victory channel on December 31, 2021

What Channel Is Victory On Spectrum?-Know More

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