Does Rocky’s Hardware Make Keys?

When it comes to duplicating a key, there are two ways to follow: using a self-service kiosk or asking a professional to duplicate the key for you. The latter service ensures that the key you get is exactly the same as the original. Nevertheless, most stores currently provide key duplication services through a self-service kiosk. For this reason, let’s speak about a hardware store where this service is done by experts: Rocky’s Hardware. How the process is done and the kind of keys that can be duplicated here will be addressed as well. Let us know ‘Does Rocky’s Hardware Make Keys?’.

Does Rockys Hardware Make Keys?

Does Rocky’s Hardware Make Keys?

Rocky’s Hardware offers duplication of standard keys and auto keys with chips inside, however, not every store provides key duplication service. Finding out which store does is simply done at the store’s webpage. Keep reading to learn how to do this and visit your nearest store today to duplicate as many keys as you need. 

Rocky’s Hardware

Rocky’s Hardware, also known as Rocky’s Ace Hardware, was founded in 1926 in Springfield, Massachusetts. Its success as a simple hardware store took a great leap forward after it affiliated with Ace Hardware Company during the 1960s. 

The store focuses on supporting customers on their own home improvement projects, so it offers several product categories, like lawn and garden, paint, tools, and grilling, among others. Additionally, Rocky’s Hardware features a project center, where interesting topics are addressed, such as “How to store holiday decor”. 

This article is centered on the key duplication service provided by Rocky’s Hardware, however, the store offers more than this useful service. Glass replacement, carpet cleaning, and U-Haul rentals can be purchased at the store too. 

How Does Key Duplication Work?

Key Duplication is made with aid of a key duplicator machine. This equipment is comprised of a blade and an alignment tool where a blank key is placed. This blank key is cut by the blade in accordance with an original key, which is placed in the opposite location on the machine. Thus, both keys end up looking the same. 

The key duplicator machine is also in charge of measuring the depths of every cut on the original key. By doing so, the duplicated key does not only look the same but also fits on a lock just the same as the original key does. 

Key Duplication Service At Rocky’s Hardware

A key duplication service is offered at most Rocky’s Hardware locations. Unlike other stores that currently feature a self-service key duplicator kiosk, Rocky’s Hardware leaves its key duplication services to professionals. This process can take a few minutes, but it can be done while the client shops at the store. 

Besides duplicating standard house keys, Rocky’s Hardware duplicates auto keys, also auto keys that have a security chip inside. This type of key is called ChipKey, and not all Rocky’s Hardware stores can duplicate it. 

  • If you do not know whether your key has a chip or not, take it to your local Rocky’s Hardware; an associate will test it for you and let you know the result.

While the duplication of an auto key with a chip inside is more complicated, the store can easily duplicate standard keys. For this type of key clients can choose among several styles and colors of blank keys to duplicate the original. 

Auto Key Programming

Since an auto key must be programmed just like the original key of a car, every client needs to be sure that their car model is covered by Rocky’s Hardware. Finding out if the store can duplicate a certain auto key is easy, just access and follow these steps:

  1. Select the auto manufacturer. Example: Kia, Audi, etc.
  2. Wait for the tool to update according to the former selection. Then, choose an auto model.
  3. Wait again until the tool is updated and select the year of the vehicle. 
  4. With no need of clicking on the red button that says “Find your local Ace”, the tool will let you know if the store carries your key. This message appears followed by a green arrow icon on the screen. 

Once you know if the store covers your key, click on the red button and find the nearest store to your home. However, if the store does not cover your key, you are encouraged to call directly to your local Rocky’s Hardware. 

**Currently, Auto Key programming is only available in fewer locations than the standard key duplication service. Because of this, check in advance if your nearest store offers the service or not. 

How To Know If Rocky’s Hardware Can Duplicate My Key?

As stated, not all Rocky’s stores can duplicate keys or, even more, duplicate a car key with a chip inside. To find out where these services are offered, just visit and review the current services at the store. 

The Key duplication option must be the first one displayed on the page. Under the title “Key Duplication”, click on the red button that says “Auto Key Services Available in:” to check the cities where auto keys with a chip can be duplicated. 

To consult the stores where you can get a standard key duplicated, visit the same site and click on the red button that says “Key Cutting Available in:”. All cities where the service is offered will be displayed. 


Duplicating a standard key is easy at Rocky’s Hardware! This process is done by professionals instead of by a self-service kiosk. This guarantees that the duplicated key works and looks the same as the original key. However, finding the Rocky’s Hardware location that provides this service can be the hardest part. Following the steps shared in this article can help you find one of these stores, so do it in advance before visiting any random Rocky’s Hardware location. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it recommended to duplicate a key that has already been copied?

No, it is not recommended to duplicate a duplicated key. 

Is it really necessary to duplicate my auto key along with its chip?

Yes, otherwise, the key will not be able to start the car’s ignition. 

Is it cheaper to duplicate an auto key with a chip at Rocky’s Hardware than at a car dealership?

Yes. Rocky’s Hardware offers a saving of more than 60% of the key duplication price offered by most dealerships. 

Does Rocky’s Hardware Make Keys?

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