Where Are Coleman Sleeping Bags Made?

Coleman Company Inc is a well-known American brand that manufactures outdoor recreational products like camping gear and other such kinds of things. These materials prove to be quite useful when people go on outings or even at home. The company Coleman was founded back in 1900 and has its headquarters located in Chicago, United States of America. Currently, the company’s CEO is Robert Marcovitch, and has around 4000+ employees. Let’s know ‘Where Are Coleman Sleeping Bags Made?’.

Where Are Coleman Sleeping Bags Made?

Where Are Coleman Sleeping Bags Made?

The Coleman sleeping bags are made in Wichita, Kansas, and in Texas. This is because the company has got their manufacturing units in those states in the USA. There are different types of products manufactured other than just sleeping bags like camp chairs, lanterns, portable stoves, coolers, and shelters. 

But, all that matters is whether the quality of the products manufactured by the company is good enough to impress you in the first place? Well, maybe the company did a good job by bringing good quality products to the people looking for camping and outdoor products.

How Much Does Sleeping Bags Cost At Coleman?

Sleeping bags may cost differently depending on various factors, but there is a certain range for the price set by the manufacturing company for such sleeping bags. The listing price for such products may range from $50.00 – to $70.00. However, some sleeping bag products from a different brand in the market may be a little more expensive than Coleman sleeping bags.

The Coleman sleeping bags have been made available for purchase online on different online e-commerce platforms like Amazon.com. If you wish to purchase products from Coleman, then you can have the option to buy it from Amazon itself. Usually, people spend around $200 to $300 for a 3 season down sleeping bag.

What Are Coleman Sleeping Bags Made Of?

Coleman sleeping bags are considered to be one of the best sleeping bags in the market. These bags are made up of light polyester, which is a comfortable material and a good sleeping companion. The material feels super comfortable and there is nothing wrong with the usage of the material in the sleeping bag.

The presence of light polyester in the sleeping bag proved to be comfortable against the skin and is easy to pack to a compact size as per your wish. These bags have several other benefits besides providing a super comfortable sleep quality. For example, these bags are durable in nature and can last for several years easily. This is yet another reason why you should choose the Coleman sleeping bag when you decide to go camping or outing. In other words, it would be a worthy investment if you select the Coleman sleeping bag.

Is It Good To Wash The Coleman Sleeping Bag Once In A While?

Sleeping bags, just like any other material, gets dirty quite quickly, and they should be cleaned once in a while so that there are no bed bugs or any other such kinds of things. Ensure that you wash the Coleman sleeping bag with a mild detergent in cold water. The directions for washing the sleeping bag should be mentioned on the package when you have purchased the product.

However, after washing the sleeping bag, you need to make sure that you try to dry the sleeping bag at the lowest temperature of your house available and let it air dry. However, you need to keep certain things in mind like precautions in your mind while washing. Please do not take the product to a dry cleaner or use the dryer at your home because it may damage the product. Use your hands to wash the sleeping bag with cold water inside your bathtub using a mild detergent.

Washing the sleeping bag would not at all ruin the product, but it would be a healthy way to maintain a good quality of sleep. There might be different kinds of insects that may be dangerous if they directly contact your skin. So, you need to be careful while using products like these which can be of daily use.

How Many Types of Coleman Sleeping Bags Are There?

There are different kinds of sleeping bags available not just for the company Coleman but for other branded products too. Depending on the type of sleeping bag you choose, the prices for each may vary, and it is obvious that not all types of sleeping bags would have the same price range. Three of the most common categories of sleeping bags are.

  • Sleeping bags by temp
  • Sleeping pads
  • Airbeds and pumps

Customers can quickly go for online shopping if they wish to purchase sleeping bags from Coleman. Coleman has their official online e-commercial website where people can opt to choose online shopping and get their products delivered at their doorstep. However, people are not only satisfied with the quality of products that the company has to offer, but also the services they provide are of top-notch quality.

Is Buying Coleman Sleeping Bags Worth It?

Coleman sleeping bags are worth the investment because people have rated the product excellently on Google and their official website. Most people who have used the product felt the product satisfactory, and at the same time, it offered all the benefits that a sleeping bag should have.

All in all, it is a sleeping bag that is worth the money, and since these bags are durable, they would be fully functioning efficiently in the long run as well. The company has sleeping bags with different features like shape, warmth, and other things. This is an innovative way of keeping customers interested at their sleeping bag products.


In the end, it is all about getting proper sleep out of the Coleman sleeping bags. These bags are made in different manufacturing units located in Wichita, Kansas, and in Texas. The sleeping bags are made up of supreme quality of light polyester, which provides the users with a comfortable and sound sleep. Therefore, if you wish to purchase one of the sleeping bags from Coleman then you would be making an excellent choice. 

Where Are Coleman Sleeping Bags Made?

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