OTTY Mattress Return Policy – Read To Know More

The OTTY mattress combines comfort, support, and temperature control for a great night’s sleep. Michal Szlas- a keen runner, came up with the idea as he was looking for a new mattress. He decided to create his own website after experiencing a confusing marketing experience with high prices. Let us know here about the ‘OTTY Mattress Return Policy’.

OTTY Mattress Return Policy

OTTY Mattress Return & Refund Policy

OTTY products may not be right for everyone, even though we would love for you to love them. You may be eligible to return your product in accordance with the terms of our sleep trial and returns policy. 

How do I return my order?

You can begin the returns process by emailing if you are within the sleep trial period.

Sleep Trial

Their terms and conditions for the sleep trial state that each product will have a different sleep trial. We request feedback on how a return was handled as part of the sleep trial to see if you are happy with your OTTY product(s). Purchases from the OTTY website qualify for the OTTY sleep test, but purchases from other marketplaces (like Amazon or eBay) do not qualify.

Sleep trial period 

All mattresses are subject to a 100-night sleep trial with no fees (original packaging not required)

Free returns on Bed Frames for 30 nights (the original packaging must be returned) 

All pillows and bedding accessories (duvets, blankets) are offered with a 14-night sleep trial – returns will have to be prepaid by the customer. (Must be returned in the original packaging) 

Mattress topper 14 night’s sleep bedding) come with a 14-night sleep trial. Returns must be paid not needed)

Returning a Mattress

1. Mattresses – the state100-night trial period. In the event that we receive the mattress in our warehouse no later than 100 days after you get it, you will be entitled to a refund in a reasonable time (no later than 14 days) and we will arrange for the mattress’ collection at no cost to you if you submit a written return request no later than 100 days after getting the mattress. In case of a refund, the same method of payment will be used.

2. Our 100 Night Trial is only available for orders placed in the United Kingdom and Ireland. 

 You can also arrange to pick up the goods from a safe location or a neighbor if our delivery matrix doesn’t meet your needs.

3. Following the return of a mattress under the 100-night trial, any subsequent mattress purchased will no longer qualify for the 100-night trial. The 100-night trial allows homeowners to return one mattress per household.

4. OTTY is not responsible for tracking your 100-night trial dates or for returning items outside of the specified period of time.

5. Return requests must be reported to us before the timeframe expires. Our courier will contact you to arrange pickup within 1-2 days of our customer service about how to return your mattress and what to do next.

6. After we receive your cancellation notification, we must perform the cancellation within 14 days of receiving it. If you fail to arrange for collection, that may, subject to any exceptional circumstances (that must be communicated to us and accepted at our discretion), infringe upon your cancellation rights.

7. Our courier will attempt to pick up the returned mattress from you on the pre-arranged time & date after consulting with you directly. Any attempts by the courier to collect your package will cost you £30 if you fail to do so; therefore, all future collections will only begin after payment of the collection fee, 

9. The 100-night trial policy may be refused if we see fit, including in some circumstances.

Returning a Rejuvenated Mattress 

1. Sleep trials are available for 30-nights for mattresses that have been rejuvenated. Information is provided by our mattress return policy. You must return them in the same condition they were delivered in, without any damage or stains to the cover or product itself. Please see the above section on returns about how to return mattresses in pristine condition.

2. One-year warranty is offered on rejuvenated mattresses.

Returning a bed frame or ottoman

From the date of delivery, all bed frames come with a 30-night sleep trial. 

During the sleep trial, you may continue using them as usual. To arrange for the return, you must let us know within 30 days of your intention to return the item. A collection will be arranged for you, and the cost of returning the item will be covered by us.

Returning Pillows and/or Accessories

You can try our pillows and accessories for different times during the trial period. A full refund will be given if they are returned, but the customer will need to cover the return shipping costs.

Other accessories may be returned, and you will be advised to send them back in their original packaging by the returns team. Returning accessories as new and in original packaging is required within 14 days of receipt. In order to assess any damage to the packaging or product, the team inspects all items returned to us and takes photos upon receipt.

The 14-day statute of limitations for mattress toppers

In order to return your mattress toppers, please package and ship them back to us in protective packaging to ensure that they will arrive safely. 

Are there any fees associated with returns? 

Free returns apply to large items such as mattresses and bed frames. All other OTTY items must be picked up/delivered by you and you are responsible for the costs.


They will assist you with additional imagery if required by the returns team. You may be advised by our returns team to enlist a third-party independent inspection company if it is difficult to see the fault in the imagery provided. This service costs £50. In the event that a problem is found, you will be refunded this fee. Using an independent third-party inspector removes any bias that may exist. In the event that you wish to return an OTTY product, please send an email to, and the customer service team will assist you.

OTTY Mattress Return Policy – Read To Know More

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