Where does Excel meat come from? – know more in detail

Owned by Cargill Meat solutions this subsidiary deals with beef, turkey, and other food services. Well, meat quality does matter a lot, if you care about health. Not only is it good for you but the animals. Raising chickens in unsustainable conditions degrades the originality of the meat. After all, that’s not their place to live, just like it’s not ours. Pigs are social animals and when that is snatched away from them, that is terrible. Plus, it’s not good for meat either. So eating factory-made meat isn’t a great idea and you should refrain from that as much as possible. That is why knowing where your meat came from is important. To avoid this, the meat you eat goes through a lot of quality checks and standards and USDA is one of them. It gets you the best quality grass-fed meat. Let us find out Where does Excel meat come from?

Where does Excel meat come from?

What is Excel meat?

Cargill, America’s largest private company, launched Excel meat and it has gained huge popularity ever since its release. It featured with Tyson Foods too in the New York times and was rightly acknowledged as America’s one-third meat supplier. Excel came into existence in 1982 after the acquisition of MBPXL in 1979. Since then it has grown to be America’s one of the largest meat suppliers. 

It went on to expand its massive empire to Spencer, Oakland, Iowa, and Schuyler, Nebraska after taking on Spencer Beef. Excel is surely a name in the field of everyday meat products. It deals in turkey, beef, and other food services such as eggs, broilers, and so on. Headquartered in Wichita, Kansas, United States, with Jody Horner as the division president, this unit is known for supplying the best quality meat. So you can always trust Excel meat when it comes to quality.

Where does Excel meat come from?

We all are well aware of the fact that Excel is a brand of beef and pork products marketed by the Cargill Meat Solutions Corporation worldwide. Plus, they distribute all poultry including beef all over America. The lean, tender, and boneless meat are of the best USDA quality, a standard for checking the meat quality. Originally from the west coast, this beef offers the best quality with rich flavor and surely gets along with all the guidelines provided by the government. Plus, it is given the quality standard Prime USDA which is the highest USDA grade. So this meat makes its way to some quality restaurants and stores and finally gets to your platter. The vast majority of the company’s meat comes from ProAction verified Dairy farmers of Canada. So you can be satisfied with originality and the quality served. 

How to look for good quality meat?

Well, if you want to go on and check the quality of the meat yourself, you can do that too. All you need to do is check a few things while buying it. Well, whenever we go shopping for meat we all go for the one looking nice and has a light red color. But that’s totally a no, you should always go for the meat that is purplish in color if you want some fresh meat for your recipe. Did you know that you can check the quality of meat by looking out for the color? If you are buying red meat go for the ones darker in color. While if you are buying pork meat go for the blushing red one. Plus, do smell the meat. Though it sounds absurd, the smell can really tell a lot about the meat you’re buying. Also, go for or look out for some clean cuts when buying good quality meat.


Well, if you are a meat lover and meat is a daily food for you then quality definitely matters a lot. Plus, it’s always better to know where the meat you are eating comes from. Is it the fresh farms or the filthy factories? The origin matters a lot in the quality of the food. But you can rest assured as the Excel meat comes from the Canadian farms and that’s why it gets the USDA’s highest quality grade. But you can check out the quality yourself too when buying from a store.


Q. Who owns Excel Meat?

Ans. Cargill Meat Solutions Corporation owns and distributes Excel meat.

Q. Where does Excel meat come from?

Ans. It comes from ProAction verified farmers in the farms of Canada.

Q. Is it good?

Ans. Yes, Excel meat is rated as Prime USDA which is the highest quality for meat. So, Excel meat provides you with the best quality meat.

Q. How can we check the quality of the meat?

Ans. You can check the quality of the meat by the color, smell, fat, cuts, and texture of the meat while buying. 

Where does Excel meat come from? – know more in detail

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