Does Cabela’s Have Handicap Cart Wheelchairs?

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Convenient in-store shopping requires easy movement around the store as a shopper picks the needed items and places them in the shopping cart or basket. While stores generally provide this ease of mobility for shoppers without walking problems, only a handful of these stores consider the mobility problems faced by shoppers with walking disabilities.

Does Cabela’s Have Handicap Cart Wheelchairs?

One way stores solve this mobility issue is by providing handicap cart wheelchairs or wheelchair carts for these shoppers. If you have been wondering whether a retail-chain store like Cabela’s provides handicap wheelchair carts for customers who are wheelchair users, read on to find out.

Most Cabela’s outlets have electric handicap carts available for shoppers who cannot walk. However, note that not all Cabela’s outlets have these handicap wheelchair carts. Hence, it is best to call ahead to inquire before paying a visit to a local Cabela’s store.

Cabela’s Wheelchair Carts for Shoppers with Walking Disabilities

Wheelchair carts, electric or manual, are necessary for a store seeking to attract and retain customers with mobility problems. Because these wheelchair carts make the store visits of these shoppers easy.  

Cabela’s understands this and makes provisions for motorized shopping carts in several retail locations. With these wheelchair carts, shoppers with walking disabilities can shop for needed items without asking for help.

However, these motorized shopping carts are typically limited in number in most Cabela’s outlets, so if you intend to use one on a visit to the store, you want to go early. On the other hand, you can take your wheelchair along should all the available wheelchair carts be in use.

Like we said earlier, before planning a visit to your local Cabela’s store, it is best to call ahead to know whether the wheelchair carts are available.

Is Cabela’s Wheelchair Accessible?

Other than providing wheelchair carts to meet the shopping needs of customers with walking disabilities, many of Cabela’s retail outlets are wheelchair-accessible. These stores have wide pathways and doorways, accessible elevators, leveled entrances, spacious bathrooms, etc.

Thanks to these features, wheelchair users can go around the store and access needed items when shopping.

Is Cabela’s Worth Visiting?

If you like hunting and are a lover of outdoor recreational activities like fishing, camping, and more, Cabela’s is the store to be. Famous for its quality fishing, hunting, and other outdoor recreational gear, including its beautiful tropical scenery, it is no wonder shoppers and tourists alike continually troop to the store. 

Unlike many stores in the business of selling recreational gear, Cabela’s is uniquely designed in such a manner that there are lots of things for shoppers to see and do other than buying items. With many retail outlets measuring as much as 150,000 sq. ft in size, Cabela’s is described by many shoppers as a wildlife theme park, brought to life for the visual delight of lovers of animals and all things outdoors.

The store’s retail outlets typically have massive displays of stuffed animals; both wild and non-wild animals, walk-in aquariums, a gun gallery, mini ponds, and more. From the various labeling on the displayed taxidermy animals, kids and adults have the opportunity to read and learn about the animals in their habitat.

Asides from these, Cabela’s stores have restaurants and candy shops where shoppers can stop to refuel. The menu of these restaurants typically features a diversity of fresh and wild dishes like boar meat, so you can be sure that there are plenty of dishes and snack options to choose from.  

These features combined are part of the things that have touted Cabela’s as a tourist destination. These features give shoppers a unique shopping experience on each visit to any Cabela’s retail outlet.

Note that Cabela’s retail stores are structured in different ways. Hence, these features may differ from outlet to outlet.  


Cabela’s is one of the stores that put in the extra effort to ensure that all its customers have a good shopping experience on each visit to the store. For instance, the store considers the extra needs of shoppers with walking disabilities and makes available handicapped wheelchair shopping carts. The store also ensures that its pathway, driveways, bathrooms, and more, are wheelchair accessible. In doing so, Cabela’s is one of the few stores that attracts and retains shoppers with mobility problems in many of its retail outlets.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Is Cabela’s expensive?

Many have reviewed Cabela’s as being high-priced. However, one way to beat the high prices is by joining Cabela’s club and earning reward points.

  1. Is Cabela’s pet friendly?

Yes, except where the laws in that region or state prohibit animals from entering stores. Note that this prohibition does not apply to service animals.

  1. Is Cabela’s and Bass Pro owned by the same company?

Bass Pro and Cabela’s merged in 2017.

Does Cabela’s Have Handicap Cart Wheelchairs?

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