Where Are Rebecca Minkoff Bags Made?

When purchasing luxury bags, most people will find that luxury is not always equal to breaking the bank. Some brands allow customers to own well-made luxurious bags purchased with a three-figure sum. Top on the list of such brands is the Rebecca Minkoff brand. Popular for her genuine-leather bags, clothes, and accessories, Rebecca Minkoff aka RM, is a brand that many have classified as an affordable luxury.

Where Are Rebecca Minkoff Bags Made?

If you are considering purchasing an RM bag, but are concerned about where these bags are produced, read on to find out.

Rebecca Minkoff bags are manufactured in China. In the early to middle 2000s, RM bags were made in the United States. In 2008 the production was sourced to China. However, older models of Rebecca Minkoff bags like the Morning After Bag still have a Made in the US tag.  

Are Rebecca Minkoff Bags a China Product?

Rebecca Minkoff is an American brand famous in the bag industry for its minimalistic yet elegant designs. Over time, the brand has steadily gained a loyal following amongst women of diverse ages and nationalities and in different locations with its simple designs and affordable prices.  

As we stated earlier, before 2008, RM bags were assembled in New York, US. By 2008, Rebecca Minkoff outsourced a percentage of its bag production to China due to a rise in demand amidst other reasons. 

Today, new versions of RM bags are from China, but old RM-designed bags like the Morning After Bag (MAB) still have the Made in US tag.

Are Rebecca Minkoff Bags Luxurious Bags?

Because RM bags are from China, and the stereotype that accompanies China-made products, China products are classified as low-quality and mass-produced, many classify the RM bags as not being luxury goods.

However, many lovers of RM bags have reviewed that despite being made in China, Rebecca Minkoff bags are still produced using genuine leather and have not diminished in quality.

When compared to brands like Chanel and Louis Vuitton, it is clear that RM bags are not in the same sphere or meaning of luxury that these brands represent. 

But RM bags can still be classified as a luxury for the modern woman because it represents a brand that produces high-quality bags sold at an affordable price.

Why Are RM Bags Popular?

Rebecca Minkoff bags are popular amongst bag lovers for many reasons.

For one, the RM brand is famous for its simple designs. Its minimalistic designs portray it as a brand that takes the less is more approach. All its bag designs are simple yet communicate elegance and quality.

Another reason Rebecca Minkoff bags is loved by many is that it is an affordable luxury. As we stated earlier, the RM brand is top in the list of brands that depicts that luxury does not have to be expensive. RM bags are pure leather, yet they are sold at moderately affordable prices, allowing bag lovers to own fancy bags that are not bank-breaking and account-emptying.   

Commenting on why she produces bags classified under affordable luxury, Rebecca Minkoff stated in an interview that:

“I believe that women aspire to have something that is well made and has a strong brand that ties into some of her values and beliefs. A price point between $200 – $400, at most, is what most women can afford. It might be a little bit of stretch, but she can still eat and, at the same time, have a beautiful bag that won’t fall apart in a week. ”

Are There Fake Rebecca Minkoff Bags?


Like every famous brand in the market today, many counterfeit Rebecca Minkoff bags are in circulation.

However, like every other genuine product, there are subtle ways to identify an original Rebecca Minkoff bag from a fake one.

  • RM bags are pure leather. One way to spot an original RM is the quality and smell of the leather used in making the bag. Fake RM bags may smell like plastic. 

Another way to know is by pressing hard a part of the surface of the bag or purse in question. If it is genuine leather, the wrinkled pattern on the depressed surface will gradually fade out when the applied pressure is released.

  • Discounts are too good to be true. Although Rebecca Minkoff is known for its frequent discounts and sales, you want to be careful when a price sounds too good to be true. For instance, an RM bag typically sold for $380 selling for $100. In such cases, the bag may be fake.
  • Buy from a reliable source. When it comes to famous brands like Rebecca Minkoff, one way to avoid buying a fake is to buy from a reliable store or an authentic website.


When it comes to purchasing luxurious bags made from superb materials, one would expect the pricing to start from a minimum of $1000. However, as a recognized bag brand, Rebecca Minkoff gives the contemporary independent woman the opportunity to justify owning a luxury bag that does not require spending more than a three-figure sum in most cases. Because RM understands and aims to meet the inherent desire of the typical modern woman, old or young, to own a bag that indicates class, quality, and trendy yet is at an attainable price point.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who founded the Rebecca Minkoff brand?

Rebecca Minkoff was founded by the siblings; Rebecca Minkoff and Uri Minkoff.

  1. Has Rebecca Minkoff been sold off?

Yes. Rebecca Minkoff is now a part of the Sunrise Brand

  1. Does Rebecca Minkoff accept returns?

Items bought from the store, online or in-store, must be returned within thirty days of purchase or delivery. Note that the items to be returned must be in the same condition as when they were received.

  1. Does Rebecca Minkoff offer a warranty?

RM offers a one-year warranty on products purchased from the RM official website or any authorized retail store.

Where Are Rebecca Minkoff Bags Made?

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