How to Use a Grubhub Application?

Grubhub is an excellent company to work with as a driver because of its incentives. It offers tips and the working hours are flexible. To be a driver, all individuals need to do is sign up and get ready to work if they meet the work criteria. Drivers should also adhere to the Grubhub instructions to maximize their pick-ups and earnings. Additionally, Grubhub makes joining easier because no prior work experience in delivery is required. Here we will see more about How to Use a Grubhub Application?

How to Use a Grubhub Application?

Requirements to be a Grubhub Driver

  • One needs a car or a registered bike in a specific area.
  • A driver’s license, a state ID, or an insurance cover.
  • One should be above the age of nineteen years.
  • One should have a smartphone. 
  • Grubhub Drivers App.

How to Sign Up as a Driver?

If one uses a laptop, they should click on the top blue button that indicates “apply to drive.” Alternatively, hit the right bar at the top of your mobile phone. Individuals should ensure that they have been onboarded at Grubhub.

However, only eligible drivers can sign in to the Grubhub app. Grubhub activates a driver’s access on their end and sends an SMS and email notification of your membership. Therefore, individuals should ensure that their application has been accepted. If a driver is to pick up local bags from their region, they will only be certified drivers if they pick up the bags.  

Steps to Take if One Has Forgotten Their Password

One should click “forgot your password” in the log-in icon on the Grubhub website and type the email address they used to sign up. USPS will send the tracking number to that email address which one can use to set another password. The password should be new with capital letters, small letters, numbers, and signs. 

Drivers who have stayed for a while without making a delivery may experience challenges when trying to reset their passwords because their accounts are inactive. They should apply to have their accounts activated.

Altogether, individuals may still experience problems with their codes. In this case, one should use the code before a 1-minute time-lapse, after which the code expires. One should also use their most recent codes if they used the App. 

Reasons your App may be Experiencing Connection Issues

Default Settings

Drivers should ensure that their phones are on and the GPS location is on. To turn on one’s location, one should click on settings, privacy, and location settings. Having an airplane mode that is on interferes with some of the phone’s connections, which eventually disconnects one to the App. Confirm that the airplane mode is off by hitting on the settings and then clicking on the airplane mode. 

Overloaded Phone

Speaking on the phone may deactivate the data connection. Similarly, having several apps running while using the Grubhub app may slow down the App’s performance. Such apps include social media and streaming apps.

Drivers Should Avoid Connecting their Phone to a Public Network

This may lead to loss of network connection. Therefore, click on settings, choose Wi-Fi, and disable open connections. 

Low Power Mode

It leads to connection issues when the screen is off or when the Grubhub app runs in the background. To disable the low power mode, click on settings, hit the battery button, and select the low power mode.

Error in Date and Time

The date and time should be accurate. To ensure that the time and date are correct, turn on set automatically under the setting button, then click on general and time and date. 

Download the App Again

Finally, if the driver is still experiencing issues with the App, they should uninstall it and reinstall it. When installing the App, permit every feature request. 

Benefits of Having a Specific Area

Working in a specific area ensures that drivers are prioritized in order. The drivers are therefore guaranteed to earn a minimum wage. The drivers also get to build on their program level. Drivers can set up a deliverance boundary by working within specific areas where Grubhub partners with the restaurants.

However, Grubhub can send a driver to deliver outside of their blocks. If a driver accepts its request, they will still deliver the following order in their areas. Drivers may be called to work outside their block if the other regions have more restaurants or they have more orders. Drivers are notified of their delivery boundaries when they select the bar on the top left and click on account, then hotspot. 

Final Words

Grubhub Company is a reliable company to work with because it cautions its drivers with incentives. Furthermore, one can apply to be a driver at the entry-level if they meet the basic qualifications. If one signs in to the App but still experiences challenges, several reasons can be causing the issue. It may be that the driver was an old employee who hadn’t used the App for some time. In this case, the driver needs to reactivate their account. 

  • How long does Grubhub take to process applications?

It takes around 3 days after you have applied to start working for Grubhub. In addition, the background check takes approximately 2 weeks.

  • When do drivers get their driver Grubhub card?

It takes 5-10 days after Grubhub onboard’s its drivers. It sends the driver their tracking number via email.

  • What are the peak hours for Grubhub?

Grubhub is often busy on weekends and during dinner hours. Sunday is the busiest day of the week. But other hours are unpredictable because they may be active or not. For example, on holidays, during lunchtime, and on Tuesdays, many customers may have few. 

  • Why work for Grubhub?

Drivers can work full-time or part-time at Grubhub. Additionally, drivers get to create their schedules.

  • Does Grubhub require prior notice before drivers quit?

No. Drivers can quit at any time.

How to Use a Grubhub Application?

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