Does Home Depot Deliver Appliances? – Know More

Want to save with Home Depot? Home Depot offers discounts to its customers for some items. If an individual wants to save, they should subscribe to Home Depot’s emails and texts which have a $5 discount for every $50 one spends. Here we will see Does Home Depot Deliver Appliances?

Does Home Depot Deliver Appliances?

On massive purchases, Home Depot offers free delivery for the items. During the process, customer care is always available to listen to a customer’s concerns.

Why One Should Buy From Home Depot?

Home Depot’s slogan is “save more, worry less .”It delivers appliances to its customers in all of its locations in the US and offers installation services. However, the time Home Depot takes to deliver appliances depends on a customer’s residence and where the store is located. One can only ascertain the delivery time and the specific fees by talking to the store’s representative.

Additionally, Home Depot offers installation services but charges extra for complex installations. However, one should confirm with their local store representative because not all stores offer installation services.   

Home Depot delivers appliances, unboxes the appliances, and renders free installation services to customers who buy $396 and above goods. The customers may buy the goods in-store or online. Home depot covers the delivery fee of $59 for goods that fall below $396. Equally important, extra charges depend on the store and its location for disposing of old appliances. 

Which Appliances Does Home Depot Deliver?

Home Depot delivers large appliances such as appliances bought for commercial purposes, dishwashers, fridges, washers, and dryers. However, Home Depot does not install built-in appliances such as fridges. One needs to call the local staff working in Home Depot with the specifics of the appliance. 

How do customers order Home Depot’s delivery services?

Choose the delivery option by clicking on the “how to get it” option for an online sale. If one is purchasing their goods in person, one can ask the sales attendant who will help set up your delivery. 

Before Home Depot’s Truck Arrives…

Ensure that the delivery vehicle has a clear path when delivering appliances. Therefore, clear the road of stones, huge branches, and old appliances for Home Depot’s vehicle. 

Similarly, one should ensure that the appliance will fit into the space you want the delivery personnel to keep it. Connections such as the water connection kit should also be in proper condition. Similarly, one should clear anything in the old appliances and unplug them. 

How much should you tip the delivery personnel?

It is not a must that one tips the delivery personnel. Many prominent companies discourage their employees from receiving tips. But it is an appreciation of their hard work because they need to leave the house as clean as they found it. They also carry heavy appliances, and it can be tiresome if the individual’s house is in a high store. Tip them $5-$15. Most people argue that higher buildings should pay more tips. 

How Long Does the Delivery Take?

Home Depot generally delivers appliances within 2 days. However, heavy appliances take a long time, depending on their stock. Goods take 5-10 working days. However, the delivery time is different depending on the type of product. For parcels, it takes 3-5 days. It also offers same-day delivery to some of the online items. But individuals should confirm if the same-day delivery option is available because there are times it is suspended.

One should also include the processing time, which is different depending on the product. However, customers can schedule their own time when they want the stock to be delivered. A customer can also choose a specific day when they want the appliances delivered. 

One should follow up on the delivery by looking for the appliance arrival date in the product information. One should also track the delivery via email. 

Appliances Home Depot Hauls Away

Home Depot does not remove old commercial appliances or built-in appliances such as air conditioners and water heaters. It only removes certain major appliances which have to be disconnected by the customer. They include:

  • Dryers
  • Washers
  • Refrigerators
  • Microwaves

The Bottom Line

Home Depot is one of the most reliable companies that offer delivery services while helping its customers to save. They also help their customers in disposing of old appliances. However, not all appliances are eligible for Home Depot to discard. Additionally, Home Depot offers flexible delivery hours where customers choose when to receive their goods. This makes it one of the best delivery stores to purchase goods. 


  • Where does home depot take old appliances?

Home Depot has teamed up with GE. The old appliances are therefore recycled.

  • Where else can a customer take their old appliances?

One can donate their appliances if they are effectively working. One can also refurbish old appliances into something new. For example, a fridge can be made into a pantry area or an ice chest. 

  • What is the maximum time Home Depot delivers takes to deliver appliances?

30 days.

  • Does Home Depot sell legit appliances?

Yes. Home Depot has many appliances that one can buy in-store or in person. 

  • How can one save their expenditure at Home Depot?

One should subscribe to their emails and texts. One after that receives a 10 percent discount for a $50 coupon. 

Does Home Depot Deliver Appliances? – Know More

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