Klarna Customer Service- Klarna Payment Issues

The customers are simply means to an end, therefore, customers are always at the bottom rung for big conglomerates. However, there are few brands and companies that are willing to go above and beyond to help the people who need quality customer care. One of these brands is Klarna, the app that allows people to pay large sums of money in small installments without any extra interest. Keep on reading to know more about Klarna Customer Service. 

Revolutionizing the customer service game, Klarna is changing the definition of what it means to provide good quality customer service. Apart from their FAQ page, Klarna can help customers with the help of their app, on which you can track your problem and manage your payments as well. You can scan their code to get the app on your phone. 

Klarna Customer Service

Klarna Payment Issues

One of the most common issues folks face is regarding the system of how Klarna processes payments. They work on an automated schedule, wherein payments are withdrawn from your card on a pre-agreed date but folks can also make early payments if they wish. There are several issues as well – AMEX is a card that is not accepted as a form of payment but any other debit card can work just fine.

Online mobile banking apps such as Apple pay can also work fine to make the payments. Another thing to keep in mind is that while your payment is being processed, you cannot cancel it. In the rare case, your payment does not go through, first of all, you will need to check if your card is valid or not, by looking at the date on the card.

If it is invalid, you need to update your card and update the information on the Klarna website. If you encounter a technical error while making your payment you need to check if the app is updated if there are no cookies in your browser and if you have enough funds to cover the payment. Also, by following the prompts to get the two-factor authentication right, you can overcome this issue as well. 

Managing Refunds

Keep in mind that Klarna is just the middle man, so when the store has confirmed that you have returned the item, they will issue the refund per the store policy. Refunds will be processed in different ways, depending on if it is a full or a partial refund. 

In case there is a full refund, all the other remaining payments will be canceled, and you will get your money back as soon as the store confirms that you have returned the item. This refund will be with the original payment method. In the case of a partial refund, some things can get slightly more complicated.

If the refund rate is more than the remaining balance, the refund amount will be subtracted from the balance, and you will get it back. If the particle refund is less than the remaining balance, the amount will be deducted from the given balance and spread across the other payments. 

Purchasing Power 

Instead of having a strict amount of money or credit limit, returning clients for Klarna can have purchasing power. Based on three factors, your purchasing power can be determined such as your history with the company, remaining balance, and credit. Purchasing power can only be determined based on a minimum spend of $10, but then it is also an estimate and not a sure shot. 

Just like credit scores, your purchasing power will increase based on your history and rapport with the company. Making timely payments for your account can result in a simple increase in purchase power. In case you have overdue or outstanding charges, your purchasing power will be $0. 


By overthrowing the conventional business mentality, Klarna has been able to overcome the simple issue of not having good enough customer care. Klarna is available 24/7 with their quality customer service, on both chatlines and calls. To reach them via calls, you can contact them at their number. After selecting the country of your residence, and creating an account you can contact the customer service via chatlines. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. What Are The Steps Needed To Take To Return A Product? 

First of all, you will need to follow the store’s return instructions, then let Klarna know that you have returned the goods, and then note down the tracking information, and finally you can keep on checking with the app for updates.

  1. When Does Klarna Need To Do A Credit Check On Me? 

Klarna will need to do a thorough credit check in case you request monthly financing, but a nominal credit check for requesting to pay in 4 and preferring to pay in 30 days.

  1. Can I Change My Email Address With Klarna?

After talking with their customer service, you will be able to change your email address. After verifying your code, you will be able to change your email id.

Klarna Customer Service- Klarna Payment Issues

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