Does Kohl’s have a Retirement and Pension Plan?

Kohl’s is the biggest omnichannel chain of retailers in America with more than a thousand hundred stores. It was first opened in Brooklyn in 1962 and its official website known as was launched in 2001 worldwide. Since then, it has grown continuously and is now the leading departmental retailer chain in 49 states. Kohl’s objective is to fulfill the necessities of daily lives and make others’ days easier by becoming the main provider of their needs one day. Let’s know ‘Does Kohl’s have a Retirement and Pension Plan?’

Does Kohls have a Retirement and Pension Plan?

Kohl’s does offer a voluntary retirement program, but it does not provide a pension. The program eligibility criterion is applied to employees more than 55 years old with work experience of at least 15 years. Part-time employees are not qualified for this.

Kohl’s Retirement/Pension Plan For Its Employees

Instead of a pension plan, Kohl’s consists of a 401(k) plan. This plan includes several investment options and choices for full-time employees. Under this plan, one may choose to invest from 1% to 100% of the contribution to their account in one or more of their investment funds. Their choice may change accordingly due to the change in business’s effectiveness through Kohl’s Benefits Service Center.

The 401k pal adopted by Kohl’s with 100% matches up to 5% including a small annual bonus. One can access this plan on retirement by contacting their former employer. The HR Department possesses one’s retirement records and can instruct them on the steps of accessing 401(k). Kohl’s 401(k) plan is covered by a company called PBGC.

Once retired, one can log in to the online portal of the plan and check how your plan is performing. If estimated, one should have at least thrice of their annual salary in their account. And as they keep aging, the money grows as well. Be careful, since the 401(k) plan could be lost if one cash out their investments during a downfall. It is important to keep the investment undisturbed if they want to seek its benefits of it.

Employee Feedback On Working At Kohl’s

Kohl’s has received a rating of 3.5 stars out of 5 stars. This is five percent less than the average rating of all Companies under Employee Satisfaction according to CareerBliss. The Employees’ reviews about working at Kohl’s mostly direct towards great staff and low-income problems. Here are some reviews from the employees on different positions:

Kohl’s should pay more to their employees. The changes in the pay scale are rather exhausting. Some part-time employees find the staff great, but the payment gets lower than expected. It is a typical retail job, and it is good that they have a kid’s care program though.

But, some employees liked working at Kohls. The environment and other associates were friendly and very helpful. The schedules are not tight and if they ever get, the employees would get time off easily. They even celebrated employees’ achievements and the employees get awarded. So, many love the experience.

Other Benefits Provided By Kohl’s Beside The 401k Plan

There are many other benefits that the company provides besides Kohl’s voluntary retirement program.

The following are the other benefits provided by Kohls besides the 401k plan:

  • 15% Discount on Merchandise
  • Adoption assistance
  • Gym Discounts
  • Fitness Centers
  • Health Insurance
  • 100% Tuition assistance
  • Weekly Paycheck
  • Associate Groups
  • Medical Coverage


Kohl’s is the leading departmental chain of retail stores around the world. Every day, it works for the easy-going lives of its customers. The firm does not have a pension plan, but it offers voluntary retirement and also provides a 401(k) plan as an option where an employee can open their investment account and contribute to their savings. After retirement, they can contact their HR, receive the information of their 401(k) account and check the status through Online Portal.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which Position At Kohl’s Has The Happiest Employees?

The Sales Associates working at Kohl’s consist of the happiest employees in the department with an average rating of four stars out of five stars.

  1. What Is Kohl’s Interview Like?

It is considered to be fairly simple and short. They generally ask about the applicant’s previous work experience and their goals in life. Their questions are related to behavior, practical skills, speaking skills, and punctuality. The sessions aren’t longer than an hour and one can apply for the job online or by coming to one of Kohl’s nearest departments itself.

  1. What Kinds Of Services Does Kohl’s Offer?

Kohl’s services offer Make-up, skincare, personal care products, hair, and fragrance from the biggest brands available.

  1. What Companies Are The Top Competitors Of Kohls?

Companies like Bed Bath and Beyond, Belk, Macy’s, and Dillard’s are the top competitors in the departmental section for Kohls.

Does Kohl’s have a Retirement and Pension Plan?

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