Office Depot Printer Return Policy- Steps of Returning


Office Depot Corporation is an office item and products supplier. The firm was started in the year 2020. The firm has more than 1000 retail stores in  North and South America and Europe. Moreover, the company also has more than 250 manufacturing and production units for the items and goods sold by the company. It has gained customers and buyers because of the high quality, affordable, and highly efficient products and other items. The company manufactures a wide range of office furniture, software and hardware parts, etc. Let’s know about Office Depot Printer Return Policy.

Office Depot Printer Return Policy

The headquarters of the Corporation is in Boca Raton, Florida. The Office Depot Corporation is the most trusted office items supplier in North America and the United States.

Office Depot Printer Return Policy

The Return and Exchange Policy of the Office Depot Corporation deals with the rules, steps, and conditions of returning any product. An option is given to the customers while filing the return complaint on the Office Depot website.

The customers can return an Office Depot Printer based on the following reasons-

• the customers can return the product because of any technical defect or manufacturing mistake.

• they are also liable to return printers if it makes any printing error or extreme sounds while printing.

• the buyers can return products if the company has delivered a different model or different type of printer.

Rules of Returning Printer of Office Depot Corporation

  1. REASONABLE TIME OF RETURNING THE PRINTER- the reasonable time for returning the Office Depot Printer is within forty-five days. The company does not accept return parcels if this limited time is extended.
  1. PACKING THE RETURN PARCEL– the customers have to return a printer with the same packing in was supplied by the company. They must also include all the additional accessories like corded, chargers, ink, and other extra items. The warranty cards must also be packaged with the return parcel. If the customer fails to do so, the company can deny accepting the customer’s return parcel.
  1. MODE OF PAYMENT– the company do a full refund if the product is returned within fifteen days from the date of purchase. Moreover, if the parcel is returned within thirty days, the customers are liable to get a 95% refund of the total cost of the printer. The company transfers the required refund amount to the person’s bank account within seven days after the customer has returned the product.

Steps of Returning Office Depot Printers

The return policy of the company is the same for all the customers. They are not required to manually return it in any of the corporation’s retail stores because it can be done with the help of the company’s website through the internet. The customers can return the printers by following five simple steps.

STEP 1- to return the printer bought from the Office Depot corporation, the customers must first make an account on the company’s website. If they already have an account, they can log in by mentioning their account details.

STEP 2- after creating an account, they must select the return option under the heading of Returns and Exchanges.

STEP 3- they can select the reason for returning the product, item number and item type, and date of purchasing the item.

STEP 4- while completing the process, the customers are required to prove the originality of the product by providing warranty cards, bills, or purchase receipts.

STEP 5- after the company has accepted the return request of the customers, the item is picked from the customer’s residential address within seven to ten working days.

Other Terms and Conditions

• The customers can not return any item or product bought from the Depot Office Corporation if the reasonable time of returning the products is crossed. The time of returning any product is forty-five days.

• The customers can not return the product if the warranty card or bills of the product is missing.

• The customers can ask the company to pick up the return parcel from the address given by the customer.

• The customers can only return the items sold by the Office Depot Corporation. Therefore the items of any other company are not accepted in the Return Policy of the company.


The Office Depot Corporation is an office product manufacturer and supplier. It also sells a wide range of items like electronic appliances, devices, gadgets, office furniture, software and hardware parts and subparts, and more items. The company was started in 2020 and after two years it has grown into one of the leading manufacturing brands in the United States and Europe. 

The company has a set of rules and regulations, and terms and conditions according to which the customers can return the printers bought from the Office Depot Corporation. The customers must follow the given instructions while returning any product. The general rules of returning the printer include the number of days, or a reasonable time of returning the product, the required steps that must be followed while returning a product, and the packaging of the return parcels

Office Depot Printer Return Policy- Steps of Returning

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