Where Does Lowery’s Meat Come From? – Know More

That steamy, tender piece of meat dipped in saucy and juicy barbecue sauce is mouthwatering. Right? Did your stomach grumble at the mere thought? Meat is the most treasured pleasure of non-vegans. Ahh! Just thinking about it is getting me all hungry again. Did it strike you how and where this meat comes from? We know, obviously from a farm. But let’s get into the specifics and dig a bit about one of our treasured butcher shops i.e. Lowery’s Meat and Grocery shops. The place is famous for its fresh meat and its weekly menus. This is the one-stop destination for all the meat lovers, that one place where you can pay your Sunday visits for that special dinner of yours. It sounds interesting? Read ahead to know more.

Where Does Lowerys Meat Come From?

Who are Lowery’s Meat and Grocery?

As we said earlier, Lowery’s Meat shop is a treasure. Hard to find, and yet a gem of its kind. The small and cozy grocery shop is situated in the heart of Buchanan, MI. The shop is popular because of the number of visitors it receives in a day. They stock all kinds of meat and the big thing here is, it is fresh. They have fresh meat, canned meat, and different kinds of groceries. The added surprise here is the grocery. So you can shop for your BBQ night or friendly dinner, all at one place. What more? Lowery offers you a nice tempting platter of weekly side dishes and a full-cooked mouthwatering dinner. The best thing is you can order online and personally curate the menu. Isn’t it all so tempting?

Is the meat fresh?

Lowery’s is known for its freshly butchered meat. The professional butchers would chop the pieces of your choice and pack them nicely. They have a huge stock of canned chops and packaged meats for the go-doers. Remember to get the ticket as early as possible because these people get busy until noon and you might not be able to buy your choices. But no worries here, the staff here would provide you with proper assistance and you can even buy online, but don’t forget to add FRESH to the cart. Be assured, they provide you with fresh, tender meat. The place might be filled with the stench of all that meatiness but it’s all worth it when the delicious meat melts into your mouth.

Where do they get their meat?

Ask a meat shop about how and where they get their meat and they will nicely tell you from a farm. Here at Lowrey, the meat is supplied from different farms. The farmers of small settlements also have a dealership with them. The meat and eggs are supplied from different small farms of Buchanan. They have recently started their small farm as well, although the real amount of livestock is supplied from other sources. The meat and eggs are supplied from different sources but the rest of the processing is done at their farms. The suppliers are an expert in their business. Lowery’s is no joke, they take care of all the steps critically. For them, outstanding customer service is the top-most priority. 

What are the other things you buy from here?

Apart from meat, Lowery is famous for its seafood, lamb chops, crabs, cheese, eggs, catfish, and all kinds of groceries. The place is famous for its seafood as well. They have uploaded a specially designed menu on their website. The delicious salmon, those crunchy crabs, and full-size lamb meat are something you should not miss. They have Canadian Lobster tails, Rib Tips, Pork butt, beef, minced lamb, shredded cheese, and a full-blown Hamburger as their specialty. See, you can get a freaking hamburger at this place. Isn’t it just amazing?

Get a cooked dinner here!!

Here is a big damn surprise! At Lowery’s, you can order a full meaty dinner with your favorite sides. They are not just a bunch of butchers with a grocery shop on the side. These people are serious about providing their customers with the perfect meal of the day. They have their special meat combos, which include ranch steaks, leg quarters, pork steaks, pork chops, hot dogs, and a whole lot of different side dishes. Plus, they have a specially curated weekly meal planner of 24 LBS. The roasted Monday, quarter Wednesday, and steamy hamburgers and steamy hamburgers are something to ravish. 

The cost?

Lowery is a place for everyone. Their products are of high quality and reasonable prices. From $3 chitterlings pork and $2 jewel bacon to $ 50 smoked pork chops, you can buy a variety of things. Lowery’s was built to deliver high-quality meat to the people. You can find the organized menu with the cost mentioned along. The wide variety of tempting dishes and specials that they have curated is worth trying. Those crispy chicken wings are the chef’s special recommendations. Just go ahead and browse all you want and once they climb up your checklist, then go for it. Those mouthwatering dishes are worth trying.


Lowery’s meat and a grocery shop is a treasure of its kind. They provide freshly butchered meat for which the livestock is supplied from nearby farms, and recently they have started their farm. They sell all kinds of meats, eggs, seafood, and groceries. The cost is reasonable and affordable. And this is not the only thing, and they provide specially curated mouthwatering meals on a weekly basis. Their specials are worth trying every beck. One visit and you are going to fall in love with the place. The whole staff is very professional and friendly, the butchers behind the counter consider your request fairly. This place is the one-stop for meat lovers. Browse it, visit it, know it, and then if they look tempting to you, just go for it once. After all, it’s worth a try!!

Where Does Lowery’s Meat Come From? – Know More

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