Is Park Lane Jewelry Real Gold?

If you want to remain on top of the latest fashion trends at a reasonable price, Park Lane jewelry may be the choice for you. The jewelry selections offered by the company are appropriate for the office, nights out, and casual wear. Purchasing jewelry from this company is also fun because it’s a direct sale company. Let us know ‘Is Park Lane Jewelry Real Gold?’.

Is Park Lane Jewelry Real Gold?

What is Park Lane Jewelry all about?

Founded in 1955 by Arthur Levin and Shirley Levin, Jewels by Park Lane specializes in direct sales jewelry party plans. Their website claims that the company “defines the American dream” because employees can work from home. Founded in Chicago, the company has independent contractor representatives that sell directly to the public across the nation. In addition to its jewelry sales, the company holds informal parties where its products are introduced. In Park Lane’s view, selling directly to the public provides a more personalized touch than traditional retail sales, as the customer has the opportunity to speak with the field executive directly.

Jewelry Collections

Fashion jewelry is available at Park Lane in both classic and trendy designs. You can find pieces at a good price that complement expensive designer brands. A variety of designs are based on jewelry designed by top designers but at a more reasonable cost.

Examples of jewelry collections include:

  • Classy: This design style consists of traditional jewelry such as pearls, diamond studs, and delicate chains.
  • Career: With pieces such as a tailored pendant necklace or a pair of small hoops, the Career collection is perfect for the office environment.
  • Casual: Among the latest jewelry trends are casual styles, many of which are ideal for dressing up a pair of jeans. In addition to colorful pieces, they often incorporate mixed media to create original designs, like double chain beaded pendant necklaces.
  • Couture: This collection features jewelry based on the collections of top designers, along with some replicas of designer pieces.
  • TrendSetter:  A collection of Trend Setter designs shows off more daring trends. It shows off the latest fashion trends.
  • Men’s: Jewelry for men includes rings, bracelets, and necklaces that are tailored to meet their needs.
  • Special Occasion: Jewelry for special occasions is more elaborate than in other collections. There are several rings, necklaces, and earrings that would look perfect with an evening dress.
  • Other Collections: There are jewelry collections available for special events such as hosting parties and jewelry shows.

These collections feature jewelry that changes every month. Every month, a catalog and a brochure highlighting the featured items are sent to customers who are on their mailing list. You can download Park Lane’s catalog and brochures as PDF files on the company’s website. Park Lane has a free 120-day guarantee for returning jewelry for a refund or replacement.

Additional information about the jewelry

We offer a wide range of fine and semiprecious jewelry at Jewels by Park Lane. Besides yellow gold, white gold, sterling silver, and genuine gemstones, the company uses Swarovski crystals, resin, and cubic zirconia. Solid gold or sterling silver is available in some items, while gold or silver plating is used in others. According to the materials and designs, jewelry can cost anywhere between $12 and $200.

Style Notebook

There are many ways to wear jewelry that Park Lane offers their customers in a Style Notebook.

Each month, we update the Style Notebook with seasonal fashion and jewelry tips. This publication features colorful photographs of jewelry that can be worn in many different ways, often with a model or celebrity modeling it. An online version of the magazine can be found on the company’s website.

Purchasing jewelry from Park Lane

To acquire this jewelry, you will need to work with a representative of Park Lane. Online sales and retail stores are not offered by the company. You can find representatives selling the jewelry in your area by visiting the company’s website. A local representative can organize jewelry sales and invite potential customers to jewelry shows and parties around the area.

It may make jewelry shopping more enjoyable to attend a Park Lane party or show rather than just visit a mall. People want jewelry shopping to be a fun experience, which may explain why companies offering jewelry party plans do extremely well.

Park Lane jewelry is real gold, right?

In addition to yellow, white, and sterling silver, the company uses genuine gemstones, Swarovski crystals, and resin in their jewelry. There are gold and silver items that are solid gold or sterling silver, while others are plated with gold or silver.

In jewelry, rhodium plating is a layer of rhodium coated over a base metal, such as gold or silver. Rhodium plating provides extra strength and luster. Plating in rhodium makes jewelry shine brighter and stronger. The Rhodium plating is scratch-proof, dent-proof, and corrosion-resistant and makes it lustrous. Additionally, the jewelry is allergen-free and lead-free. In addition to its exceptional quality jewelry, Park Lane offers an unconditional guarantee for all products.


What is the material that Park Lane Jewellery is made of?

It is made from Jewellers’ white metal and has gold, rose gold, rhodium, and hematite dipping or plating.

Do Park Lane jewelry pieces have a mark?

The Park Lane jewelers typically used gold and silver-tone jewelry alloys, cabochons of various colors, rhinestones, and Austrian crystals. Additionally, different colors of enamel, lucite, and faux pearls are available. Each of these brooches, earrings, and pendants is marked Park Lane, making them high-quality ornaments whose price will increase each year.

What is the material of Park Lane earrings?

Jewelers’ white metal jewelry is plated in rhodium, gold, rose gold, or hematite dipped in gold or rose gold.

How do I interpret PL on my ring?

One of the reasons platinum jewelry is more expensive than gold jewelry is because of this. There may be a variety of marks, but typically platinum is denoted by PL or PLAT or by its full name. For example, 950 signifies 95 percent purity. Specifically, 10 percent irid marking means 90 percent platinum and 10 percent iridium.

Do Park Lane jewelry pyramid schemes exist?

Is Parklane Jewelry a scam because they use direct marketing and multilevel marketing to market their products? Absolutely not; this company is not a scam. Those who can invest in their jewels have legitimate opportunities to do so, as they are real companies.

Is Park Lane Jewelry Real Gold?

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