Stores Like Outdoor Voices

As a brand that focuses on no-fuss fitness apparel, few other brands have achieved the same level of cult following as Outdoor Voices. This direct-to-consumer retailer, founded in 2012, has amassed a fan base that keeps coming back for more. There’s a good chance that you’ve amassed your collection of styles by now. There are several brands right behind Outdoor Voices that are just as worthy of your attention if you’re interested in adding them to your activewear lineup. Scroll ahead to see just a few of them. Let us know stores like Outdoor Voices.

Stores Like Outdoor Voices

Outdoor Voices

Founded in New York City in 2013, Outdoor Voices sells clothing online. The brand specializes in women’s and men’s clothing. Tyler Haney grew up immersed in sports, which is why her company offers products that are suited for outdoor pursuits. With the success of the running collections, more and more joggers started to choose this brand. Outdoor Voices brand is known for stylish activewear that is versatile and comfortable that you can wear not just to the gym but also to your day-to-day activities. Therefore, if you’re trying to expand your workout wardrobe for spring, there are some other brands you should be aware of that boast some of the same desirable characteristics, as well as complement your favorite OV styles.

The brand gathered a collection of easy-to-wear, stylish activewear brands for your workout sessions and Sunday brunch gatherings. 

Stores Like Outdoor Voices

Let’s see and shop brands you’ll want to pin immediately.

1. Wolven

A link between the words ‘sexy’ and ‘sustainable’ might seem unlikely, but Wolven has discovered a way to make it happen. Sustainability can be sexy. Wolven has changed the game when it comes to fitness wear, no doubt. Who would have thought they could make their clothing from recycled water bottles? Additionally, their stylish prints make them great for a variety of activities, from yoga at home to bike rides to errands.

2. Tasc

Bamboo adds a soft, comfortable touch to Tasc performance wear! They have cultivated their own specially made fabric made from natural fibers and bamboo that is odor resistant, protects against the sun, is chemical-free; plus, they have saved tons of energy in fabric factories! The ultra-cozy materials in Tasc clothing will keep you in them all day, whether it’s yoga, activewear, or loungewear.

3. Patagonia

As Patagonia is a super powerful brand when it comes to outerwear, but for those of you who aren’t aware, Patagonia is a girl you might have never heard of. Whether it’s the most lightweight puffer, a cozy fleece, or the softest knit, these layering essentials are waiting to be combined with your wardrobe. 

The company had 68% of its fabric made from recycled materials last season and grew most of its cotton, which helped to reduce water use and greenhouse gas emissions by 45%. Each season, the clothing company makes more and more environmentally friendly clothes while also improving performance and fitting.

4. Pact

Looking for a comfortable WFH outfit that you can wear out, even in case you’re on the go? The company satisfies both sides of the equation AND goes out of its way to ensure that its actions are environmentally friendly. It’s a win-win. Their fabrics are also made from chemical-free organic cotton. How about the latest collection of knitwear? Definitely. Besides ensuring safe working conditions, they have also improved communities by partnering with Fair Trade Certified Factories. We encourage more of this kind of work.

5. Alternative Apparel

With its hemp blends and organic cotton blends, Alternative Apparel has mastered luxurious fabrics. This brand’s Alternative Eco line, which uses 100% sustainable materials, is filled with comfortable clothing that you’ll be ready to face anything your day has to offer. The company has pledged to use 100% recycled polyester by the year 2021! We appreciate the commitment to being more environmentally responsible as time goes on.

6. Manduka

With Manduka, you can move freely in your yoga clothes. You’ll be in the mood for fun with their tie-dye prints. Perfect for your yoga practice. They have created exquisitely stylish, high-performance clothing combining recycled polyester, organic cotton, and plant-based materials. P.S. If you’re interested in building your yoga starter kit, this is a great place to find mats, accessories, and other gear 

7. Icebreaker

If you live an active lifestyle, you’re out in nature a lot (obviously), but wouldn’t having clothes that look good and feel good enhance your experience? Icebreaker’s activewear line is stylish and minimalist, and it’ll leave you feeling good and looking good. 

You’ll waste no time finding something that’s a perfect match for your closet with vibrant colors and fun prints. Icebreaker apparel is known for its natural aesthetics, and they continue to develop initiatives that only become more effective with time.

8. Odlo

Smart fabrics from Odlo are used for high-performance wear that can keep you dry and warm by adapting to the environment. There are so few clothes like that. The prints can be tailored to any mood or activity. The Sustainable Apparel Coalition, of which Odlo is a member, is doing business for the environment. Odlo’s pieces are made from recycled and environmentally friendly fabrics.

9. Girlfriend Collective

What if we told you that many of your favorite yoga pants could be made from plastic water bottles? That’s right. Mind-boggling. By clogging our waterways and polluting many ecosystems, water bottles pollute the environment. They use it for their athletic wear at Girlfriend Collective, so they are helping to reduce this pollution. Also, they sell athletic wear that comes in different sizes to fit every body type. What a great idea! They’ve got sherpas and earthtone two-pieces in their current collection you have to have now. On the other hand, these sell out quickly at our site, so keep an eye on your size, and we’ll notify you when we get something new in.

10. prAna

As a company, PrAna believes in the power of clothing to facilitate positive change! From hiking, climbing, yoga, and traveling to their Activity Collection, it has it all. There are a variety of colors available, and everything is totally layerable. It is known that since 2018, 100% organic cotton has been used in all designs. Furthermore, they use down feathers from responsibly sourced sources and recycled wool for their products.

11. Threads 4 Thought

Ah, the beech trees, the organic cotton, the recycled plastic bottles, and the fishing nets! The materials that Threads 4 Thought uses to make their fabrics are just some of the choices they have. Sustainability is constantly being explored to complement the synthetic fibers used in the manufacture of leggings and performance wear. They’re currently offering this breathable mesh panel and eclectic cutouts in their Reactive line of activewear (Sonya Contrast Binding Sports Bra).

 12. Groceries Apparel 

These athletic wears are to die for, the tie-dye is awesome, and the fact that they’re non-toxic makes them even better. Have you ever purchased clothes according to their ingredients? With Groceries Apparel, you can select organic cotton, eucalyptus, hemp, recycled plastic, and vegetable dyes! This wearable clothing company has embraced sustainable fabrics. They minimize carbon emissions and maximize quality. Quite sensible. Lastly, good luck resisting the impulse to purchase at first glance.

13. Athleta

Almost every activity can be covered by athletea clothing. The possibilities are endless. It doesn’t matter if you’re adventuring in the mountains, traveling, or training in the cold; there’s something for everyone. This year, Athleta has set big goals. These goals revolve around sustainability, like a giant brand. The materials used by Athleta, for example, are made from 60% sustainably sourced raw materials, and water-saving techniques are used to keep progress going. Sounds great, right?

14. Satva

The Satva activewear line combines stylishness with social responsibility. Everyday basics from this line blend seamlessly into whatever the day calls for. You’ve come to the right place if you’re a print queen. I’m not kidding. Whether you’re finishing up a session of yoga or running errands, you can feel confident knowing that the clothing you wear contributes to the kindness of people and the quality of the environment.


As we enter a new year, we are motivated to incorporate more movement into our daily routines. As the season changes, it is the perfect time for us to recommit to self-care, health, and wellbeing. 

In addition to gearing up for a good workout, athletic wear from these brands has become a staple in our daily closets, and we’re always trying to find brands with a conscious mission. The brands are supplying high-performance activewear while being socially responsible and environmentally friendly. They use organic and recycled fabrics, local, limited, and conscious production methods. We’d love to know which ones you love.

Stores Like Outdoor Voices

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