Can I Use Lowe’s Gift Card To Buy Other?

People often visit Lowe’s to boost the looks and the decor of their homes. It is an American chain company that specializes in selling home improvement goods. Its headquarters are in North Carolina, and they have over 2,000 locations of home improvement and hardware stores in America. Lowe’s was founded first in 1921, so they have recently completed a century of being in operation.Can I Use Lowe’s Gift Card To Buy Other? keep reading.

Can I Use Lowe's Gift Card To Buy Other?

You can use your Lowe’s gift card to buy other such cards. However, the 5% discount that has been made available by them is not applicable when you purchase another gift card with Lowe’s gift card.

Using Lowe’s Gift Card At Other Gift Cards

As a rule of thumb, it gets observed that you can make payments related to Lowe’s both online, in person, and also by mail. At the same time, it is vital to note that Lowe’s gift card cannot get used to making payments on your credit card, making it a stalemate.

For example, Walmart accepts gift cards from Home Depot, Lowe’s, and more. In exchange for a Walmart card, the store will pay up to 97 percent of the card’s value. You can also make payments with the help of a Lowe’s gift card at Walmart.

Shipping Lowe’s Gift Cards 

Lowe’s is more than happy to ship gift cards as they can be shipped to any given valid address within the continental United States. It needs to be noted that they do accept orders to avail gift cards from a US military delivery address or an APO, but they can only ship cards to people who are bonafide residents of America.

At the same time, people who are ordering the gift cards need to keep in mind that international orders will not be accepted when it comes to shipping or delivering gift cards.

Refundable E-Gift Cards 

A Lowe’s eGift Card is non-refundable after it has been emailed. If the intended receiver does not get or deletes the eGift, ask them to check their SPAM bins, deleted email folders, or automatic filters. If you can’t find the eGift card, please try to reach out to Customer Service for help.

Reloading A Lowe’s Gift Card 

You can easily reload any given Lowe’s gift card. It needs to be noted that the limit to reloading a Lowe’s gift card, you cannot redeem goods worth more than $2,000 per day. The Lowe’s gift cards can be reloaded with money even if they are standard or electronic in nature. To reload a card, you need to physically visit a Lowe’s customer service desk to carry out the functions. 

Gift Cards Decreasing In Value

The best part about having a Lowe’s gift card is that the card will never decrease in value, for an indefinite amount of time. They have a balance that can never expire and on top of that, they do not have any extra fees that will be subjected to the same.

However, there is an exception to every rule, where if a Lowe’s gift card has a balance of $0 for more than 90 days or equal to 90 days, the card will automatically shut down. The company cites security reasons for shutting down the card and it cannot be reloaded anymore as well. 

Spotting Gift Card Scams At Lowe’s 

The first guideline is that no reputable governmental agency or body, such as the IRS, FBI, or police, will urge you to pay using gift cards, specifically. You should not be required to make a payment or fine using gift cards because they can only get redeemed at Lowe’s stores or

Never give up your gift card number over the phone or by email in response to unsolicited phone calls or emails. Victims can be contacted via phone, email, text, or social media posts.

Common Lowe’s Gift Card Scams 

  1. Unpaid Taxes or Debts

Fraudsters will masquerade as representatives of the government or a financial institution, intimidating the target with claims for money owed to them. To pay the bill, the victim is told to buy gift cards and supply the gift card information and PINs. The victim is frequently threatened with arrest or the loss of their house.

  1. Family Emergency Scam

Scam artists will persuade the victim that a loved one is in jail or injured; in certain cases, the fraudster will even pose as the loved one and ask for money directly. The fraudster encourages the victim to buy gift cards and disclose the gift card numbers to assist a family member who is in need. This type of fraud usually targets the elderly.


Upgrading one’s homes is an endeavor most people take up in their lives. Lowe’s is a well-loved company that people often frequent because their rates are affordable and people like their services, making them a top contender for selling gift cards. 

Frequently Asked Questions

No, people cannot return a Lowe’s gift card for cash

  • Can I Check My Gift Card Balance Online?

Yes, you can check your gift card balance online. 

Can I Use Lowe’s Gift Card To Buy Other?

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