Does Amazon Own NBC? – Read to Know More

Following every other American, you might have grown up watching NBC. Some might even have fallen in with the NBC shows, and they are pretty great. NBC is home to several popular and unique shows. It is a leading mass media and broadcasting company in the United States of America. But who owns NBC? Does Amazon own NBC? Can you watch all NBC shows on Amazon prime video? Continue reading to find out.

Does Amazon Own NBC?

Even though Amazon has the NBC peacock streaming service, Amazon does not own NBC. Comcast is the parent company of NBC and the owner of the same. Amazon Fire made a deal with NBC, making fifteen of the NBC apps, several of their movies, and other media available on Amazon.

Introduction To NBC and Its Subscription Cost

The national broadcasting service is popularly known as NBC. It was founded ninety-five years ago by David Sarnoff. The exact date is June 19, 1926. NBC is owned by Comcast, which is also known as NBCUniversal. Its current CEO is Jeff Shell and the company is headquartered in New York, United States of America.

NBC has a peacock for its symbol and logo. This logo gives the company its own image, making the peacock represent NBC. NBC Universal owns several subsidiaries like NBC, Peacock, CNBC, and Universal Pictures. Its most-watched shows are American Idol and Sunday night Football. The other relevant shows on NBC are The voice, This is us, and law and order.

NBC Subscription Cost 

You cannot stream NBC’s show without your cable provider. The subscription service is a perk to users already subscribed to the cable operator. The peacock streaming service is free, while the peacock premium comes for about $4.90 per month. Then there’s the peacock premium plus subscription for $9.90. The latter includes no ads and is completely ad-free.

NBC Shows On Amazon 

Though Amazon does not own NBC, some of the NBC shows that you can find and stream on Amazon Prime Video include:

1. The Office

The office is probably the best-selling show owned by NBC. It is about everything that happens inside the Founder Mifflin Office, the branch managed by Michael Scott. The humor portrayed by that show alone can be comforting and well-liked among Generation Z. The office will forever remain a classic among everyone who has watched it.

Amazon provides different seasons of the office at different prices. The first season of the office is up at Amazon for nine dollars and ninety-nine cents. From the second season onwards, the price remains constant at seventeen dollars and ninety-nine cents per season.

2. Law And Order

Law and order is known for its consistency. It was started on 13 September 1990 and is still ongoing. The franchise Law and order has a total of nine series. Law Order is basically a legal drama where the host welcomes certain guest stars and has a little tete a tete regarding the same. It was produced by Dick Wolf and its first season is available on Amazon Prime Video for twelve dollars and ninety-nine cents.

3. She’s A Good Friend

She’s a good friend revolves around the mysterious murder of Betsy Faria and her best friend Pam Hupp being suspected of the murder. It is available on Amazon for three dollars an episode and 25 dollars a season.

4. Parks And Recreation

Ann wants to convert a deserted construction site into a community park for everyone. In this show, Leslie Knote helps Ann with that. It is available on Amazon for three dollars an episode and thirteen dollars a season.

Watching NBC On Amazon Fire Stick

Amazon Fire Stick is a streaming device that converts your normal TV into Smart TV. It is owned by Amazon and lets you stream shows and install apps.

To watch NBC on Amazon, you first need to download NBC on the Amazon Fire Stick on your TV. It might be pre-installed on your Tv but if not you can go to your device’s app store, click on search and download NBC from there. After downloading NBC, you can open it, log in and binge-watch your favorite content!


You may see a few of NBC’s shows on Amazon prime video or even some of their content on Amazon. But Amazon has no other connection with NBC. And it definitely does not own NBC. NBC is owned by its parent company Comcast and NBCUniversal. You can however watch all the NBC content through their streaming service.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, you cannot stream NBC for free or even with a payment on Amazon Prime. You might find a few NBC shows on there but that’s it.

  • Does The Amazon Fire Stick Include All The Nbc And Abc Content?

The Amazon fire stick includes only some selective NBC and ABC content with it.

  • How Many Channels Can I Get With My Amazon Prime Membership?

You can get a hundred plus channels with your Amazon Prime membership like CBS, Cinemax, and many more!

  • Where Can I Watch Nbc Content?

You can watch NBC on your cable, Hulu, Roku, Apple Tv, and Amazon Fire Stick.

Does Amazon Own NBC? – Read to Know More

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