What are Forever Stamps?

As time passes, the world has developed to become increasingly digital. However, the influences of older traditions remain well-embedded in current technology. Take snail mail, for example, things like postcards, tax documents, absentee ballots still come to mind. As we are all very aware, using the mail, means you need to use the stamp as well. The long-term investment for those who constantly mail is Forever Stamps. They are made to reflect the current valued price of First-Class postage. The forever stamps can be put to use today, tomorrow, or even a decade from now on.  

What are Forever Stamps?

Furthermore, the best feature of the Forever Stamp is that it is non-denominational. Implying that they can buy the stamps at first-class postage rates. This is even applicable when prices rise in the future. For example, assume that you first purchased a forever stamp when it came out and you continue to have it to date. In the year 2007, the forever stamp cost 41 cents. However, now you can use the same stamp today. Despite the 58 cents increase in postage. Thereby indicating that you send with Forever stamps, 17 cents cheaper.  

Quick History

The Forever Stamps made an introduction in the year 2007. The aim behind it was for it to serve as the standard postage for 1 oz letter. Such as the name suggests, for right now or whenever in the future. From the year 1980 till 2010, the postage rate has increased on 14 different occasions for 1st class stamps.  

What are Forever Stamps?  

There needed to be additional, one or two-cent worth-cent stamps that needed to be addressed on the envelope to send the mail. This is of course for all those who didn’t buy stamps in bulks or even mail often for that matter. Everybody noticed this to be tacky and not even worth the unnecessary hassle.  

The introduction of the forever stamp was considered to be the solution for it. The aim was for it to have the same value as whatever the current existing first-class stamp is. Additionally, these forever stamps are made to be mailed internationally. However, for international mail, you will have to add additional postage.  

Their value on the day you mail is the same as a first-class one. The advantage here is for domestic letters but not as satisfying for international ones. Furthermore, this is also applicable in the case of overweight letters, in which case you will require to have more postage. With the simplified release of the Forever Stamp, mailing became significantly easier.  

The reduction of costs to print excess top-up stamps is the main reason why USPS offers this type of postage stamp. The low-valued stamps add on to the older stamps. This in turn no longer equates to the necessary amount for standard postage. Such types of stamps are known to cost higher than they are worth to print. Therefore, the introduction of Forever Stamps alleviated this need. Which helps save the postal service money.  

How does Forever Stamps work?  

Forever stamps are not just applicable in the United States – they are also used in multiple other countries globally including New Zealand, Canada, India, and various other countries in Western Europe. Global Forever Stamps work all more or less work in similar ways. This in turn ends up saving money for the postal service industry. 

Where to purchase such stamps?  

Forever Stamps can be purchased at the post office. These stamps are also available in singles. They are often in sheets of 12, 16, 20, or even in a roll of 100. Or you can even get them from the self-service kiosks or even ask a clerk – depending on how long the line is. However, the only disadvantage of the kiosks is that they may not necessarily carry all the designs. Any special occasion stamps require you to stand in line.  

USPS offers an option where they can purchase it from the USPS website. This offers a wide range of special or even standard variations. Stamps are also found in third-party retail spots such as grocery stores, stationery shops, pharmacies, etc. Even the local franchises such as Walgreen and Staples carry stamps.  

Difference between Regular Stamps and Forever Stamps 

While they may look the same on the surface, they both hold different values. In the case of forever stamps, you pay the going postal rate for a First-class letter. These forever stamps also continue to remain valid even if the rate goes up in the future.  

On the other hand, regular stamps have a fixed value. A regular stamp is marketed for 58 cents and postage often goes up to 60 cents. Adding a 2-cent stamp to make up for the inflation.  


As obvious as the name is, Forever Stamps do not expire. As long they remain intact and in good condition, they are used to mail letters via USPS. Forever Stamps have no specific monetary value, it only equates to what it currently costs to send a one-ounce First-Class letter.  

Forever Stamps enable USPS to use the same templates and designs well, forever. This acts like an excellent way to save money for both the postal service as well as yourself.  

What are Forever Stamps?

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