RBL Reward Points

The reward points that you earned can be redeemed for reserving flights, hostel stays, mobile recharge, life products similar to high-end widgets, accessories, and numerous further. A person who loves shopping can take advantage of these reward points validations, which profit him in numerous ways. RBL Reward points are a testimonial and can be used to buy the following particulars and validations from the online rewards roster. 

  • Individualized Gifts 
  • Flights 
  • Hospices 
  • Shopping Gifts 
  • Vouchers 
  • Mobile Recharge
RBL Reward Points

RBL has a variety of credit cards with a variety of prices and features. Class rights, energyeightcargo quitclaims, yearly and periodic reward points, and much further are included in these benefits. 

These points (RBL reward points) can be used to buy stuff like clothes, phone recharges, airplane tickets, and gift cards. 

 Under the RBL rewards program, you can earn an unlimited number of reward points grounded on the type of RBL credit card you have. This composition will walk you through the details of each RBL credit card’s reward points, as well as how to redeem them.

ON RBL reward POINTS, how do I get reward points?

On all purchases, RBL credit cards offer fantastic reward points. For weekend reflection and foreign purchases, certain credit cards give expedited reward points.

From one credit card to the next, the rate at which you earn reward points differs.

The reward points gained on colorful credit cards are listed in the table below:

Credit CardReward Points 
RBL Platinum Delight credit card.For every ₹100 spent, you receive two reward points.For each ₹100 spent on weekends, you receive four reward points
RBL Titanium Delight credit card.For every ₹100 spent, you receive one reward point
RBL Money Tap credit card.For every ₹100 spent, you receive one reward point
RBL Fun+ credit card.For every ₹100 spent on all purchases except energy, you receive one reward point.For each ₹100 spent on dining on weekends, you receive 20 reward points
RBL Classic Platinum credit cardFor every ₹100 spent in India, and you receive two reward points.For each ₹100 spent internationally, you receive four reward points
RBL Classic Reward credit card.For every INR 100 spent in India, and you get four reward points.For every ₹100 spent internationally, you receive eight reward points.
RBL Classic Shopper Credit CardFor every ₹100 spent in India and abroad, you receive two reward points
RBL Money Tap Black credit card.For every ₹100 spent on travel, groceries, dining, and electricity bill, you receive two reward points
RBL Bank Icon credit card.For every ₹ 100 spent in India, and you receive two reward points.For each ₹ 100 spent on transnational and dining spent on weekends, you receive 20 price points.

In 2020, 100 rewards’ point value WAS reduced from 25Ps to as low as 16Ps. 

RBL bank quietly decreased its credit card reward rate by lowering the value of each reward point a little over a month ago.

Previously, RBL bank rewards were worth between 25p and 16p per point, depending on the available redemption options, but this has recently dropped to as low as 16p per point on some redemptions. Here are some of the available rewards, along with their point values:

  • Big Bazaar: 16ps per point (36 percent drop in value)
  • Amazon/Flipkart vouchers: 18ps/point (28 percent drop in value)
  • Peter England/LP: 23.5ps/point (10 percent drop in value)

How to redeem reward points on an RBL credit card?

RBL credit card rewards can be redeemed online. 

The way to redeem the reward points:

  1. Log in with your account and password to the RBL rewards catalog. 
  2. Choose any category you wish to use your reward points on. 

Examples: Travel, shopping, recharging, and giving g.ifts.

  1. Next, pick the number of reward points you wish to redeem by clicking on’ redeem points.’
  2. Then, you’ll receive an OTP on your registered mobile number to complete the transaction.

What are the options and benefits of RBL reward points?

These are the things that RBL offers by redeeming your reward points:

  • Flights: On the RBL rewards website, reward points can be redeemed for flight tickets with several air carriers. When purchasing airline tickets, there are no seat limitations. When you book flights with RBL reward points, you can also earn frequent flyer miles.
  • Hotels: One can use their reward points to book hotel rooms that are featured on the RBL rewards website.
  • Mobile recharge: You can also use your credit card reward points to recharge your mobile. 
  • Gift cards: RBL reward points can be redeemed for gift cards in a variety of categories, including lifestyle, grocery, and much more. These vouchers will be delivered to your residence.
  • Shopping: Apparel, footwear, electronics, cosmetics, and much more are all available in the RBL rewards catalog. One can use their reward points to purchase items online.

What can you do?

You redeem all of your points and close your account if you don’t have a large credit line with them, as there are several other rumors that have been circulating around RBL bank for quite some time. Except for the ones that appear during the holiday season, their premium credit cards and offers aren’t competitive enough. As a result, we do not believe RBL credit cards have a future.

Last Thoughts

In a nutshell, avoiding RBL is the recommended course of action. If you have numerous cards, it’s probably best to get rid of RBL because our spending will be lower for the next year or two.

The same may be said for Yes bank and, to a lesser extent, IndusInd. We never know if these banks will be able to withstand the epidemic and beyond because they are currently under stress. However, as long as you have a large credit line or an LTF card, it’s fine to have cards from these banks. Just don’t put too much faith in them, especially RBL, as you can see from what’s going on with them.


  1. What is the minimum amount of RBL reward points which is required to redeem?

There is no requirement for a certain number of reward points to be redeemed. However, for any RBL credit card, you must redeem at least 1000 points in one recharge for prepaid mobile recharge.

  1. What is the estimated delivery time for my incentive product?

Within 10-15 days, your reward items should arrive at your registered address.

  1. What should I do if receive a faulty reward item?

In this situation, call 022-62327777 or email cardservices@RBLbank.com and send a picture of the damaged merchandise. They will be happy to assist you with your problems.

  1. Can I covert RBL reward points to cash?

No, but RBL reward points are just as valuable because they can be used to earn great deals and discounts.

RBL Reward Points

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