Are Essens Perfumes Real?

The most vibrant MLM company Essens is a Europe-based company founded in 2011. It works in network marketing with leading experts and professionals. Essens is known for selling premium quality products. At Essens, technologists, Czech experts, and scientists from pharmacology, biotechnology, and the food industry gather together to make a Scientific Board. There are almost 18 Branches, using 14 languages with 207268 distributors, and 389 employees. They sell more than 907132 orders per year. Let’s know ‘Are Essens Perfumes Real?’

Are Essens Perfumes Real?

You can trust essence perfumes without having any doubt. If we go through the overall customer reviews who are using the perfumes, sent, the mist of essence, they say the product is authentic,  affordable and their customers love using them having full trust in the brand.

Are Essens Perfumes Real?

Many people even considered that Essens sell copies or fake perfumes because all the Perfumes offered by the company are mostly inspired by Top perfumes around the world. And many big brands of fragrance purchase the source or raw materials (like; essential oils, and more) from the same base company as Essens.

That unique, delicate, fresh, aromatic, sweet, refreshing smell that we love to wear on our body to smell good is perfume. But since everyone has their preferences, likes, and choices, it will be best if you, yourself by their products and judge them according to your liking. Even though according to their product analysis the perfume they sell is genuine but if you have any doubt you should by yourself to know if it suits you or not.

Ingredients Used To Make Essens Perfume

Essens makes its products from the best quality raw materials, and try to sell premium quality perfumes to its customers. ESSENS guarantee that every perfume they prepare contains at least 20% of the essential oil, which they exclusively purchase from the SELUZ company.

They formulate Aromatic fragrances by using high-quality natural resources, mixing them with pure perfumer’s alcohol. And that is what makes their products different from others. All their perfume products have at least composition of 20% essential oils. All the refreshing body sprays sell  3% perfumes in them.

As we all know different people like different types of smells and fragrances some like the earthy smell of muddy after rain, many prefer the flowery essence, etc but everyone has their different perspective when it comes to fragrance and when we are ready to spend our money on any certain products we want to get best from what we pay.

Customers Reviews

The following are some customer reviews related to Essens perfumes:

  • Customers of Essens are highly satisfied with the product and services provided by ESSENS.
  • Not only human perfume, but their customers also love car perfumes they sell.
  • People who shop at Essens mentioned that their perfume has a pleasant, aesthetically pleasing smell, and the best part is it is quick and easy to order.

Essens Products

All the below products have a special making process, and it comes with elegance, aroma, freshness, and purity.

  • Essens Body Mist
  • Essens Unique 
  • Essens Niche
  • Essens Perfume 4 Elements
  • DeVobis by Essens.

Perfumes At Essens

You can get several Mist, Fragrant, and Perfumes at Essens like; 

  1. Body Mist
  • Body Mist Glam Rebel – £15.80
  • Body Mist Honey Dream – £15.80
  • Body Mist Blue Passion – £15.80
  • Body Mist Candy Love – £15.80
  • Body Mist Orange Blossom – £15.80
  1. Essence 
  • Essens ” SAMPAGUITA ” – £22.80
  1. Perfumes
  • Perfume Women w 104  – £21.50
  • Perfume women w 107 – £21.50
  • Perfume women w 105 – £21.50

There are many other varieties of Perfumes, mist, and fragrances you can get from Essens.

Sources To Buy, Essens Perfume:

You can get Essens perfumes from their official website, Amazon,, and Flipkart.


Essens perfumes are real and are exclusively made from natural resources. They follow different manufacturing steps, making their products different from other companies, and also the Raw Material they use in making perfumes are purchased from SELUZ company which is popular for selling quality products. You can even go through the process of making Essens perfumes on their official website, there you will find detailed information about how they prepare their perfumes.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 – Are Essens Perfumes Vegan?

Yes, all the perfumes made by Essens are Vegan. They contain essential oils, perfumer’s alcohol, and some other ingredients in the making of their products.

2 – What Is Essens Company?

ESSENS is the most vibrant MLM  Europe-based company founded in 2011, it works in network marketing with leading experts and professionals. 

3- What Does Essens Company Sell?

Many people believe that Essens is a company that sells perfumes, sents, etc but ESSENS works in the area of Cosmetics and food supplements.

4 – How Much Do We Need To Pay For Joining Essens?

Joining ESSENS is free of cost, you don’t need to pay anything.

Are Essens Perfumes Real?

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