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Sony is the largest electronic company worldwide. If you are very fond and make use of Sony’s products, then you might be interested in Sony Rewards. From movies, entertainment, and gaming, they have it all to keep you on top of the digital world. Sony is a large company that has a range of different consumer products. Their rewards program allows customers and members to earn points when performing certain activities. If you are a holder of any Sony products, keep reading to learn more about their rewards program and how you can ultimately benefit from it.

sony rewards

About Sony

Sony Group Corporation is a company that specializes in the production of electronic devices, video game consoles, and video games. Sony can be ranked as the largest and highest entertainment company. They also provide movies, music, and financial services to their customers. They are dedicated to providing their customers with the greatest innovative technology and products. So, if you own any or want to own any of the above-mentioned products you can automatically qualify for the rewards program.

How to join the Sony Rewards program?

Sony Rewards is just another way for Sony to say thank you for joining the best entertainment gang. Joining the rewards program puts you right next to the greatest entertainment of all time. You have the chance to receive your favorite movies, music, games, and technology. All you have to do to join the Sony Rewards squad is to follow just a few simple steps.

  1.  You will want to locate the Sony Rewards website or download and install their mobile app. 
  2. Next, you will click ‘join’ then you can follow all other instructions that follow.

Note: Make sure that you have a valid email address that you will use to create your account.

  1. After following all instructions and your account has been verified, you can continue to click ‘join.’ 

You are now a step closer to experiencing the greatest benefits that come with being a Sony Rewards member. There are however a few things that you need to take note of when planning on joining the program. The program is only available to the 50 United States. It is know that many more young people love entertainment but unfortunately you have to be 13 years and older to join the program. So, if you are older, welcome to the gang. Once you have joined, prepare for getting the coolest products and many more that Sony has to offer.

How to earn rewards points?

Existing members and newly joined members might be wondering what they can do to earn points to receive the maximum benefits from Sony Rewards. Earning points can be very simple and there are no ways that you can miss out. This is what you have to do to get started on collecting those points. Sony has a range of different ways that one can use to earn points. Whether you are looking to upgrade your electronics or you just want to try out a new style, check out what they have to offer. The electronics department includes TVs, Interchangeable lens cameras, Headphones, and Mobile smartphones. They also have a range of different movies that can help you earn points. You will be happy to know that you can earn up to 400 points when engaging with movies. All you need to do is to purchase something from Sony and get yourself those points. For every $1 that you spend, you will receive a point. Thus, if you spend $200 then you will automatically earn 200 points. 

Alternative ways to earn points

If those ways of earning points are not enough, then you might be interested in additional ways of earning points. Sony has introduced what is called Passes. The Passes feature is a chance for you to complete challenges to earn more points. Passes include but are not limited to: 

  • Assembling a squad- This is where you can invite 3 people to join the Sony Rewards program and you will earn yourself 300 points. 
  • Twitter- You can visit your Twitter account, connect with Sony Rewards, and earn 25 points.
  • Facebook- You can earn 25 points when you connect with Sony Rewards on Facebook. 
  • Silver Screen- You must just upload tickets for 3 movies and earn 200 points. 

There are many other opportunities and challenges you can take part in to earn points, simply visit the Sony Rewards website to explore what they have to offer.

How to Redeem Points?

So, you have been purchasing and completing Passes and you have a bunch of points that you want to spend right? Sony Rewards has options that you will most definitely love. You can either visit the Deals & Steals section or visit the ShowStoppers section, both are worthwhile. You can take advantage of both of these sections.

Deals & Steals

You can find deals and products that are available for a limited amount of time in this section. Remember that these deals expire after some time so if you have points to spend, do not hold back. The deals and offers vary frequently so do not hesitate to make a quick browse through which offers they have available once you have accumulated enough points that you wish to spend.


This is where the ultimate rewards are located. Browse through the “once-in-a-lifetime” products and find your favorites. Allow Sony to blow your mind by introducing you to the experience of innovative technology, collectible fans for movies, and PlayStation gamers. 

You can additionally visit the Sony Rewards website and have a look at their catalog to see what you can spend your points on. 


Being a Sony Rewards member means big rewards. Do not miss out on these rewards, simply join the rewards program and be part of the coolest squad in the entertainment world. Make sure to keep your account updated at all times so you will not miss out on any deals and promos that they have. If you have points that you wish to spend, head right over to their website or mobile app and browse through what interests you. 

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Do the rewards points expire?

The points require you to be an active member for 18 months so that your points won’t expire. If you do not purchase anything or if you don’t do any Passes in 18 months, then your points will expire. If you keep adding points, then your cycle renews on the day of purchases.

  1. Will my points reflect right after completing a Pass?

Your points will reflect in your account approximately 5 days after the completion of a Pass.

  1. How to check my points?

Log in to your Sony Rewards account then you can view your points balance on the navigation pane on the homepage, and when checking your points activity or history. 

Sony Rewards- Know More

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