Does Walgreens have wheelchairs?

Founded by Charles Rudolph Walgreen in 1901, Walgreens is currently the second-largest pharmacy store chain in America. They provide every type of health and wellness-related product that one may think of or require in their life. They care for their customers and always strive to do better and provide the best care possible in the reaches of science. They also pour millions of dollars every year into reliable medical research to make America a healthier country. So, Does Walgreens have wheelchairs?

Does Walgreens have wheelchairs?

Not only do they have Wheelchairs for you to purchase they also provide you with the option to purchase a transport chair as well. So they possess a variety of different types of Wheelchairs in stock, each specifically designed for specific body types and disabilities.

Types Of Wheelchairs At Walgreens

Walgreens is always there to provide the best medical aid to its customers. Any type of Wheelchair that a medical professional suggests to you, is available here- both online and offline. And if you don’t have any particular brand or type in mind, then Walgreens’ helpful employees will help you pick one which best suits you and your needs.

There are many different types of Wheelchairs depending upon your requirements. Some of them are listed down below:-

  • Collapsible and Non-Collapsible- depending on whether you want a portable wheelchair or not.
  • Wheelchair that provides body support (depending upon your injury or comfort needs)- you can purchase one with footrests or back support or sturdy armrests or reclining seats, etc.
  • Bariatric Wheelchairs- this is for people who are heavyset and require a wheelchair that can support their weight properly.
  • Mechanical Wheelchairs- this comes with the benefit of being fully independent without having to develop the upper body strength to roll yourself about. This is recommended for heavily paralyzed patients as well.
  • With additional accessories- everyone likes to have a cup holder or an additional compartment to store their items of daily use.
  • Transport Chair- A transport chair is exactly like a wheelchair, only it’s made for people who do not have the ability to roll themselves around and require extra help.

Wheelchair Price Point

The cost of the wheelchairs ranges from somewhere between $100 to $1000. With ‘Drive MedicalSilver Sport 1 Wheelchair with Full Arms and Swing away Removable Footrest 18 inch’ being the cheapest option costing $109.29. The price point of any particular wheelchair is determined by various factors like its size, comfort, ease of access, remote functions (if any), etc.

This cost may seem a bit much for a normal working-class individual, but it is quite reasonable if you compare it to the rest of the American Healthcare Industry. In case of a dire need for medical purposes, this cost may be partially or completely covered by your Health Insurance plan, depending upon your insurance company.

Return Policy

In case you are not satisfied with your purchase or if there is any defect to the product that you bought, then Walgreens will be more than happy to provide you with either a replacement or a refund, depending on the customer’s choice or available store stock on the said wheelchair you purchased or the company policy of the brand of wheelchair you have purchased.

And in the pandemic era, where purchases are made online and the products are home delivered at your doorsteps, provisions have also been made that unsatisfactory products will be picked up right from your doorsteps as well. So as to avoid a trip to the local shop and risk of virus exposure.

Walgreens’ return policy ensures that you can return your product at the store or it will be picked up by the Walgreens employees within 30 days. They do not charge money for this service, and they ensure that you get a full refund including taxes and delivery charges. The people’s trust in them has never wavered because of the consistently quality services and products they have provided for over a century. 


In today’s world of disability acceptance, access to necessary equipment for disabled body types is very important in all walks of life. When searching for wheelchairs or transport chairs or any other disability aid for purchase, Walgreens is one of the first options that come to mind, as a US citizen. The Walgreen chain of pharmaceuticals and health and wellness stores has always been a reliable source for buying care products for people in need. So when you shop at Walgreens, shop there without any worry!

Does Walgreens have wheelchairs?

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