All About Telus Hotspot Plans

Telus Mobility is a Canadian wireless network operator in Canada. It also has a division of Telus Communications that sells wireless services in Canada through a variety of networks. The company operates networks using LTE and HSPA + on mainstream networks. Telus Mobility is Canada’s second-largest wireless operator having 10.6 million subscribers as of the third quarter of 2020. The company also has a flanker brand called Koodo Mobile. It aims at high school, college, and college students. Let’s look into Telus Hotspot Plans.

Telus Hotspot Plans

Telus hotspot plans include the pure fiber internet 75/75, PureFibre Gigabit Internet, and PureFibre 2.5 Gigabit Internet. They provide the upload and download speeds from 75Mbps to 2500 Mbps.

Telus Hotspot Plans

Here are some Telus hotspot plans:

Pure fiber internet 75/75  

It is the fastest Wi-Fi with Wi-Fi 6. You also get provided with proper Wi-Fi equipment that will get rented.

In this plan you will get:  

  • Up to 75Mbps of download speed.   
  • Up to 75Mbps of upload speed  
  • Unlimited data for two years, then $ 20 per month. Otherwise, a 550 GB data limit applies.

PureFibre Gigabit Internet   

It is faster than the previous plan. You also get provided with proper Wi-Fi equipment that will get rented.

In this plan you will get:  

  • Up to 940Mbps of download speed   
  • Up to 940Mbps of upload speed   
  • Unlimited data for two years, then $ 20 per month. Otherwise, a 1TB data limit applies.

PureFibre 2.5 Gigabit Internet   

It is the fastest network of Telus.   

In this plan you will get:   

  • Up to 2500Mbps of download speed   
  • Up to 2500Mbps of upload speed   
  • Unlimited data for 2 years, then $ 20 per month. Otherwise, a 2TB data limit applies.   

All the plans will consist of Fastest Wi-Fi with Wi-Fi 6. All the Wi-Fi equipment will be provided to you and will be charged on a monthly or yearly basis. Telus also has a 30-day money-back guarantee. It also provides you with the facility of flexible installation options. If you are shifting your house and want to install the Wi-Fi in the new house, the company will transfer you for free and will also help you with installation.  

Telus Wi-Fi Facility

To get the layout and specifications simply proper Telus made their very own tri-band, next-gen Wi-Fi 6 hardware for extra insurance and quicker speeds for all of your gadgets. It provides a faster option for all of your gadgets.

The company has award-prevailing Wi-Fi 6 hardware with tri-band era appears exquisite in any domestic and presents the quickest Wi-Fi. WiFi 6 is the latest WiFi technology certified by the WiFi Alliance under various circumstances.

The benefits of WiFi 6 are increased data rates, increased device capacity, improved performance in environments with many connected devices, and improved energy efficiency of connected devices. It is designed with Tri-Band technology. WiFi 6 hardware provides the fastest WiFi in Western Canada. 

Telus Services

Telus serves all 10 states and 3 regions of the country. The company provides high-speed Internet services, voice, mobile phones, satellite broadcasting, IPTV, as well as a variety of products and services to consumers and businesses. Telus is best in its mobile and network services. They have various plans for everyone.

The following are a few services provided by Telus:


Telus Mobility sells a whole lot of voice plans. These encompass a set range of mins plus limitless calling on weeknights and weekends and with as many as four different Telus traces at the equal account.

All voice plans besides the least highly-priced one additionally permit the selection of 1 extra feature: double mins, five preferred numbers, or limitless Canada-huge SMS/MMS messaging. For the five preferred numbers, limitless calling is to be in both nearby or Canada-huge alternatives even as messaging to those numbers is Canada-huge.

Partners Skype and Telehop provide lengthy distance offerings for Telus Mobility clients. The first carrier makes use of Voice over IP (VoIP) and calls for a cell broadband connection, even as the latter makes use of conventional telephony via the dialing code No. 100. The Telehop carrier, which deducts mins whilst used throughout weekdays, can’t be used for calls terminating in Canada or the United States.   

Mobile Internet

Telus gives numerous Internet-simplest and telephone plans and accessories for clients wishing to get the right of entry to cell broadband. Only a plan may be brought according to the device, and positive plans are the simplest to be had for positive devices.   

Mobile Payment  

Telus Mobility postpaid clients with a like-minded telephone can join Skype (and previously additionally Rdio) and be billed for the carrier on their month-to-month bill. Use of both carriers at the Telus Mobility community calls for a subscription to one of the provider`s statistics plans or accessories.


TELUS is a Canadian technology company that provides IT services to global clients. The brand offers the facility for technology and gaming, communications and media, e-commerce and fintech, travel and hospitality, and healthcare companies. Wi-Fi and Hotspot Plans of Telus get based on the speed of the internet. Plan 1 is Pure fiber internet 75/75, Plan 2 is PureFibre Gigabit Internet, and Plan 3 is named PureFibre 2.5 Gigabit Internet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Que. Is Telus An American Brand?  

Ans. No, Telus is a Canadian company that provides IT services around the world. It provides a high-speed internet network, and other IT services to its consumers. 

Que. Why One Should Choose Telus For Internet And Services?  

Ans. TELUS, the only major provider of 100% fiber to the home in western Canada, has direct access to the most reliable technology to stay connected at the most important times. It is access to the Internet’s number one technology for speed and reliability.  

Que. Can Someone Who Lives In An Apartment Connect To The Telus Purefibre 5g™ Network?  

Ans. Yes. In maximum TELUS PureFibre communities, citizens of condo homes and condos could have the identical possibility to take gain all that fiber-optic net can offer. But first, the constructing owner, supervisor, or strata will want to provide approval to put in TELUS PureFibre withinside the construction. 

All About Telus Hotspot Plans

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