Does Instacart Bring Groceries Inside? – Know More

INSTACART-This is a grocery delivery and pick-up service, it usually offers the service via a website and a mobile app, this service allows customers to order groceries from participating and leading retailer outlets. Creating a virtual shopping cart. Let us learn ‘Does Instacart Bring Groceries Inside?’.

Does Instacart Bring Groceries Inside?

What is an Instacart person?

They are shoppers that make money by buying groceries from local stores that they have partnered with   and contracted to do delivery of those items to customers’ homes. The service relies on independent contractors and part-time workers to fulfill and transport orders.

Who is eligible for Instacart?

Initially when it started its target audience was the elderly but as time goes by people have become in love with the shopping method and even the handicapped can use the service also in cooperate young teenagers who feel in-person shopping is tiresome.

Most individuals who are interested in instacart shopping tend to ask the question once they do their order from the grocery shop will the person doing the delivery be in a position to take them inside their house or leave them at the doorsteps? According to the instar cart policy, it is well defined that groceries are to be left at the door or to the specific location given however most instacart employees provide extra assistance whenever they are called upon to do so. From the abundance of the shopper’s heart, he/she may choose to give a small token of appreciation.

Security issues have been raised from the shopper’s end if the employees can be trusted enough to bring groceries to their kitchen without them collecting that does not belong to them. Most delivery guys’ due diligence and a background check have been conducted to them to ensure the security of the groceries order and being delivered, hence removing the issues of insecurity among shoppers.

Instacart employees are people who have a good working track and in case of theft of something in your house during the delivery there are good measures in place you can track them back to stores

Benefits of using Instacart:

1. Offers an easy way to get groceries for those otherwise unable to do in person

2. Has a dedicated customer service line just for order assistance for older adults and those with physical challenges

3. Provides a safe, socially distanced grocery shopping experience

4. Offers optional Instacart express Membership which can save members a nice average per shopping

5. Delivers groceries at your doorstep and comfort house

6. Increased business partnership with various stores hence creating employment.

7. Ordering good is a simple method to use.

8. Allows you to place orders on their platform even when you don’t have any of their premium subscriptions.

There is also the downside of using the instacart such as acquiring extra expenses for delivery as opposed to when you do the shopping and carry it yourself also the service is limited to most urban setup and limits people who live in the rural area not to enjoy the service also there is set time for grocery delivery in case you had an urgent need of certain foods you will have to wait for the next available or set time.

There are various types of instacart workers there are full-service or instore shopper they all have different characteristics

Full-service Instacart shopper:

Independent contractor.

Shop for and deliver groceries.

Able to work whenever is convenient for you.

The role is available wherever Instacart operates.

In-store shopper:

A part-time employee of Instacart.

They only do their shopping within the premises hence no delivery is required from them.

Work from Monday to Saturday also they may be required to work on Sundays or public holidays

Temporary in-store shopper jobs are available in different areas to help meet increased demand. These positions are expected to last for 3 months

People who want to work need to meet a few requirements to be qualified as one of instacart shopper need proof of identification that discloses your real age, drivers licenses in cases where you will be required to do delivery using a vehicle, not have a medical condition that will hinder you from lifting objects that have weight.

Is Instacart worth trying?

Many shoppers will ask the above questions and to answer you read on the following point to a certain it’s the best

1. If it’s available in your area, the answer is yes this is because it’s a solid choice for grocery delivery

2. Those who shop for groceries occasionally then instacart is your best bet


Instacart is a grocery delivery service operating in most metro areas of the United States and it offers delivery from many large grocery chains as well as small local grocery stores.

The instacart could not have come to us in a better time it has made life easier for many elderly, people who have various disabilities the emergence of Covid 19 pandemic recently has made an increase and awareness of instacart.

Does Instacart Bring Groceries Inside? – Know More

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