Lowes Aisle Store Layout Meanings – know more

Lowes Aisle Store Layout Meanings

Because of the large floor area that causes most customers to lose their sense of direction and eventually get lost, Lowes has come up with its store layout plan or aisle labels with meanings. This plan has labels with certain letters and numbers that help guide customers to the right aisles and the checkout area.

Lowes is one of the United States’ largest home improvement stores. There are over 2000 plus stores across America and each of them has a floor plan measuring over 100,000 square meters. Lowes supplies its customers with almost every home improvement item one could think of. These stores majorly cater to professional contractors, electricians, and plumbers. However, this doesn’t mean that regular citizens do not stop by often to buy their DIY items.

With Lowes having such a large floor plan, one may get lost searching through the aisles. You might even get confused and end up on the wrong side of the store. So what has Lowes come up with to counter this common issue? Let us look into this now.

Let us look into these labels and what they mean, now.

The Meanings Behind All Lowes Store Layout or Aisle Labels

It may be confusing at first but an easy method to figure out some of the labels is to associate the letters as though it stands for a specific word or area. 

Most of the aisles are labeled with letters and or numbers. The most common one to understand is W in a certain aisle. The letter W stands for wall, and it will be accompanied by another letter that will show which side of the wall is in question.

Now, let us get into it and read up on allthe meanings that was found out about Lowes store layout or aisle.

Aisle RW

RW is an abbreviated form for Right Wall. 

Aisle A13

This is an aisle where all of the items there are stacked or stored in large containers or bins. These items are mostly electronic, like light bulbs. 

Aisle LW

This is the abbreviated form for Left Wall.

Aisle BW

This is the abbreviated form for Back Wall.

Aisle GC

Here, GC is an abbreviation for Garden Centre. This aisle is where all gardening materials can be found. However, there is also another label that coincides with GC. This is the GCSW. It stands for Garden Center Side Wall. 

The GCSW is on the left wall of the Garden Center and you will be sure to find it since it is the only wall in that area. 

Aisle N

This is an aisle where all of the products are hanging on a clip strip. These strips are used in supermarkets and other retail stores to hang up similar items in one strip – like a strip of lollies.

The Lowes App

Lowes has created an app that can be downloaded on one’s mobile device/ smartphone.

The benefit behind the app when it comes to looking for a certain aisle or product is that the app has a feature called the product locator.

This feature was made to simplify the shopping process for all customers. It helps customers navigate through a store to find the items they are searching for much more quickly. 

FAQs On Lowes Labeling System

Some of the most frequently asked questions on Lowes labeling system have been answered below. 

  1. Is the Lowes app supported on any phone type?

Yes. You can get the Lowes app on android and iOS smartphones.

  1. What should I do if I get lost?

If you are lost, and this happens frequently for those who aren’t accustomed to the store’s layout, you can speak to any of the store’s representatives and ask them to guide you. Or, you could use the Lowe’s store directory app to get to where you’d like to be.

  1. What must I do if I cannot find the item I am looking for?

If you are unable to find any item you were looking for, or if it isn’t in the place it is meant to be, for example, gardening equipment must be in the Garden Centre, then it would be best to speak to a store representative and inform them of the issue. 

If there is something else that you would like to enquire about Lowes that hasn’t been answered above, it is best you call in or contact a Lowe’s representative and ask for more information.


Lowes being such a large hardware and home improvement store, there are specific aisles labeled to make it easier for customers to find the items they are looking for. 

Before starting their search, a customer should check the store layout and find out which aisle the product they are searching for is in.

If the customer has an issue and cannot find the item they are looking for they can either use the product locator feature on the Lowes app or they could ask a store assistant to help them navigate toward the product. 

Lowes Aisle Store Layout Meanings – know more

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