Best Live TV Apps For FireStick

In and of itself, a FireStick is a marvelous creation of technology. You can explore entertainment beyond the boundaries of cable or satellite television with a Fire TV Stick in your hand. It runs on Android and turns your ordinary television into a smart TV. Internet streaming does have a bright future. Let’s see ‘Best Live TV Apps For FireStick’.

Best Live TV Apps For FireStick


The FireStick apps are key for the amazing entertainment experience that this gadget is recognized for. From your favorite movies to the most recently aired episodes of a series, from streaming music to live TV, these FireStick applications have it all with just a click. Its functionality (including the voice search) is extremely elegant and snappy, allowing you to swiftly swap between apps you use frequently.

When you have hundreds of apps to pick from, it can be difficult to find what to choose and what not to choose. Don’t worry if you’re not sure which apps are the most useful for your Firestick. Some useful handpicked apps are mentioned for you down below.

10 best Live TV apps to install:

Aside from watching Amazon Prime shows and Netflix series, the Google Play Store and Amazon App Store both have many FireStick apps that you can install as per your requirements. Although all of the apps perform different functions, there is no need to add numerous apps because many of them do have the same features. As a result, we’ve customized a few major Live TV apps with multiple features, as well as shortlisted based on free and paid apps.

Free Live TV apps:-

1. Ola TV 

Its user interface has been improved, and it is now completely compatible with remote navigation. Ola TV is a must-have app for everyone interested in live TV streaming

2. VUit 

Although it is a free service provider app, it provides access to all local live television channels. It provides you with a variety of free channels, including local news, sports, weather updates, podcasts, events, and documentaries.

3. SBP TV World

This app allows you to watch over 200 TV channels in a variety of languages. This app does not need you to create an account or pay a subscription fee. Simply download the app and enjoy!

4. TVTap 

It’s a free live TV app that gives you access to all satellite channels from all over the world. You may watch channels in some genres, including entertainment, movies, sports, news, food, music, children’s shows, and documentaries.

5. HD Streamz

It’s another free Live TV app featuring hundreds of free satellite TV channels, as well as radio and on-demand options.

Paid Live TV apps:-

1. Sling TV

It is the first and most popular live TV app, should be your first choice if you enjoy live TV channels. Even though it is only available in the United States, you may use a VPN to access it from anywhere on the planet.

2. Exodus Live TV

It serves as a gateway to over 900 live television channels from the United Kingdom, the United States, and other nations. All HD channels are provided as well. 

3. Fox Now

It grants you access to the best Fox shows both live and on-demand as well as news and sports events. Depending on your needs, it is both a free and a paid service.

4. Stremium

It transforms your FireStick into a DVR, allowing you to discover and watch live TV on over 70 channels for free or for a fee.


It’s a free and paid service yet again. Both options include live television and on-demand movies. USTVNOW has you shielded for live TV stations, TV shows, and movies.


It is not unreasonable to predict that Amazon FireStick will dominate cable and satellite networks shortly soon. Internet streaming will be the future platform for many advanced people because it allows you the freedom to watch whatever and whenever you want, you’ll undoubtedly switch to Firestick. If you have an Amazon FireStick, the live TV apps listed above can assist you in making your app choices. Some services are free, while others need payment (worth the penny). Before paying for any of the aforementioned paid apps, make sure to read public reviews to make a wise decision.

  • How do I use FireStick to stream live TV apps?

Just go to the Amazon app store, click on the search option and enter/speak for your desired app on the FireStick. You can also download free “TV Player” from Amazon’s app store.

  • How can I keep my FireStick safe?

To keep your system running smoothly, only download approved apps from the Amazon App Store, and make sure you have an anti-virus program installed in both your network and device. You can also disable ADB bugging and use a VPN instead.

Best Live TV Apps For FireStick

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