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Gucci is an Italian fashion house which deals with various fashion products. Gucci is a fashion franchise at a higher end of cost and deals with products such as clothing, fragrance, makeup, footwear and handbags. They gained fame because of their outstanding fashion statements and unique collection in handbags; and of recently starting their products which include makeup. In this article we will see about Does Gucci do Alterations?

Does Gucci do Alterations?

The fashion house is known to raise the bar at fashion shows and make every individual using their products stand out of the crowd. The most minimal product in the fashion house of Gucci starts at a price range of 700 US dollars on clothing alone. Gucci is also known for their vintage and classic clothing range.

Alterations at Gucci 

The in-house bought clothing is altered to the individual’s taste and their unique features. The appointment based trial and free walk in shopping also is ready for alterations. But alterations are not applicable for all products.

Gucci provides the service of ready to wear clothing, which is of a certain size from sleeves to waist line and presented in different sizing to suit all. These clothes can be bought off the shelf and worn directly without requirement of measurement. With the luxury of saving time there is also the disadvantage of the clothing not being of the right fit. 

How does the Gucci Alterations work?

Most of the clothing in Gucci cannot be altered due to the material they have been made of. The alterations are available for materials which can be altered and wouldn’t damage the material or the design.

  • Gucci provides tailored wear for both women and men; saying so they tailor the suits for men by measurement. The customer has to select the material they like and the way they want the suit to be tailored.
  • For women the concept of tailoring works the same but prior to tailoring a set of sketches is presented to them. Depending on the sketch they prefer and the changes they like in the materials, the alterations are made so to the customers liking and their individual unique style.

Exceptions For Alterations At Gucci

Gucci is a customer’s own brand, they always tend to help their customers in any emergency and need. Gucci is undoubtedly very expensive but it is worth it. Hence the expenses are worth it all.  There are certain exceptions in the alteration policy of Gucci. It is somewhat like mentioned ahead;

Gucci alters products bought from their walk in store or their official website; they don’t alter clothes bought from other companies or stores. The alteration policy solely applies for their products only.

How To Get A Product Altered From Gucci? 

  • For alteration in Gucci, one has to first make a phone call or contact the store near to their town beforehand. One can find the contact of store nearby, by visiting official website “”
  • Depending on the product they purchased such as walk in ready to wear or custom designed, an alteration appointment is fixed.

For online order;

  • Alterations for online order can also be appointed depending on the material and type of stitch. For booking an alteration for online products one must contact the store previously to take it in store.

Does Gucci alter other products?

Gucci, other than clothes, sells other products such as shoes, bags and makeup. But as known Bags and make up cannot be altered but shoes can. Gucci provided service for alteration and damage repair for shoes as well. Unlike clothing, all shoes sold can be altered according to the customer’s liking.

Not only alteration, shoes can be bought into the store for restoration and repair as well. If the product is under insurance then it can be replaced with a new product if required.

Is The Gucci Alteration Worth It? 

Yes. As each product is made to perfection and has a unique eye pleasing design, the cost of alteration can be on the higher end. Not all materials can be altered once after stitched and presented as the final product; but the ones which can be altered may cost an expensive one.

The alterations are done by Gucci in-house tailors and to precision ensuring the design of the product is maintained. Due to this fact the pricing of the alteration can be expensive.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Does Gucci make alterations for online products?

Yes, Gucci does take online bought product for alterations; but calling in the store prior is preferable 

  1. Is Gucci size different from other brands ?

Yes, Gucci has different sizing charts which are mentioned in their official website as well as the store employees will mention and help find your size.

  1. Can a Gucci product be replaced with one ?

If the product is damaged during the process of production or packaging; then the product will be replaced by a new product.

Does Gucci do Alterations? – Read more about it

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