Does Dollar Tree Allow Dogs?

Dollar Tree is a reputed discount store company with its headquarters located in the United States of America, Virginia. The company was founded back in 1986 and is one of the leading companies operating discounts in varieties of stores in the US. The Dollar Tree stores located in different parts of US countries also have different departments inside its stores. Some of them are health and beauty products, food and snacks products, party products, and many more. The Dollar Tree store is also one of the most visited stores in the country. The company has its stores located in Canada and currently operates more than 220 stores only in Canada, especially in Western Canada and Ontario. Let us know ‘Does Dollar Tree Allow Dogs?’.

Does Dollar Tree Allow Dogs?

Does Dollar Tree Allow Dogs?

Dollar Tree does not allow any pet dogs inside their store and is considered to be a strict policy to bring any pet dogs inside their stores. Until and unless the pet dog is a service dog customers would not be allowed to bring their pet dogs inside. However, some store managers across different stores in the country might allow it only if they permit your pet dog to enter their store.

Pet Policy of Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree might not be a pet-friendly store but some store managers across the country do allow customers to allow their pet dogs to come inside their stores. This happens only if the manager allows the dog to maintain strict behavior and not cause any issues that might disturb the environment of the store.

The company will not tolerate if dogs are misbehaving and also in case it makes any customer uncomfortable. The company does not allow dogs inside their stores also because people bring in their children in these stores and they might get scared which can cause health hazards and create chaos.

But, this does not mean that Dollar Tree does not completely reject bringing pet dogs inside their stores. Only if your pet dog is a service dog will you be allowed to bring it with you inside any store you like. But, you need to show a sign of proof that your pet dog is a service dog, like showing certain papers and documents. It is then you and your dog will be let inside and you can do your shopping.

Why Doesn’t Dollar Tree Allow Dogs In The First Place?

Dollar Tree has got a reputation to keep among its satisfied customers and this is why the company does not tolerate any compromise in its service quality. The company stores sell food products and this is why the stores need to be kept clean and hygienic. Bringing dogs can invite compromises to the hygiene standards of these stores.

Dogs might be one of the most loved creatures in the world but some people might not tolerate it if any dog is misbehaving inside the store and creating chaos. This will hamper the business of that particular store and the company will not allow it in any case. However, it has also been found that most people are allergic to dogs.

Customers should keep in mind that there is no point in arguing with the store manager to let their pet dog in because each Dollar Tree store can deny entry to whichever person brings their pet dog. Also, there is a huge difference between emotional support dogs and service dogs. Service dogs are allowed to be let in but emotional dogs are not allowed by Dollar Tree stores.

What Proof Do You Need To Bring Your Dog To Dollar Tree Store?

 It is not only Dollar Tree but other reputed stores that ask for a certain proof to let customers’ pet dogs inside their stores in the US. The Americans With Disabilities Act has stated that a pet dog that has been trained to perform certain tasks with a disabled person could be allowed to take them to different stores.

The disabled person is not asked to show proof that their dog is a service dog but some customers claim that the store has asked them for proof. However, it is important that customers carry their proof if they are planning to take their dog to a store like Dollar Tree or any other store in the country.


Dollar Tree is a store that will not tolerate any dogs inside their store until and unless they are service dogs. Proof might be required if customers plan on bringing their pet dog to such types of stores. However, in most cases, pet dogs are not allowed to be let in as this may cause issues for customers and as well as for the store. Some Dollar tree store managers might allow pet dogs inside their stores only if they permit and are certain that the dog will not misbehave inside the store.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are some pet-friendly stores’ lists?

Some pet-friendly stores in the United States are as the following;

·         Hobby Lobby

·         PetSmart

·         The Michaels Companies

·         The Home Depot

·         Lowe’s

  • Is Dollar Tree a pet-friendly store?

Dollar Tree is not a pet-friendly store and does not allow any pets inside their stores.

Does Dollar Tree Allow Dogs?

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