Does McDonald’s Accept Checks? – Know More

McDonald’s is perhaps the biggest chain of fast-food restaurants in the United States. It is also among the largest companies in the fast-food industry in the world. It prides itself on having the largest and most loyal customer base in the world. McDonald’s serves hundreds of millions of customers around the world daily. The franchise is best known for its iconic hamburgers and fries. McDonald’s meals are among the most filling and affordable among all restaurant chains in the United States. Let us know ‘Does McDonald’s Accept Checks?’.

Does McDonalds Accept Checks?

Does McDonald’s Accept Checks?

In the past few years, McDonald’s has stopped accepting checks from its customers. Neither personal nor business checks are accepted at any McDonald’s location in the United States. It holds for any cheque issued by any bank in the United States. However, it should be mentioned that they accept other payment methods from their customers.

In this article, we will mention the payment methods that are acceptable for paying for meals at McDonald’s. We will also list which payment methods are not valid at McDonald’s, the store policy towards customers who cannot pay for their meals, and the reason why checks are not accepted for making payments at McDonald’s. Finally, we will mention some alternatives to McDonald’s that accept checks from their customers and answer some questions asked frequently by customers.

List of Payment Methods Accepted at McDonald’s

The following is the list of payment methods that customers may use to pay for their meals at any McDonald’s store:

  • Cash: Customers can use it to pay for their meals at any McDonald’s store in the United States. Customers can also choose to pay with cash-on-delivery for online orders, although McDonald’s prefers digital payments for online orders.
  • Credit and Debit Cards: Credit and debit cards issued by all recognized banks and credit unions may be used by customers to pay for eating at McDonald’s. Some cards that McDonald’s accepts are Visa, American Express, and Discover credit cards. They also accept Arch credit cards. Credit and debit cards can be used for orders made in the store, drive-thru, and online orders. 
  • Prepaid Cards: Prepaid cards issued by Arch are acceptable for paying for meals at McDonald’s.
  • Digital Payments: Contactless digital payment systems like Apple Pay and Google Pay are also valid at all McDonald’s restaurants in the United States. These are also valid for ordering in a drive-thru or online at McDonald’s app or website. However, customers should note that PayPal is not directly accepted by McDonald’s.
  • Gift Cards: McDonald’s gift cards and e-gift cards can also be used for ordering online or offline. Arch gift cards are also accepted by McDonald’s.

Payment Methods not Accepted by McDonald’s

The following are payment methods that cannot be used by customers for paying for their meals at McDonald’s:

  • Checks: Personal, business, and traveler’s checks are not accepted at any McDonald’s store in the United States regardless of which bank has issued the cheques.
  • EBT: Electronic Benefits Transfers are also not valid for paying for bills at McDonald’s.
  • PayPal: PayPal is not accepted at any McDonald’s location either, despite its immense popularity in the United States. However, customers can use PayPal indirectly by ordering at McDonald’s through any food delivery website like Uber Eats.
  • Venmo: Like PayPal, Venmo is also not accepted for making direct orders at McDonald’s but, they may use third-party ordering sites to pay with Venmo.
  • Third-Party Gift Cards: Any third-party gift cards except Arch will not be accepted for paying for meals at McDonald’s.

The above payment methods are not accepted for online orders either.

Store Policy Towards Customers Who Cannot Pay for Their Meals

At any McDonald’s, customers are required to pay for their meals before they are served. This removes the possibility of eating and not paying for the meal. However, in the very rare case, that payment has not yet been made and the customer cannot pay for their meal, it is entirely up to the discretion of the store manager to deal with the customer.

In case a customer has ordered online and does not pay for the order, the delivery person is obliged to take the order back. In case of repeat offenses, the store manager may blacklist the customer’s IP address and billing address permanently.

Why Does McDonald’s Not Take Checks?

McDonald’s does not accept checks for paying for meals anymore as it has become redundant. For making non-cash payments, there now exists a large number of digital payment systems and credit and debit cards that transfer funds much more quickly than checks. Besides, McDonald’s employees have to run checks through anti-fraud systems every time a customer wants to pay with checks. This is very time-taking for a business that prides itself on its speed. Thus, to improve efficiency, McDonald’s no longer accepts checks from its customers.

Alternatives to McDonald’s That Accept Checks

The following are fast-food chains in the United States that accept checks from their customers:

  • IHOP
  • Cracker Barrel
  • Pizza Hut
  • Papa John’s
  • Jimmy John’s
  • Chipotle
  • Domino’s

However, it should be noted that these franchises also do not accept checks for online orders like McDonald’s. Customers may also need to provide a valid photo ID to the store employees when paying with checks.


While McDonald’s is one of the largest fast-food franchises in the world, it does not accept checks for making payments. This is true for both online and offline orders. However, they do offer other quick payment methods to their customers which are much easier to use than checks. However, if a customer can only pay with checks and want to get some fast food, they can always choose to dine at any of the fast-food chains that are mentioned above.


  • Does McDonald’s accept Apple Pay?

Yes, customers may pay with Apple Pay for in-store and online orders at McDonald’s.

  • Can I make split payments with different payment methods?

Yes, customers can use split payments with different payment methods provided they are all accepted by McDonald’s.

  • Does McDonald’s take cash?

Yes, customers can pay with cash at the McDonald’s diner, drive-thru, or online.

Does McDonald’s Accept Checks? – Know More

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