Does Safeway Price Match? – Know More

Safeway is an American Supermarket chain founded by Marion Barton Skaggs in American Falls, Idaho. This chain provides food, grocery items, general merchandise, and specialty departments like floral, bakery, pharmacy, fuel centers, and Starbucks coffee shops. Primarily Safeway operates in the West part of the United States, with some stores also located in the Mid-Atlantic region of the Eastern Seaboard. Let us know ‘Does Safeway Price Match?’.

Does Safeway Price Match?

Nowadays, there are many different retailers from where you can purchase your groceries or other items. Due to several options, prices of an identical item could vary or highly differ at every retail store. To tackle this problem many sellers have introduced the Price Match scheme. With its help, you can get an identical at the lowest price possible. If you are a loyal customer of Safeway and do not desire to purchase your groceries from anywhere else, this scheme could be highly beneficial for you. Let us see whether Safeway offers it to their customers.

Safeway Price Match

You may find an identical grocery item or any other identical product at any retailer like Walmart, offering a lower price than that of Safeway. This may make you question if Safeway can price match their products to another retailer. Currently, It has no price-match policies or other offers that can help you negotiate the price to a lower price offered by another retailer.

This answer could be disappointing to many Safeway customers. Especially the loyal ones. However, if you still want to stick with Safeway for your groceries and other items. There are a few other methods preset that can help you save at Safeway. This can be done with the help of discounts, sales, clearance sales, coupon codes, gift cards, and many other offers. We will talk more about saving at Safeway without price matching policies.

Knowing that you cannot price match Safeway to another retailer, grocery store, or seller. Might make you wonder if Safeway’s price matches its other outlets. Price can vary from location to location. For instance, whether a Safeway in New York price matches another Safeway in California. Read on, to learn more about Safeway’s price match policies, and other methods you can save at here.

Safeway Price Matching another Safeway

Now when you know, Safeway would never price match its products with another retailer or seller. The question might come to your mind, whether they will price match other Safeway locations. In simpler words, will a Safeway price match another Safeway? Currently, Safeway has no price matching policies at all, which means Safeway would not price match other Safeway locations.

Safeway Price Match In-Store or Online

Due to Walmart’s famous price matching policies. Many people assume that like Walmart, a retail company might not offer a price match at their stores but on their website. However, that is not true, Safeway does not offer price matches to its customers. Whether you decide to purchase your groceries at the stores or get them delivered to your home, It does not intend to offer a price match.

Safeway Pharmacy Price Match

When you know that you cannot price match food or non-food grocery items at Safeway. You might question if Safeway’s pharmacy offers a price match. Unlike many retailers for example Kroger, which offers price match at its pharmacy, It does not offer a price match scheme for their pharmacy products too.

Save at Safeway

Something that can help you save some bucks ‘Price Match’ is not available at Safeway whether online or in-store. However, there are many other ways you can save a lot at Safeway. Here is a shortlist of the best methods that will help you save at Safeway.

Be a part of the Safeway club by subscribing to their membership

This method can help you save a lot of money, but only if Safeway is your go-to grocery store. That means you need to be a loyal customer of Safeway, or this method might not prove beneficial for you.

myOffers Rewards

myOffers and Safeway have a great partnership. So, there are many discounts and coupon codes available on the myOffers app, that can help you save at Safeway. You can easily download the offers app on your mobile device and start saving with the help of coupon codes.

Save with Offers

You can also save at Safeway with these offers available at their stores or website. The offer will save you $4 when buying two products from a participating brand. Save $5 when spending $25 (only on selected items)

Two-for-One Offers

Safeway also has this two-for-one offer, you can easily find it at any Safeway almost every time you visit. There barely would be a visit where you do happen to not get this deal. It helps you save by purchasing two products at the price of one. You can find it on chips, food items, soft drinks, and other snacks or fast-food items. 


In the end, you can say that Safeway has no price-match policies at all. Whether you ask them to price match another retail store, another Safeway store, or pharmacy products. The answer is always no. Safeway might do a price match in the future, but for now, you cannot get their products price matched. However, if your main motive is to save a few bucks on your final bill cost, you can easily do that by being a member of their club or with the help of other offers that you can find at Safeway.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Safeway Price Match Walmart?

No, It does not price match any retailer

  • What are Safeway hours?

The hours for every Safeway store can vary by location. However, the regular opening hours for almost

Safeway’s location is 6 AM to 12 PM, including weekends.

Does Safeway Price Match? – Know More

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