Who Does Newegg Use For shipping?

Newegg is an online trading firm whose commodities encompass computer hardware and consumer electronics. It got established in 2001 by Fred Chang, a US expatriate from Taiwan, and gets headquartered in the City of Industry, California, USA. It operates in more than even tech properties. The firm’s reputation signifies the new possibility of e-commerce during an era when e-commerce industries were attempting to keep up. Let us know ‘Who Does Newegg Use For shipping?’.

Who Does Newegg Use For shipping?

Newegg provides fast shipping and eminent delivery of products to their patrons. It employs FedEx, UPS Inc, and OnTrac for transporting products. All the property from Newegg gets trucked from the USA.

Shipping At NewEgg

It gives will-call order service at some of its dispersion buildings in North America. Therefore, customers can pick up their purchase order directly from Newegg’s will-call and can avert the delay in shipments. They operate with many proficient shipping transportations.

The company gives satisfying services, and its preponderance gets occupied by Liaison Interactive, a Chinese technology group. It is an ample competitive outlet in North America.

NewEgg Mutual Shipping Information

There is shipping information to be aware of. It is as follows:

  • The delivery times get estimated in working days.
  • It is important to note that the estimated delivery date is not a confirmed date of the package arrival.
  • Do not place orders on Saturdays and the US holidays.
  • Shipping fees are for the handling services given by the shipping runners. The fees will not get paid back if the order gets yielded for any intention.
  • Newegg compels a signature upon rescue for a large entity such as delivery, will-call, PayPal orders of $750, and the orders hauling outside the United States.
  • Some products and hauling methods are not qualified for signature service. It includes shop runner shipment mode.

Newegg Methods of Shipment 

Here are the Newegg methods of shipment and delivery procedures. 

Three Day, Two Day, and Next Day Shipping 

The delivery time is calculated based on the working days. The order will be trucked by the courier that can best confront the estimated time.

Large Entity And White Glove Delivery

These delivery modes are for the trucking of large items such as TV or other equipment. The White Glove delivery process promotes front-door delivery. It also underlines unpacking and elective dumping of packages. It usually assumes 3-5 working days for the departure of most items. It takes 7-10 working days for major appliances to be delivered.

Rural areas may take up to 13 working days for package delivery. Large item delivery is not accessible to AA, AE, AP, HI, AK, PR, and some unusual areas. It needs a signature to insure approval of delivery. 

Ground Shipping

This shipping method is only accessible for some particular items that must be exported by ground. It may take 1-5 working days for departing. With this mode of shipment, they do not truck to standard P.O boxes. But it lends the shipments to residential P.O boxes in rural regions. 

Super Saver Shipping 

This method may take more than one shipping transport to deliver the items. Some transports will transmit directly. Some others will ferry it half of the way and thus give the package to USPS for the ultimate delivery. It usually takes 4-7 working for the departing process.

P.O box offices are the only functional aid. The shipping is not obtainable for Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, APO, FPO, or DPO addresses. The ultimate burden of the package should be 150 pounds and the order price must be $200.00. 

APO/FPO/DPO Shipping

This process will take a long time for departing, that is about two to six weeks. Some items such as monitors 19″ and larger, DVDs, items comprising lithium batteries, big or risky items, and items trucked by a market niche dealer are not equipped for APO, FPO, DPO shipping. This is because of the size constraints, security, and transport rules. 


The orders must be put up within 3.30 PM of the day. Whenever your order is ready for collection, you will obtain an email. You need a photo ID, the actual credit card used to spend for the order, and a printed sample of your will-call order to pick up the ticket for collecting the package.

The grantee of the pick-up should be the individual whose name is documented on the pick-up ticket. If your package is not collected within 7days of arrival, hence your order will be suspended and paid back. You have the choice of calling their customer care aid for the expansion of the pick-up date up to 5 days. 

Newegg Economy 

This method of shipping is only convenient for Puerto Rico. The measured delivery is within 2-3 working days. 


Newegg created a highly respected name in the tech-pointed e-commerce market. They provide highly recommended shipping and handling services. The total price for the investment of any commodity will encompass the shipping and handling taxes indicated on your Newegg bill. Newegg is a platform that also supports start-up businesses. Therefore, be a member of this family and enjoy their services. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Do I get a free shipping service from Newegg?

Yes. Come to be a Newegg Premier member and thus you can enjoy free shipping services as well as other extra advantages.  

2. How long does it takes for returning Newegg products?

Each product has its return policy. Therefore, the duration will be varied for different products.

3. Does NewEgg demand explicit deals?

It demands explicit deals and an online marketplace outlet for IT computer elements, consumer electronics, entertainment, gaming products, etc. It also procures particular third-party logistics assistance widespread.

Who Does Newegg Use For shipping?

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