Is Down Ethical?

Many products are used on daily basis, which has life animal products used in them. As there are many products like pillow covers soft waste which a person is raining they might have the feather of her live bird. As these feathers or live animal products, they don’t have the ethical certifications which are required for the usage of these products. Many products have life animal products and the condition these animals are kept in before they take their organs or feathers is also not good. There are many questions like how many hours a bird has kept it light and dark before they are slaughtered for the meat requirement of the country. Let us know ‘Is Down Ethical?’.

Is Down Ethical?

Down ethical certificates

Many down ethical certifications are seen from global traceable down standards. There are also many farmers which do not harm the birds on do not force them on unnecessary printing. In other words, they do not force them on unnecessary reading and they do not pluck all their feathers. all they do is respect the five freedom of animal welfare, which has been laid down by animal welfare. For the right treatment of animals anyhow. They are not forced to breed, and their feathers have the right to be on their back.

In other words, are there are clothes found which I have soft players, on the outerwear of their clothes. Products such as pillows, mattresses, and comforters are the products that have an outer layer of soft-touch, these are the products that have the feathers of duck and geese. As these products have the main concern of bringing the most comfort to the customer, these features are plucked out from the beneath of the ducks and keys.

And this provides uneasiness Do ducks and geese. These areas have certain feathers to protect that area from outside. They often pluck out these Feathers from beneath the ducks. This is wrong on so many levels.

These are the few rights that animals have the animal. For these rights there is certification is called down ethical certifications.

The five rights of freedom are as follows:

  1. Animals must have freedom from hunger and thirst
  2. Animals must have freedom from injury or any sort of disease.
  3. Animals must have from fear and distress.
  4. The animal must be kept in a comfortable position in not in discomfort.
  5. The animal must have the right to express normal behavior in a normal habitat.

RDS certificates

RDS certificates are Used for the certification of clothing comforters and pillows. The certificates tell that these products have been animal-free, this was all started when our north face textile exchange and certificate body called as control union Came under and partnership. The company supplies Certificates for the company and their fellow such as feathered friends another reseller, They were doing unethical practices.

GTDS certificates

The certifications are found in jackets, Joshua Bruggeman. This is a business unit that is going for an international sustainable program NSF, they said that they were down for suppliers and they have provided them with the certificates of GTDS. These are known for breedings.

Few differences between RDS and GTDS standards. Which are as follows:

Only a few of the standards differ from each other like the type of product they cover, under the RDS certificates only apparel, home, and other outdoor goods Are included. And in the GTDS standards mainly apparel are included.

There is also a difference between the parent forms, under the RDS certificates the parent firm certification is optional as it is up to the farmers whether they want to give or not. Under the GTDS certificate, it is mandatory to provide the parent firm certifications under any circumstances.

As discussed earlier the RTS certificates are only from hatching to the finishing products. Under the GTDS it is covered from the parent farm to the finished product, these are the few differences between these two certificates.


It is safe to conclude that if a product has been certified with certain certificates like RDS certificates and GTDS certificates. Then only these products are Safe to buy, as these products have not been taken from animals With cruelty. There are some differences between these two certificates which have been mentioned in the article above. These two certificates provide that these products have been made Without hurting animals in any sort of way. As there are many products which have been made from the feathers of animals which are taken from beneath or down region from the animals. These products can be used without worrying about anything.

Frequently asked questions

  • What are the five freedom of animal welfare?

There is five freedom for animal welfare which are as follows:

  • Animals have the right to freedom from hunger and thirst
  • They have the freedom from discomfort.
  • They have the freedom from pain and injury, and treatment for any disease.
  • They have the right to express their normal behavior.
  • They have the right of not fear and distress from anyone
  • What are the two certificates that are issued?

There are  types of certificates that are issued:

  • RTS certificates
  • GTDS certificates
  • Is there any difference between these two certificates?

Where is my new difference between these two certificates which have been discussed in the above Paras.

Is Down Ethical?

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